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Stock Exchange Closing February 16, 2015
Symbol Time Open High Low Last Trade Diff. --
AMGN4:00pm153.62153.81150.21$153.48+0.30 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
AXP4:01pm79.4479.7577.72$78.08-2.40 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
CMCSA4:00pm58.5059.5158.42$59.465+1.085 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
CSCO4:00pm29.3229.5029.11$29.43-0.03 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
CTXS4:00pm63.8964.7563.65$64.51+0.80 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
DELL3:-528pmN/AN/AN/A$0.00N/A $quote->symbol Stock Rate
DISH4:00pm77.6577.9576.96$77.20-0.16 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
EBAY4:00pm55.0256.60555.00$56.47+1.735 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
SLV4:00pm16.5216.70516.4801$16.54+0.39 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
FB4:00pm76.4676.4875.50$75.74-0.49 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
FWLT4:00pmN/AN/AN/A$27.520.00 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
GLD4:00pm118.05118.58117.79$117.98+0.64 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
GILD4:00pm101.46101.90100.83$101.90+1.10 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
GOOG4:00pm543.35549.91543.13$549.01+6.08 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
HOLX4:00pm30.2530.5030.1101$30.46+0.21 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
HSIC4:00pm142.50143.24142.02$143.175+0.715 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
IACI4:00pm63.7764.7363.38$64.60+0.96 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
ISRG4:00pm506.22511.26505.69$510.73+3.02 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
OIL4:00pm12.0712.24511.89$12.01+0.34 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
JNPR4:00pm23.6423.9023.58$23.84+0.19 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
MAT4:00pm27.5627.7527.40$27.615+0.175 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
MCD4:00pm95.2795.8594.93$95.65+0.56 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
TWTR4:01pm47.9348.8247.57$48.50+0.55 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
USO4:00pm19.7319.9719.46$19.62+0.44 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
WYNN4:00pm155.48160.41154.73$159.34+4.62 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
YHOO4:00pm44.1044.5944.00$44.42+0.495 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
Source for Information: Yahoo! Finance

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