Oswald Deepshadow

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2nd Jul, 2017 - 3:39pm

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Daishain using the Dungeons & Dragons 5e system

Daishains 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

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Familiar / SideKick
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Symbol / Sign:
Character Name:
Oswald Deepshadow

Character Title:
Scout For Hire

Character Class:
Lv 3 Rogue Lv 3 Cleric

Character Status:


Character Alignment:
Neutral Good

Marching Position:

Rival: ?

The Foe of Oswald Deepshadow
Guardian: ?

The Vulnerable Keeps

Character Body
Base Theme / Style
Character Combat Info
Hp 34/34
AC 14,16S
Dmg d6+3 S

Dmg d8+5 P

Sacred Flame, Cantrip
Casting Time 1action
Components V,S
Duration Instantaneous
Dmg d8 radiant
DC13 Save
Target gains no benefit from cover
Character Description
A man in black, from leather boot to hooded cloak. A large black bow and quiver across his back. He has designed this outfit to be undetectable in the darkest shadows.

But under the cloak is the holy vestments of Lathander. The golden image of the rising sun over a field of green shines dazzling in the light.

He is quick to get close to people, to find out their troubles and try to aid them. To show them that sometimes we have to take different paths than we planned and dreamed; but that these new paths, though difficult, will lead to greater happiness.
Character History
Born in a poor settlement, he was the only surviving child of his parents. A father who stopped caring about his children after the first three died, Oswald was the fifth born, and a mother that inspired for her offspring to have more, a better life.

Oswald was the name of the town's mayor; the fact of which let to the last fight between his parents, with his father not believing that the child is his. Eventually he simply left and never returned.

His mother though, she named him that for a completely different reason; as she has often told Oswald. She chose that name because Oswald is a name of someone who has become a Mayor, someone important. And an important name will help him achieve more during his life.

But the wounds from his father tainted that name; a name that drove his dad away. As he got older he hated that name more and more; and hated when his mom would remind him that he was going to be important.

In his teens he had had enough. He simply left...just like his father. He saw homelessness as only a little less than his current conditions. And sadly he was right.

He became travelling the roads, begging for food and shelter. One evening he was lying in an alley when some shady fellows asked him to watch the alley for them and to say something if someone comes. He agreed and no one came. When they paid him the coin, he asked if he could come with them, if they could train him.

They accepted and trained him. He aided them in numerous jobs, until his skill took him higher. Until he realized how much adventurers make.

He spent years on the adventurers market, working jobs of all kinds. He would attach himself to a group for a job or two and then move onto a new group. He was just a man for higher, using his skills to aid the group's, but he was just their for the treasure and his usual payment requirements.

He would work only the name Deepshadow, refusing to use his real name due to his hatred of it.

Then, while on a mission, he paired up with a group that had a paladin of Lathander. The two became friends, a rarity in Oswald's life, and he learned of the way of the light. He learned about Lathander's drive for self improvement of his followers and through that he learned that there is more to life than gold.

When the quest ended, Oswald sadly turned down the group's offer to have him join as a full member. He had more to learn and more training to do.

Under his friend's guidance he found the temple where the paladin trained and learned under his friend's teachers for several years.

After five years he felt that it was time to make amends and finally returned home. But sadly it was too late as his mother had passed away long before.

With his mother's love and desire for his betterment in mind and in heart, he once again took up his birth name of Oswald and replaced his father's name with the name he has worn for years; Deepshadow.

He returned to the adventuring circuit to find others like himself, others that have become obsessed with coin and have lost track of their true self; whether adventurer of bandit. He helps them, and himself reach self perfection and to learn that even in the darkest places, there is light within us all.

Recently the Harpers have hired him to aid a group. He is eager to see how many lives he can change, that he can save.
Character Magick / Spells / Powers
Sacred Flame
Spare the Dying

Prepared Spells: 5
Burning Hands (1st)
Cure Wounds (1st)
Faerie Fire (1st)
Shield of Faith (1st)
Healing Word (1st)
Silence (2nd)
Flaming Sphere (2nd)
Prayer of Healing (2nd)
Scorching Ray (2nd)

All 1st lv spells known
All 2nd lv spells known

3 Cantrips
4 1st lv: X X X X
2 2nd lv: X X

Prepared Spells: (Wis+Cleric Lv) 5
Spell DC: 13
Spell Att: +5

Divine Domain: Light
Domain Spells: Burning Hands, Faerie Fire, Flaming Sphere, Scorching Ray
Bonus Cantrip: Light
Warding Flare: (Wis uses) 2
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead, Radiance of the Dawn
Character Notes*
Ankh-Ahraset's tomb is the quest I was on when I met my friends.
Zerill is my Dragonborn Paladin of Lathander friend.
I'm a Dawnbringer.
Wanted for murder and horse theft in Neverwinter. Only guilty of horse theft.

* The content here is exposed unless you get a Guardian to protect it.
Deity / Allegiance / Cult
Familiar / Side Kick / Craft
Character Equipment
Rogue starting Equipment:
Empty quiver
Dungeoneer's pack (Backpack, crowbar, hammer, 10 pitons, 10 torches, tinderbox, waterskin, 50ft of hempen rope)
Leather armor
Two daggers
Thieves' tools

Cleric starting equipment:
Scale mail
Priest's pack (Backpack, blanket, 10 candles, tinderbox, alms box, 2 blocks of incense, censer, vestments, waterskin)
Holy symbol

Background equipment:
Set of dark common clothes including a hood

Arrows (40)
Chalk (10 pieces)
Grappling hook
Potion of healing (8) (Given to him by the High Priest of his Temple. Engraved with the markings of Lathander.)

Black Market Items:
Bag of Holding
Bracers of Archery
Cloak of Elvenkind
Goggles of Night
Quiver of Ehlonna

New Equipment:
MW Longbow
35 days rations
40 arrows in quivers

40 gp 5 sp 9 cp
Character Storage
In Bag of Holding:
Dungeoneer's pack (plus a second crowbar and a grappling hook inside the pack)
Thieves' tools
Scale mail
Priest's pack (plus 8 potions of healing)
35 days rations
Countless cut belts and backpacks, including beltpouches, scabbards, weapons, and gear.
Cursed Goggles of Night

In Quiver of Ehlonna:
MW Longbow
60 arrows

In Alms box:

In Sack:
40 arrows in quivers

Everything else is on my person.
Game Master Notes*
Nice one Robertreaper, your character is starting to take form, thank you for joining my game.

Last nag (warning): --

* The Game Master's notes to you are exposed, get a Guardian to protect it.
Character Item Location
Available Gems ?

No Gem Activated. This means your Character does not have the possible 'edge' over other Characters. Activate a Gem to get the advantage.
Personal Rival: ?
At some point in this Character's life a foe became known - the history behind this rival can be written here.
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Character Stats
Name: Oswald Deepshadow
Size: Medium
Type: Humanoid (Human)
Alignment: NG
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

AC: 14 (Leather) 16 (with Shield), 16 (Scale mail) 18 (with Shield)
Hp: 34 / 34
HD: 6d8+1
Speed: 30ft

Str: 12 Bonus: +1
Dex: 16 Bonus: +3
Con: 12 Bonus: +1
Int: 13 Bonus: +1
Wis: 14 Bonus: +2
Cha: 12 Bonus: +1

Saving Throws
Dex +6
Int +4

Prof Bonus: +3
Armor Prof: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapon Prof: Simple weapons, hand crossbow, longswords, rapiers, shortswords
Tools Prof: Thieves' tools, Dice set

Deception +4 Cha
Insight +5 Wis
Investigation +7 Int
Perception +8 Wis
Sleight of Hand +6 Dex
Stealth +6 Dex

Passive Perception: 15
Languages: Common and Elven

Expertise (Investigation and Perception)
Sneak Attack 2d6
Thieves' Cant
Cunning Action
Ritual Casting
Spellcasting Focus

Roguish Archetype: Thief
Fast Hands
Second-Story Work

Background: Criminal
Skill Prof: Stealth, Deception
Tool Prof: Thieves' tools and Dice set
Criminal Specialty: Burglar
Criminal Contact
Personality: I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.
Ideal: Redemption. There's a spark of good in everyone.
Bond: Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again.
Flaw: I try to redeem as many people as I can, even those who will never change their ways.

Evocation, Cantrip
Components V, M (A firefly or phosphorescent moss)
Duration, 1 hour
Range, Touch
Properties (You touch one object that is no larger than 10ft in any dimension. Until the spell ends, the object sheds bright light in a 20ft radius and dim light for an additional 20ft. The light can be colored as you like. Completely covering the object with something opaque blocks the light. The spell ends if you cast it again or dismiss it as an action. If you target an object held or worn by a hostile creature, that creature must succeed on a Dex save to avoid the spell.)

Spare the Dying
Necromancy, Cantrip
Components V, S
Duration, Instantaneous
Range, Touch
Properties (You touch a living creature that has 0 hp. The creature becomes stable. This spell has no effect on undead or constructs.)

Divination, Cantrip
Components V, S
Duration, Concentration, up to 1 min
Range, Touch
Properties (You touch one willing creature. Once before the spell ends, the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to one ability check of its choice. It can roll the die before or after making the ability check. The spell then ends.)

Burning Hands
Evocation, 1st lv
Components V, S
Duration, Instantaneous
Range, Self (15ft cone)
Damage 3d6 Fire
Properties (As you hold your hands with thumbs touching and fingers spread, a thin sheet of flames shoots forth from your outstretched fingertips. Each creature in a 15ft cone must make a Dex save. A creature takes 3d6 Fire dmg on a failed save, or half as much dmg on a successful one. The fire ignites any flammable objects in the area that aren't worn or carried.)
At Higher Levels (When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd lv or higher, the dog increases by d6 for each slot of above 1st.)

Cure Wounds

Primary Actions:
Melee Weapon Attack +6
Reach 5ft (One target)
Damage d6+3 Slashing
Properties (Finesse, light)

MW Longbow
Ranged Weapon Attack +7
Range 150/600ft
Damage d8+5 Piercing (+2 from Bracers of Archery)
Properties (Heavy, two-handed)

Sacred Flame
Evocation, Cantrip
Components V, S
Duration, Instantaneous
Range 60ft
Damage d8 Radiant
Properties (Flame like radiance descends on a creature that you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Dex save or take d8 radiant dmg. The target gains no benefit from cover for this save. The spell's dmg increases by d8 when you reach 5th lv (2d8), 11th lv (3d8), and 17th lv (4d8).)



The PvP Elitist











Art of War


Lover or Fighter?

The ROK II Player to Player interface allows your Character to make secret meetings with other Characters to create alliances or establish secret relationships. The option to reward each other in certain areas is offered: Devious, Sensual, Romantic, Friendship, Chivalry and the Art of War.


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