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Top 20 Posters - This Thread is meant for Support related issues and not how many Posts you have.
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Top PosterPlease note, this Thread is meant as a review only of the Top Poster option. Suggestions and questions included. If you merely want to focus on who has the most Posts today / overall or someone's Posting activity then please use: Post Count Rants Thread so that we can focus on the feature and not the Posters.
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Today's Top Poster
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Today's Top Poster - Page 11

The best way in my opinion is to watch the top poster board. If someone is posting a huge amount of posts just wait until another day. No need to post 50 in one day when 30 will win another day.

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28th Dec, 2016 - 10:51pm / Post ID: #

Poster Top Todays

Well seems I will win this round without a fight… admittedly this is probably because of all the posting I did previously. I am still at 35 posts, with an hour to go, though I admit I definitely feel I went overboard eariler.

Now here is a question, if possibly very silly question, but can site bots earn FPs or for whatever day no one beats a site bot or even tries are the 100 FP simply not given to anyone?

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29th Dec, 2016 - 11:26pm / Post ID: #

Today's Top Poster Feedback & FAQ News Community

Clearing Things Up

To clear some things about the Top Poster check based on some of the issues brought up:

1. The check is made based on 24 hours at 12am GMT. Do not confuse this with your time zone or daylight savings. GMT is always the same.

2. When you check the Top Poster page it updates the time and numbers of each Poster (Including what is shown on the columns). When no one checks it then you see the last info based on auto updates made on the hour.

3. This is how the check is made to see who is the Top Poster: The system looks for all the Posts made since 12am GMT and creates rows of info based on who is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. There is no "Reset" on the Post count what does reset is the timer or count down clock that tells you how much hours and minutes are left.

4. Now this is the part I think confuses some people. If you made 100 Posts before 12am GMT then those Posts will not be part of the final count at 12am GMT the next day but they will show up to the times you Posted it once it was within a 24 hour period prior to the check.

Some Updates To This - The 20 mark.

In preparation for some changes in 2017, I will be changing this Contest slightly starting tomorrow 30 January, 2016.

First, the Top Poster will get 125 FP!

Second, you must have a minimum requirement of 20 Posts in order to qualify for the 125 FP. In other words, if you are the Top Poster of the day but only have 19 or less Posts you will not be rewarded the top prize even though you are the Top Poster of the day. This also adds balance so regular Posters can know who is contesting against 'Runaway Posters' for the win.

Those who got over 20 Posts but did NOT get the Top Poster spot will get 50 FP for their attempt. This is in addition to the FP you are getting for Posting anyway. In this way, Posters do not have to feel bad for losing or feel their effort was wasted.

30th Dec, 2016 - 4:10pm / Post ID: #

Page 11 Poster Top Todays

Top Loser Increase

Small change to what was posted yesterday:

1. I've increased the amount of FP for the Top losers from 25 to 50 FP.

2. Only the Top 3 losers who got over 20 Posts will get the 50 FP, thus to be safe you should not just stay at 20 in case there are others with that same figure.

31st Dec, 2016 - 7:20am / Post ID: #

Poster Top Todays

Thanks JB, that will be most helpful.

I will admit though, part of me is bother by the fact one could consider the situation such with site and member activity is such you essentially need to bribe people to make posts.

Really, without you have the Top Poster "Competition" many would not make the effort to post at all apart from roleplay posts. Even I have noticed this, as only like one or two threads out of over the thirty I posted in have had any replies.

31st Dec, 2016 - 11:46am / Post ID: #

Today's Top Poster

While most Users on the internet are more about fun than serious Discussion I do not consider the daily contest "Bribing", rather it is a way for Members to earn FP through effort so those who cannot afford to Upgrade or Donate but desperately need FP can work towards it. I've done the same in ROK II and other scripts on the site so its fair for all.

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2nd Jan, 2017 - 10:13pm / Post ID: #

Today's Top Poster - Page 11

Is it just me or are the boards a bit hot tonight now that I'm trying to get yet another resurrection in ROK II? *laugh*.

Post Date: 2nd Jan, 2017 - 10:15pm / Post ID: #

Today's Top Poster
A Friend

Today's Top Poster Community News FAQ & Feedback - Page 11

Well, it looks like Kyr is going for top poster hard, it seems she has her eyes on a gem. I just figured I was close enough that the 50 FP for a secondary prize was worth picking out a few more topics to comment on.

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