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16th Feb, 2017 - 6:20am

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KNtoran using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e system

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Game

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Familiar / SideKick
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Character Title:
The Blademaster

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Character Alignment:
Lawful Neutral

Marching Position:

Rival: ?

The Foe of Bastion
Guardian: ?

The Tiger Keeps

Character Body
Base Theme / Style
Character Combat Info
HP 50/50, AC 32 (with animated shield) touch 14, FF30(Uncanny Dodge in effect), DR 2/Adamantine, DR 3 vs elemental BAB +5, Fort +16, Reflex +13, Will +6, melee tohit +12, ranged tohit +9, base speed 40
Character Description
-Age 6 years, height 6'5", weight 270 lbs
-From a distance, Bastion resembles a very tall man clad in heavy plate armor lacquered a dark purple. But it soon becomes clear that the metal plating is a part of the figure, and its face is a flexible mask. Said mask is capable of basic expressions, but they seem fairly awkward. In combat, he wields an oversized two handed curving blade while a large shield floats between him and his foe. When in towns, he often wears a brown cloak with a hood
-Bastion is fairly difficult to predict, alternating between quiet introspection and abrupt action with little warning. It is a simple matter of choosing to act to his full measure when he decides that action is necessary. He is fairly slow in his movements much of the time, but this should not be mistaken for slowness of mind. Every movement is calculated, and while the art of warfare is his greatest skill, he has learned many other things in the brief time since his awakening.
-Bastion craves order and understanding. He dislikes lies and dishonesty, and will go out of his way to honor bargains made. In this regard, he perceives laws as one half of an unspoken bargain between the people of a nation and those ruling it.
-The warforged is aware that his appearance and mannerisms put others off, but he has difficulty understanding why, or indeed understanding his fellow sapients in general. Rather than mess with the gawking and erratic behavior of strangers, he will often act to conceal his nature as best he can.
-Bastion is genderless, both physically and mentally. But he has come to accept that others are generally more comfortable referring to him as a male, and prefers that to the stigma of being referred to as an object.
Character History
-Bastion remembers nothing of his creation or his creator. His first memory is of awakening in the smashed and burned ruins of some being's arcane workshop. Based on the size of the tools, he thinks the owner was a gnome, or perhaps a Halfling, but could glean little else. He has come to wonder if that destruction was his own doing, perhaps in the throes of some terrible confusion upon his activation.
-He has come to learn that he is probably not the only one of his kind. He has studied enough history to learn that a golem becoming sapient has occurred on many occasions in the past, but he has never met another like him.
-He seeks to understand more of this world and the strange peoples that inhabit it, and has spent a great deal of time wandering and learning in pursuit of this goal.
-In earning his keep, he has found that few peoples are willing to work with him in a profession, but coin could always be had working as a mercenary. It is in this profession that he discovered his first real talent, the art of combat. His strength and reflexes lent themselves well to it, and his intelligent mind absorbed the strategy and skill behind it rapidly.
-He has also found a passion for crafting. At first, it was simply a means to repair his own body and the gear he carries, but he has taken to creating items of his own, and will often spend his nights whittling small wooden figurines.
Character Magick / Spells / Powers
Anklet of Transposition: 2/day 10' teleport as swift action
Master Strategist Glove: free action store/retrieve single item, 1/day cast True Strike
Amulet of the disc: at will casting of Tenser's disc, 300 lb capacity.
Tracker Mask grants scent ability
ebon hunter monocle grants 60' DV and +1 to ranged attacks
armband of growth: enlarge person on self 5/week

-Totem Bound Blink Shirt (2 essentia): 30' teleport as move action
-Wormtail Belt (1 essentia): +3 enhancement bonus to natural AC
-Dragon Mantle (1 essentia): +2 enhancement bonus to Fortitude, DR3 vs elemental damage

Rod of Lordly Might functions:
-melee touch attack causing DC 14 hold person
-melee touch attack, DC 17 will save for half of 2d4 damage. wielder healed like amount.
-10' radius Fear effect, Will DC 16 negates

Unlimited use-
-+2 light mace
+1 flaming longsword
-+4 battleaxe
-+3 shortspear or longspear. Can be used as lance at max length.
-Anchored climbing pole, max 50' length, 4000 lb capacity. if braced, can exert force with a Str mod of +12
-Rod indicates magnetic north and approximate height/depth vs surface
Character Notes*
Tiger Guardian Shields: The inner thougts of Bastion are protected.

* Protected by Guardian
Deity / Allegiance / Cult
Not beholden to any deity. He finds the concept of voluntary servitude to such beings amusing. Might be willing to change his stance in this regard, but only if there is clear benefit to doing so.
Familiar / Side Kick / Craft
Arion, Heavy Warhorse HP 30, AC 18, touch 10, flat footed 17 (1dex,-1size,4armor,4NatA) Str 18, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6 Chain shirt barding, tack, military saddle, saddlebags full attack: 2 hooves +6 melee (1d6+4) and bite +1 melee (1d4+2)
Character Equipment
Large size Adamantium Great Falchion +1&collision (3d6+6 18-20 x2), Scabbard of Keen Edges (applies keen property to Great Falchion, expanding crit range to 15-20), Greater Crystal of electrical assault (attached to Great Falchion, dealing extra 1d6 electrical damage and dazzling target for 1 round) Adamantine Body (+9 armor AC +3 enhancement, max dex:1, -5 ACP), animated +1 Heavy Steel shield (+3 shield AC -1 ACP), Belt of Giant Strength +4, Rod of Lordly Might, inventor's crossbow, Masterwork Composite Longbow (+3Str), 20 arrow quiver, Armband of Growth, Anklet of Transposition, Boots of Striding and Springing, Glove of the Master Strategist, Amulet of the disc, luckstone, type 3 bag of holding, +3 ring of protection, Strongarm Bracers, +3 cloak of resistance, Greater crystal of electrical assault, Belt of Strength +4, Rod of Ropes, dusty rose Ioun stone, pale green Ioun stone, dark blue Ioun Stone, tracker mask, lesser ebon hunter monocle, essence of the guard, Warforged Repair Kit, backpack, Crowbar, 100' Silk rope, steel mirror, grappling hook, flint and steel, 2 torches, 2 sacks, 2 WF repair kits, 1 master WF repair kits, 5x Oil of Repair Light Damage, 2x potion of Shield of Faith+2, 1x potion of Darkvision/Rage/SOF5/Haste, 480 gp

Inventor's Crossbow: +2 enhancement, gnomish crossbow sight, 2d10 damage, 10 bolts in clip, standard action reload, 140' range, all range increments treated as 2 closer (so 420' shooting without penalty)

In progress:
+2 valorous colliding Great Falchion with scabbard of keen edges, 3d6+5 15-20x2
Character Storage
Horse Saddlebags: Masterwork Smith's tools, steel stock for shield, block and tackle, 2 WF repair kits, 2 master WF repair kits, 400' silk rope

Bank: 5,500 gp
Game Master Notes*
Tiger Guardian Protects: The secrets dispensed by KNtoran are protected from prying eyes.

Last nag (warning): --

* Protected by Guardian
Character Item Location
Available Gems ?

Fourth Gem Activated. The damage from your current weapon is doubled when fighting a certain enemy that you pick. The reason is due to the style and shape of the weapon being designed to inflict maximum damage to the vulnerable parts of the enemy.

Third Gem Activated. You meet an inventor. he gives you an object to use in your journeys. This allows you to acquire an unique object that may be post medieval in origin. Let your imagination run free within the limits of the DM / GM.

Second Gem Activated. A blacksmith has fitted you with some experimental armor (your choice) he wants you to 'test' for him. The armor is not magical but gives a +1(-1) as a bonus.

First Gem Activated. Choose any masterwork / specially crafted weapon (1) and add it to your inventory. This weapon is not magical but gives a +1. This was passed down to you through the ages.
Personal Rival: ?
At some point in this Character's life a foe became known - the history behind this rival can be written here.
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Character Stats
L3 Warblade, L2 Totemist XP pool: 6,100 next level 15,000

Str 22 (18 without belt) +6
Dex 13 +1
Con 17 +3
Int 16 +3
Wis 11 +0
Cha 6 -2

Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, K-Arcana, K-Nature, K-history, K-local, K-Planes, Listen, Martial Lore, Ride, Spellcraft, Spot, Survival, Swim, tumble

Modified Skills: 4+int, ACP-5, Autohypnosis 1(6), Balance 4(2), Bluff 0(2), Concentration 5(10), Craft Armorsmithing 6(11), Craft Weaponsmithing 6(11), Craft woodworking 2(7), Diplomacy 0(1), Intimidate 8(8), Jump 8(16), K-Arcana 1(6), K-History 5(10), K-Planes 1(6), Listen 6(15), Spot 6(15), Sense Motive 0(-3)

Skill modifiers: +2 spot+listen (Ioun stone), +5 spot+listen (essence of guard), +1 luck to all (luckstone), +1 competence to all (Ioun Stone), +5 to Jump (boots)

Passive Features
Immunities- Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, and energy drain.
Other Racial traits- Cannot heal naturally. Healing subschool spells only 50% effective. Can be repaired via effects that can repair objects. When reduced below 0 hp, is disabled, but is automatically considered stable. Does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, but can consume things such as potions. 25% chance of critical hits being reduced to normal hits. Natural 1d4 slam attack. Takes 2d6 damage from rusting magic
Battle Clarity-While not flat footed, Intelligence bonus added to Reflex saves
Weapon Aptitude-Feats that benefit only a single weapon type can be reset to a different weapon with an hour of practice.
Uncanny Dodge-Retain Dexterity bonus to AC even if caught flatfooted or struck by hidden enemy.

Adamantine Body - Inherent warforged armor is replaced with adamantine plating. Armor bonus increased to +8, base land speed reduced to 20, Maximum dexterity now +1, permanent ACP of -5, and ASF of 35%. In addition, the character gains Damage Reduction of 2/Adamantine. Armor cannot normally be removed, but can be enchanted.
Extra Essentia: +2 essentia
Power attack - remove x from attack mod, add x to damage or 2*x for two handed weapon.
Martial Study - gain access to Crusader's Strike maneuver
Weapon Focus - +1 to hit with set weapon (default Great Falchion)
Fussy (Flaw) - become sickened for duration of potion, or 1 minute per CL of potion
Gullible (Flaw) - enchantments and illusions save penalty -2, Sense Motive penalty: -4

Honest +1 diplomacy, -1 bluff and sense motive
Swift +10 to base land speed, -1 per level hp

Punishing Stance - As swift action, enter offensive posture. -2 to AC, +1d6 damage on melee strikes

Moment of Perfect Mind (counter) - As immediate action, replace an incoming Will save with a Concentration skill check.
Steel Wind (strike) - Make an attack that strikes two adjacent enemies. Make two separate attack rolls
Crusader's Strike (strike) - Make a single melee attack, if it hits, initiator or an ally within 10' heals 1d6+1/IL
Battle Leaders Charge (strike) - Charge, Do not provoke AOOs, deal extra 10 damage on hit.
Emerald Razor (strike) - Attacks targets Touch AC
Mountain Hammer (strike) - Extra 2d6 damage, ignores damage reduction and Hardness.

Gem bonuses, masterwork longaxe, +1 to Armor bonus, inventor crossbow



The PvP Elitist











Art of War


Lover or Fighter?

The ROK II Player to Player interface allows your Character to make secret meetings with other Characters to create alliances or establish secret relationships. The option to reward each other in certain areas is offered: Devious, Sensual, Romantic, Friendship, Chivalry and the Art of War.


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