How To Find The RPG That Fits Me?

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Choose An RPG Dungeon Masters looking for Players. Game Masters recruiting Players. Also acts as a sort of FAQ / Quick Reference Guide to getting involved with the role-playing games here. This will be Updated from time to time as needed. IMPORTANT: Also learn how to format your Posts properly so it makes sense in the RPG you are participating in.
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How To Find The RPG That Fits Me?

The Dice Master says...

How To Find The Role-playing Game That Fits Me?

Reader, I have decided to start This Thread as another help resource just for you!

Not Sure What To Do? Ask A Question!

First, if you ever have a question, do ask in your Introduction Thread (The first Post you made when you joined), look in your Profile to find it, there is a button called "My Intro". Unlike, other places we do not flame Members because they ask a question. Asking questions is actually an intelligent thing to do!

rPG Rules Please note we do have an enforced RPG Etiquette which basically encourages all Players to keep Role-playing Games on Role-Playing by not bringing up any personal interests, schedules or anything not related to the game itself. If you must talk about when you can play, that you will be on vacation, your Birthday, you are getting a divorce or your cat then please always use your Introduction as mentioned above.

Different Kinds of Role-playing Games

Second, you need to decide what kind of Role-playing Game you want to play. We have different types:

1. Text Based Role-playing Games: Where you can play at anytime (Solo) without the need of waiting for a Dungeon Master or other Players. Start here: Ruler of Kings II. See a list of all features: View Features

Update November 2018: Please note that we no longer service Dungeons & Dragons / Pathfinder games here as our focus will be on our in house custom systems like ROK II that concentrates on role-play rather a need to know special rules, have special dice rolls, or a Dungeon Master that is often inconsistent, etc. Dungeons & Dragons may be popular but the way it is run by some Dungeon Masters puts a stop to Players who may want to go in a certain direction with their Character / playing style.

2. Play by Post: You use the Threads like a tabletop in order to carry out games with other Players. Check below to see which Dungeon Masters are currently accepting new Players.

Available Play by Post Role-playing Games

The main Role-playing Game in the Community is ROK II. For Character Creation please go to

Ruler of Kings II Role-Playing Game Start & Rules (Open 24/7) view the Text Role-playing Game & Text MMORPG Board.

3. Continue The Story or Open Role-playing Game: This is a Collaborative writing effort. Basically, one person starts off a story that everyone else can add to. The story can go in any direction once the theme and Protagonist stays the same. The nice thing about these is you can contribute at anytime in your own style without any formalities. The current ones are:

A. A Drama Role-playing Game: Continue the Story…
B. A Medieval Continue The Story Role-playing Game
C. A Cozyville Elderly Home Continue the Story Role-playing Game
D. A Science Fiction Continue The Story Role-playing Game
E. A Super Hero Continue The Story Role-playing Game
F. A Horror Continue The Story Role-playing Game
G. A Matrix Continue The Story Role-playing Game
H. Ultimate Eternal Medieval Battle: Continue The Story

4. Solo Blog: You want to be the author of your own story, like a Blog, where only you write and others read and enjoy your imagination. To do this simply visit any of the Role-playing Game Boards and click the button that says, "New Topic". Make sure in your first Post to include that only you will be writing and the Administrator will make it a special Thread where you can choose an Avatar and lock it off to others. See an example: A Young Woman's Tale.

Typical 'Newbie' Questions

Q. How do I know where to Play a Dungeons & Dragons Game?
A. Note, we no longer service these kinds of games (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.) and will be focusing only on Community built games or systems, however current open ones are kept here: Member Wars until they are all closed.

* How do I change my Character's Avatar or Familiar's Avatar?
* How do I Start my own Role-playing Game as a Dungeon Master?
* Where can I ask a general Question about Role-playing Games here?
* I will like to make a Donation (Thank you!)

Other Important Threads You Should Read:

Text Role-playing Game Character Creator
Dice Support: Embeded Dice Support
Understanding: GM Stats Page
Knowing your Role-playing Game Marching Order
Explanation: Character Guardian
Utilizing: Character's Gems
Creating: Maps for Dungeon Masters / Game Master's
Reminding: Game Master's Nag Player Button

Q. Do I have to pay anything to Role-playing Game here?
A. No! You can optionally make a Donation, but you are under no obligation.

Q. Do I have to make some set number of Posts as a requirement?
A. No! Role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Police Detective, and Pathfinder in the [+] Member Wars Role-playing Game Board do not have this requirement.

Q. I read somewhere about making 30 Core Posts?
A. No. There is NO POST requirement to play in Role-playing Games.

Q. How do I play Dungeons & Dragons?
A. You are in the right Board, look over the Threads here: [+] Member Wars Role-playing Game for one that says something about "Character Approval" Or "Create Character", follow the instructions in that Thread as to how to create your Character. Be sure to note things like; the starting level, the version (For instance Dungeons & Dragons 2, 3.5, or 4), and any special rules the Dungeon Master has for his game.

Q. I've never created a Dungeons & Dragons Character before, is there some generator that can help?
A. Yes, when you click the "Create Character" Button you will be given options to use generators to create your Character. Most Dungeon Masters will also help you create your Character or even create one for you if you give them a description of the kind of character you want.

Q. Where can I ask questions about Role-playing Games if I am still confused about how to start?
A. Member Wars Requests & Support if it is generally related to Member Wars or you can try each game's Support Thread. If you are still unsure use the Member Wars Requests & Support and you will be directed to the right place.

Q. Where can I review Dungeons & Dragons, talk about Character types / classes etc.?
A. [+] Board, Card, & Role-playing Game Reviews Board. Search among the Threads there are lots of different Dungeons & Dragons related material there even if it is not the current Topics being Discussed. Optionally you can start a Thread in that Board if you do not find what you are looking for.

Q. Where can I learn more about Dungeons & Dragons Character Types & Feats without having to buy the Books?
A. The site has a database / SRD of 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons:
* Dungeons & Dragons Basics
* Dungeons & Dragons Races
* Dungeons & Dragons Classes
* Dungeons & Dragons Skills
* Dungeons & Dragons Feats
* Dungeons & Dragons How To Combat
* Dungeons & Dragons Equipment
* Dungeons & Dragons Adventuring Tips
* Dungeons & Dragons Spells

Q. Can I share my personal schedule or more about me so others know about it?
A. Yes, but ONLY in your Introduction Thread (The first Post you made when you joined this Community) within this Board: [+] Introductions & Member Sharing. Do not use Threads in the Member Wars section or anywhere else in fact to Discuss other things that are not related to the game in which you are Replying. Using one game Thread to talk about another game is also inappropriate and is considered hijacking (Trying to shift attention to another game).

Q. Can I post links to other Role-playing Games or reference other sites?
A. No! There is to be absolutely no advertizing of any sort EVEN if you think it is a valuable resource. We do allow reviews for external offical Role-playing Games here: [+] Board, Card, & Role-playing Game Reviews. By official we mean they are published Role-playing Games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and so forth, not something on an online site or other community.

Q. Can I put a link to an in-house Role-playing Game or the SRD?
A. Yes that is permitted, however you will not go to one game to link people to another game, that will be grossly unfair to try and stir attention from one game to the next.

Q. Can I put my Contact information openly or ask Members for their Email or to message them privately?
A. No! You definitely have not read what you agreed to when you joined: Constructive Posting Policy. All Discussion here is public only. The only other way this can be made possible is if two Members who both donated towards Premium accounts wanted to Communicate, then and ONLY then is it possible. In addition to this do not attempt to hint how to find you or external sites online.

The actual 1-2-3 steps are in these Threads:

Dungeons & Dragons Start Guide
Pathfinder Role-playing Game Start Guide
Call Of Cthulhu Start Guide

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Me Fits RPG Find How

The Dice Master says...

The Easily Bored

It is important to understand that International Discussions is really meant to attract the 'mature' thinker, someone that likes to take what they write seriously and not just throw a bunch of scribbles flippantly. With that said here are some FAQs that may help you:

Q. I created my Character and I think I am waiting long for the approval, why is that?
A. People in the [+] Member Wars Role-playing Game Board are volunteering their time, but they do have real life issues that keep them irregular sometimes, please be patient. If you need professional grade time keeping and faster responses then you need to try the custom Role-playing Games such as: [+] World of Medieval Play By Post Role-playing Game and [+] Future Earth Play By Post Sci-Fi Role-playing Game that are managed by JB.

Q. OK, but are there other things I can try that are fun?
A. Yes! There is the Forum Arcade or even a Solo based Role-playing Game in a Medieval setting that you can play at anytime: Ruler of Kings Text MMORPG >>. Of course you can try actually participating in the Core Discussions: International Discussions by choosing a Board and responding to Topics that interest you. In turn your reputation, FP and Charm grows. If you want to understand more of those terms: [See Here]

Q. Can I join more than one Role-playing Game ?
A. Yes, it is encouraged ONLY if you are serious about your participation here. Being in many Role-playing Games allows you to always have something to do when you come here. If you join only one then you have to wait on when that one game is updated. Do note: if you know you have upcoming engagements like: exams, moving, a new job, working shift, a relative in the hospital, reunions, vacation trips, military service and so then do not join many role-playing games - you may not be able to keep up!

Q. Where can I see a list of all the Role-playing Games here?
A. All Member managed Role-playing Games are located in this Board: [+] Member Wars Role-playing Game . You can also try: RPG List and also: Role-Playing Games (RPG) & Adventure but this link only shows the current Boards not all the role-playing games.

Q. What Role-playing Game genres are available?
A. Any type you can think of: love, romance, citizenry, science fiction, fantasy and super hero, however for Member Wars the most popular is usually Dungeons & Dragons. Others are Role-playing Game Book sharing and individualized Threads about poetry, mystery and detective work. Outside the Member Wars Boards there are others.

The Inquisitive & Advanced Thinkers

Q. I am confused, is the World of Medieval also Dungeons & Dragons?
A. No it is not. It is a custom Role-playing Game that focuses more on RP and thinking than stats and book rules. However, acts as an umbrella for all the Community run Role-playing Games that have a Medieval Fantasy theme: World of Medieval, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Gwynedd, etc.

Q. Can I be a Dungeon Master and run my own Role-playing Game here?
A. Yes. Follow this: How To Be A Game Master / Dungeon Master.

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How To Find The RPG That Fits Me? Archive Pathfinder / D&D

The Dice Master says...

Taking The Time To Format Your Post

Q. What are CPosts or Core Posts and how is that different from regular Posts?
A. A full explanation is here: Points, Core Posts, Posts & FP - Forum Points.

Q. I always see a mention of Posting properly or reading the Constructive Posting Policy, what is that about?
A. Before anyone joined this Community they were required to read What is a Good Message? and agree to that as part of their Membership. This is the policy of what is acceptable in Posts and what is not. When Members try to circumvent, ignore, or cause trouble of any kind this policy is used as the backbone reason to edit, move or even delete accounts.

Q. How do I get that "Out of Character" Text in bold?
A. You can get the required information here: Offtopic, Quotes & Other Tags.

Q. How do I know when to use an Off Topic tag vs just simply stating "Out of Character"? Aren't they the same?
A. No, they are very different: The "Out of Character:" Tag is meant for information that is STILL related to the game but not actually part of your Character's actions or words. The Offtopic Tag is for when your message is about your personal issues or something not related at all to the Role-playing Game you are in. In this case you should really be using your Intro Thread or the appropriate Thread for the subject matter so no one starts to focus on your off topic message.

A simple guide: If you find yourself writing about something NOT related to the game and it is about you, your schedule, your hobbies and so forth then it belongs in your Introduction Thread. The Welcome Board is where Members and Moderators track schedules and current happenings of others - DO NOT use Threads outside of your Introduction or Blog for that. If someone is interested in more about you then they can Subscribe / Track your Introduction. It is also wise for the Dungeon Master / GM to check the Welcome Board to see if their Players are updating their personal schedules or are being moderated.

>> Examples of why staying on Topic is important

Q. What about if I want to make a comment or ask a question about an aspect of the rules from a game system like Dungeons & Dragons but it really isn't about any current actions within the Role-playing Game I'm in?
A. Look to see if there isn't an existing Topic about it here: [+] Board, Card, & RPG Reviews otherwise start a new Thread about it in: [+] Board, Card, & RPG Reviews.

Example: You want to go deeper into Difference Between Bluff vs Intimidate & Gather Information vs Diplomacy then you will NOT use a current Role-playing Game Thread for that, you go to: [+] Board, Card, & RPG Reviews and start a new Thread. See the prior linked example. In the example you can see where the question was treated with detail and could be extended without having to be concerned with a current Role-playing Game because the question is a valid Topic of its own and would have been a distraction if it were in a specific game Thread.

> TOPIC: How To Find The RPG That Fits Me?


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