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Top  How Game Master / Dungeon Master How to use this Community to beome a Game Master / Dungeon Master or the Creator of a RPG. For a start: Make sure you are able to be consistent, encourage your Players and tell a good story!
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Dice Master
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How To Be A Game Master / Dungeon Master - Page 2

The Dice Master says...

Keep The Rules & Help Us Enforce It

Many join this Community without taking the time to find out what it is about or what is expected. Players will often spin 'top in mud' trying to get the hang of things rather than read it for themselves. It used to be so bad at one time that one Member took it upon himself to write a rather lengthy Post on it as seeing endless edits and questions frustrated him too. See what I mean here: D&D Play By Post Newcomers (as an example only and if you don't mind the extra reading).

Then comes the shock horror when a Moderator shows up in their Intro Thread and then they figure: "Oh, that is what is expected of me." The ironic thing is that is what a Community like this is fundamentally built on: reading and comprehension. As a GM / Dungeon Master the onus is on you to be an exemplar of our Consturctive Posting Policy. The burden is also on you to make SURE your Players are also abiding by that same Policy especially if you invited them here. It is grossly unfair to both us and your invitees to not inform them of our enforced Policy. It causes undue frustration on both sides and a higher work load on our part if it is not made clear. In the extreme it can also end up in the deletion of accounts, something we do not like to do but there can be no 'fighting' over our Policy - we just don't have time for that.

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Master Dungeon Master Game Be How

The Dice Master says...

Embedded Dice System

Players, and Dungeon Masters / Game Masters will see Dice Rolls by Players in their Posts. This helps to eliminate cheating and is also quite convenient. Here are the features:

1. When a Player Posts in your Main Game Thread the script will automatically make their rolls from one of their choices. These rolls cannot be edited by anyone.

See: Member Wars Dice Options Example

2. Rolls will not be shown to anyone until 31 minutes has passed. This assures that Regular Members cannot edit their actions because they saw bad rolls.

3. Although Members with special or Upgraded accounts may be able to edit their Posts after 31 minutes you will see this as "Edited by" And the time when they did it.

4. A message indicating how many minutes and seconds you have left until the Dice results is given.

5. There are special fields for you to put what the rolls are for including bonuses and the number of times the roll should be made. Full range Dice rolls can include 2 of each standard type of die: D100 all the way down to D2. If all Dice types are not needed then the Player can select to roll only D20, etc.

Example: I am searching +3 and jumping+2

6. Dice results show both Player and GM with their names so confusion is eliminated. The Player can just roll for himself if the GM will rather to have his/her roll made in secret.

7. Game Master's can choose to tell Players not to use the in house Dice or they may demand it - please follow the directions of your Dungeon Master.

NOTE: The Dice system also has an "Explode" Feature which gives an added D20 roll should you score a "20" On a current roll.

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How To Be A Game Master / Dungeon Master RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

The Dice Master says...

Maximum Number Of Games To Create

Game Masters should not start more than two (2) RPGs in this Community for several reasons:

1. If you suddenly have to leave more games and more Players fall flat
2. You cannot give the proper attention each game requires (Proper updates, checking on Players, answering questions, etc)
3. You will start to become confused with the content of games, Players, locations, etc.
4. You are likely to burn yourself out.

Since Game Masters also tend to be Players in other games the above is even more true.

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Page 2 Master Dungeon Master Game Be How

The Dice Master says...

I have added to the first Post of this Thread a link and short answer to usage of copyrighted material both locally and externally:

Attached Image QUOTE
Q. What about the content I write and images I might upload?
A. Content you present here and Players' input becomes copyright of this site. Content used from other sites or the intellectual property of others should have permission or be based on creative commons / public domain.

Dungeon Masters / Game Masters should be aware of how to handle the use of images as part of their game: Copyright: Our Policy Governing Content & Images. Images used should be labelled as either public domain, CC(0) or that you received permission from 'x" to use it.

Guest please SHARE: "How To Be A Game Master / Dungeon Master" on:

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