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26th Oct, 2017 - 2:06am

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21st Oct, 2018 - 6:33pm

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KNtoran using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e system

3.5 D&D You As Character Role-Playing Game

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Familiar / SideKick
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Character Name:

Character Title:
The Learner

Character Class:
L4 Ardent L5 XP 56010000

Character Status:


Character Alignment:
Neutral Good

Marching Position:
Right Rear Flank

Rival: ?

The Foe of Vickie
Guardian: ?

The Vulnerable Keeps

Character Body
Base Theme / Style
Character Combat Info
HP= 23 of 17+5= 23
PP=17(+4 bonus, WIS)23 of 23
Character Description
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 130lb
Eye Color: Hazel with copper colored glasses
Hair Color: Brunette w/ some grey at temples, naturally curly, length going to middle of shoulderblades
Body Shape: Hourglass
Normal Outfit: Cami, T-shirt, Jeans, socks, heavy weight leather shoes, heavyweight Jacket and a somewhat small purse that runs across me and rests on my left hip. The purse contains a small wallet,a man's wallet, a small snack bag of change, and my cellphone
Character History
Born and raised in the Midwest part of the USA. Was not close to either parent and had self esteem issues..still can now at times. Was flexible and walked a lot in my youth. I've traveled to the National Space Museum, the East Coast( Dover, DL & Cape May, NJ), Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, and Glacier National Park.

I am stronger than what my 5' 3" frame looks like it could handle. I do have some trouble lifting heavy objects over my head; think it a lack of exercise of the arms that is the cause more so than the fact of my age.

I have raised three children to full adulthood; 2 girls and 1 boy. Their ages are 30 & 27 for my girls and 29 for my boy. My two girls are married and the youngest has 2 of her own, a girl and a boy; ages 2 &1. I didn't do much work much until my youngest was in 1st grade. I worked in a Thrift Shop for a few hours a day then became part time once she was in school full time. I did work in an Office for a time doing AR so have some knowledge of numbers...which made we want to attend College..again..had gone for a time after graduating HS. Walking in snow up to mid calf with the wind in your face the entire way will make you very discouraged about going.

I have a love of Nature and the birds, plants and even some insects and like to do Micro photography as a hobby. I've been told by several people I should publish some of my work, I've yet to do so. I do believe this comes from a love of Art that I've had since middle school. My older brother taught me some things about it as he was learning from a after school group through the local College during our elementary school years. I did so some painting for a time, all I've really done is trade a canvas for a camera lens :)

As for as of any type of work I've done, other than what I mentioned above, I've done mostly Retail type jobs, the only exception would the one and half years pushed wheelchairs at an International Airport in Iowa. I am not employed at this time but hope to find work soon...unemployment benefits only last so long....*sigh*

I am familiar with MS Office and the freeware version Open Office. I have used both the Word processor and Spreadsheet programs as well as the Presentation program. I play the Facebook game, Castle Age and was at one time the Guild Master for the guild I was in at the time. As GM I would keep track of members stats in the Spreadsheet Program which I created. I also used the same program to log the Mini Library my husband and I had gathered over the 25+ yrs of our marriage.

It was on Facebook that I was introduced to D&D 3.5: the Role Playing Game. I enjoyed it a lot. It was in that group that I learned there was an Online version of the game. I had to join it. * wink at KN* and now I find this group and here I am. If there is anything I've not placed here that would help, just let me know and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

BTW- I'm 53 yrs old
Character Magick / Spells / Powers
Known Mantles :
Energy Mantle: Granted ability: You can expend your psionic focus to gain resistance 5 against one energy type for a number of rounds equal to 3+ your WIS modifier. At 10th level, you gain resistance to energy 10 instead.
1 Energy ray: Deal 1d6 energy( cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) damage
2 Energy Push: Deal 2d6 damage and knock subject back

Fate Mantle: Granted ability: Once per day, you can expand your psionic focus to add a bonus on one d20 roll equal to your level in the class that allowed you to access this ability
1. Precognition, Defense: Gain +1 insight bonus to AC and saving throws
Precognition, Offensive: Gain +1 insight to your attack rolls

Life Mantle: Granted Ability: If you expand your psionic focus as a swift action as you manifest a power from this mantle, your manifester level for that power is considered 1 higher( thus increasing the number of power points you can spend on manifesting the power, among other benefits).
1. Touch of Health: Channel positive energy to cure damage or deal damage to undead

Mantle to add at L5:
Force Mantle: Granted ability: while psionically focused, you gain a +1 deflection bonus to your AC
1. Force Screen: invisible disk provides +4 shield bonus to AC
Deflection Field: provides +4 deflection bonus to AC

Known Powers: Energy ray, Precognition, Offensive. Precognition, Defense, Touch of Health

Added Powers: Astral Construct, Cat-fall, Empty Mind(+2 to Will saves until next action), Hammer(Melee touch attack deals 1d8/round), Internial Armor(+4 to AC), Stone Mind(Gain bonuses on Search checks while standing on stone or earth)
Character Notes*
My eyesight is not that great without my glasses. I love nature and being outdoors. I can be shy at first, unless I can feel at ease with those I'm with. I do have a religious side but don't push it on others. I like being apart of the team.

* The content here is exposed unless you get a Guardian to protect it.
Deity / Allegiance / Cult
Familiar / Side Kick / Craft
Character Equipment
My glasses are the main things i keep with me at all times, unless I'm sleeping then they are nearby. The small wallet I own is for an ID and has a zippered compartment attached. I keep all my plastic cards and ID in the zippered part, there is a small pocket inside as well where i tend to place my cash..if any on hand..which is not also has a lander attached so I can wear it around my neck if I wish. Most times it wrapped around and placed into my purse which as the keys to my truck on spring like hook( couldn't think of how to spell the correct word). That is one of my faults..

Equipment: Chain mail, Buckler, Heavy Mace, Light Crossbow, Robe of Displacement(20% miss chance of incoming attacks).
Transport: light horse, saddle, tack, saddlebags
General gear: backpack, bedroll, crowbar, Flint and Steel, dagger, 50' hemp rope, 10x torches, 10x pitons, 10x rations, 3x oil flasks, waterskin.
Potions: cure light wounds, which heals for 1D8+4(gift from Travis)
Character Storage
Was never one for keeping much that couldn't fit on person.
Game Master Notes*
When you came here you age changed while people view you as a early 30s your age is actually 28.

Last nag (warning): --

* The Game Master's notes to you are exposed, get a Guardian to protect it.
Character Item Location
Available Gems ?

No Gem Activated. This means your Character does not have the possible 'edge' over other Characters. Activate a Gem to get the advantage.
Personal Rival: ?
At some point in this Character's life a foe became known - the history behind this rival can be written here.
Character Stats
Strength: 10 +0
Dexterity: 14 +2
Constitution: 12 +1
Intelligence: 15 +2
Wisdom: 16 +3
Charisma: 14 +2

Language Known: Common, Elvish

XP L5: 560/10000

L4 Power Points: 17 per day(+4 WIS bonus)= 23

Skills: (2 + Int modifier per level, x4 at 1st level)( 2+2 = +4 per level after 1st.)
Auto-hypnosis 5= 2+2+1
Concentration 5=2+1+1+2
Craft 4=2+2
Diplomacy 3=2+1
Heal 6=2+2+1+1
Knowledge(psonics) 4= 2+2
Profession 4=2+2
Psi craft 5=2+2+1
Search(cc) 3=0+2+1
Listen(cc) 2=0+2
Spot(cc) 2=0+2

Feats: Mantle Focus(access to 1 psionic mantle; +1 to save DC's for mantle powers)
Earth Sense
Earth Power
Combat Manifestation
Great Fortitude



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Krusten (17)

Merlin (14)

Thorin (13)

Selinabe (7)

Niko (7)

Nowen (3)

Aspiring Leaders

Mcxjudge / Primis (2)
Seraphina / Helena (4)
Roleplayer / Krull (4)
Shadow / Royce (4)
Baal / Baal (3)
LitRPG / Bladur (3)

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