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Points Here Should Be Followed By All Members

Have A Real Purpose For Joining

The way a Community / Forum works is based on member participation. In other words you do not join to read only, but to also contribute to what others have written by adding your thoughts. This is an International gathering of people from all over the world all interested in constructive discussion in one central place - here. When you join the site an account is created which must be verified via your Email and then you are able to write messages(posts) which everyone in the Community can read. Then other members after reading your message can come and reply to what you said. It is similar to a guest book except that an actual discussion takes place and not merely just one reply. As you reply to more and more topics other members from around the world get to know you better and online friendly relationships are formed. Lastly, action or instruction given by Moderators is NOT up for debate. We do not have the time to be arguing with Members about how the Community should be managed. Members who do not understand this will be instantly deleted without warning. Constructive Posting that can be found here.

Do Not Fight Moderation

At times Moderators may edit your Posts and / or inform you about what is Constructive and what is not. This is to both help you make valuable input and keep the Community Standards high. Our Rules & Policies as well as the ENFORCEMENT of the same are not up for debate. Our Constructive Posting Policy can be found here.

Be Kind

You are here by invitation not right. Harassing other members,web team, moderators, the administration, being rude, posting multiple messages with nonsense, running promotional ads and/or spamming will just get you banned. No name calling (calling other members words like "stupid", "dumb", "anal",etc. are not tolerated). Vulgar language - absolutely no sexual jokes or innuendo! No promotion or links to nude or artistic nude photography or modeling. If your web site has even one suggestive photo you are violating these rules. This Forum is not like other Communities where anything goes- we moderate it - if you do not like the rules - Please visit another site. Discussions on various Topics are for debate and constructive arguments, but NOT our rules or policies or actions of Moderators. Members who fail to understand this will have their account removed without warning. Our Constructive Posting Policy can be found here.

No Spamming!

Do not use this forum to promote matchmaking or dating sites, pyramid schemes, and other commercial sites. The safest way is to POST NO LINKS in this forum unless they are references to news articles and copyrighted works. There is a classified section where legit links can be posted without restrictions if you are an ACTIVE member. Suggesting to Members that they should go to another site for whatever reason is not allowed here. Members are allowed to link after a certain number of Posts have been made but this should only be for internal linkage and source links to news agencies. Our Constructive Posting Policy can be found here

Think Before You Post

Unlike other forums we do not entertain random blobs of scribbles and nonsense, be constructive in what you have to say. Could a child read what I am posting? Do not post the same message on multiple threads, this is a form of spamming. If you start an argument and are brought up on a point then defend it rather than try to bring up other issues without first resolving points of interest. Do not hold at ransom other members that are not of your religious or political stand point, by using names, stereotyping or going against the theme of a board or thread to broadcast your view. We have specific guidelines on our Constructive Posting that can be found here. Included in our Constructive Posting Policy are things like: Proper spelling, no slang or shortened words like "u" representing "you", etc.

Negativity, Racial or Political Stances

We believe that everyone is entitled to their own point of view, but this does not mean that you have to become negative, rude, distasteful, etc. Adding to this forum your Anti-Christian, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Mormon, or Anti-Jewish sentiment is NOT TOLERATED in the LEAST! We are not saying you have to believe in what anyone says, but you do need to respect their view(s). It is okay to be disagreeable so long as it is done in a polite way. If you are coming here with a grudge, vengeance or 'chip on your shoulder' or if you feel you are over sensitive to various political / religious issues then it is recommended that you DO NOT join this forum. We do not hesitate to ban / delete members that fail to understand this concept. Our Constructive Posting Policy can be found here.


Make sure to research all the information that members may disseminate on the forum, we cannot do it. You should read our disclaimer: here as this also contains crucial information about your security online.

Web Promotions

We are a web graphics design business and we look forward to those who may want to use our services and products via our sites, you are therefore not to use our forum to promote your own web design business or any money making scheme. There is a section called, "Classified Ads" where you can add links FREE of charge, but they must not be in competition with our own business. Please contact us if you need more specific advertisements. See our Constructive Posting: here.

Emails from Us

We may send you newsletters about updates to this forum. This may be as much as ONCE or TWICE a week! We do not resell your Email or info. The title of our Emails are usually the same as our forum: "[News] International Discussions". There is absolutely no problem if you wish to unsubscribe from these Newsletters but if you do or tag this Email as spam then your Membership will be either suspended or deleted as per the terms of your Registration. To delete your account: login and go to "My Controls" And there is a delete option on the left menu.

Our Constructive Posting Policy can be found here


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