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What started the whole Nazi affair
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Aryan Race

Do you believe the theory of an Aryan race is merely that - theory or are there relevant facts? Look over the following:

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It is one of the ironies of history that Aryan, a word nowadays referring to the blond-haired, blue-eyed physical ideal of Nazi Germany, originally referred to a people who looked vastly different. Its history starts with the ancient Indo-Iranians, Indo-European peoples who inhabited parts of what are now Iran, Afghanistan, and India. Their tribal self-designation was a word reconstructed as *arya- or *rya-. The first of these is the form found in Iranian, as ultimately in the name of Iran itself (From Middle Persian rn (Ahr), "(Land) of the Iranians," from the genitive plural of r, "Iranian"). The variant *rya- is found unchanged in Sanskrit, where it referred to the upper crust of ancient Indian society. These words became known to European scholars in the 18th century. The shifting of meaning that eventually led to the present-day sense started in the 1830s, when Friedrich Schlegel, a German scholar who was an important early Indo-Europeanist, came up with a theory that linked the Indo-Iranian words with the German word Ehre, "Honor," and older Germanic names containing the element ario-, such as the Swiss warrior Ariovistus who was written about by Julius Caesar. Schlegel theorized that far from being just a designation of the Indo-Iranians, the word *arya- had in fact been what the Indo-Europeans called themselves, meaning something like 'the honorable people." (This theory has since been called into question.) Thus "Aryan" came to be synonymous with "Indo-European," and in this sense entered the general scholarly consciousness of the day. Not much later, it was proposed that the original homeland of the Indo-Europeans had been in northern Europe. From this theory, it was but a small leap to think of the Aryans as having had a northern European physiotype. While these theories were playing themselves out, certain anti-Semitic scholars in Germany took to viewing the Jews in Germany as the main non-Aryan people because of their Semitic roots; a distinction thus arose in their minds between Jews and the 'true Aryan" Germans, a distinction that later furnished unfortunate fodder for the racial theories of the Nazis.
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Aryan Race
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Race Aryan

Interesting that this should be brought up. Text that is thousands of years old of Hindu scriptures reveal that hinduisms first followers where aryans. But even their ancient text refers to dislike of the darker skinned people of africa, indicating that they where driven into africa by vishnu. The indian hindus are very dark themselves though, and they no longe believe those scriptures themselves. So will the aryans where not white, they weren't black either. The history of hatred of blacks is in their past, but there is precedent for disliking jews since they are the same color of the original aryan race.

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Aryan Race
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Aryan Race History & Civil Business Politics

In my opinion:

The history of the definition of the word is fascinating and I googled the word and read some on the ancient aryan indians and how they invaded India through the Khyber Pass. My point of this post is that the definition of words change. When someone refers to themselves as aryan we all know where they are coming from and in my opinion it's not a nice place.

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Aryan Race
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Race Aryan

It is funny that we get our history on Aryans from the german nazis. There is no history of the Aryans hating jews or being such a great people either. They were probably just regular people, unless you believe in the myth of atlantis.

That was a Nazi scholars trying to build up their own people with Myths and stories because most of the white europeans didn't have a great civilization (especially the tribal germans). It was not comparable to the Egyptians or the Indians. There might be some truth to a place called atlantis that had highly developed technology, but that was way before the Aryans.

I personally believe the Aryans were white and they came to Iran to conquer, or maybe just settle down. They also went to northern india and that may be the reason the norther Indians have lighter skin. I think they have been over vilified and they were simply just a large group that migrated just like many other groups.

I believe it was hitler's general that was real big on this (cant remember his name right now). He came up with this heroic super human image to sell to his distraught people so that they could offer them a foundation of confidence and superiority. I do think that they believed it, but the aryans were no more than nomadic tribes that may have carried some advanced languages and some other texts that they themselves didn't understand.

They had to move. It was cold up there in Europe.

I am definitely not an expert on this so unless anyone has anything to add that doesn't come from Hitler's scholars, then this is where my theory stands on the Aryans for right now.

If you take any group into a harsh climate with stone age technology and bring them out of to regular civilization after 300 years, then they will appear to be super strong and maybe even more clever than average. I agree with the nazi scholars on this point. I think that the entire earth may be a harsh climate from one extreme to another though.

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Aryan Race
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Race Aryan

I, myself, am a descendant of the aryan race. The vikings if you want to call them that. who populated Demark, Norway and Sweden areas. IT it these people who were most feared in 700- 1000 AD when they came raiding.

I find it fascinating that may people make it sound like we area superior race. We are not superior. We are not smarter or more advanced than you. Granted we tend to be big and strong because of our heritage in the harsh climates. Women tend to be very faired skinned and hate the warm weather as they shed their clothes. We tend to burn easy in the sunlight.

As time goes on and we marry other normal people from around the world we are not placing superior genes into the pool but normal genes that are just like others.

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Aryan Race

Name: Meg

Comments: There is no evidence of an Aryan race. Based on biological and genetic research, the whole thing is a myth.

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Aryan Race

I am not sure the origin of the Arian race though I have learned a little from this post. Suffice it to say I am close to such a race and can testify they are no different from any other race. This claim was made I think by a military trying to deceive their soldiers into thinking everything they did had a deeper meaning.

Many Germans I have found are self involved. Meaning they think of themselves firstly and others after. So, such a claim that you are the one supreme race would seem very enticing to the German public. Just a tool of propaganda used by the Nazis to gain more power in my opinion.

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Aryan Race
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Aryan Race Politics Business Civil & History

First of all, I have always found the concept of differing races within humanity to be a falsehood. If there where separate races on the planet the interbreeding would produce mules or other abnormalities. History has proven this is not the case.

In addition from what histories I have studied it would seem the "Aryans" are the proto-celts of Europe and Asia. If one studies the older myths and parses out the basic story lines it would seem there is a commonality from northern India all the way to Ireland.

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