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Mon, 23rd January, 2017 - 8:21 am GMT
The name is short for the Borde Global Impact Designs® server offered by Jean Borde and his partnership. The network surrounds elements that are actually part of the lives of the owners: cultured discussion, information gathering, web development services, and online creative writing as a recreation (RPGs).

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We run an online Community where the membership and general input is from all over the world. It is not like typical popular social networks where anything goes. Instead, it is strictly moderated so that the content is a worthwhile read. See and be part of: International Discussions

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We have a special interest in Caribbean affairs especially with the happenings in Trinidad & Tobago, a twin island Republic that was once a British colony.

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The interesting thing about this particular case is that there is an unwritten understanding that children of Presidents (Minors) are off limits but they are creating fake Twitter accounts of Barron and some people are saying horrible things, making fun of this boy, etc. My goodness, just stop!

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