How To Teach Math To A Kid With Add/adhd

How Teach Math Kid Add/adhd - Psychology, Philosophy, Special Needs - Posted: 8th Oct, 2008 - 3:32pm

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How To Teach Math To A Kid With Add/adhd

It is interesting that they say children with ADD/ADHD have problems with Math in general. My son Felipe whom I homeschooled is very good at Math (He is happy to do anything but write words or sentences! rolleyes ) If you are having problems teaching your child Math, here are some good info on it:

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In the area of math, make sure the child understands math symbols as well as the numbers. If a child doesn't understand the symbols used in math, he won't be able to do the work. For example, what do you have to know to add 2 plus 3 minus 1? "Plus." Does he understand that plus means to add more? Now you've added 2 more; you have 4. That's a new number. Minus 1. Does he know that minus means take away? Then you have an equal sign. All of what I've just done equals what? This isn't a simple problem, but a sequence of numbers and symbols and concepts that the child has to understand, and if he doesn't understand each of these things he won't be able to do the math.

Try to identify the "Weak link" In the chain of math skills. As math advances, he will have to carry out more complex sequences. In long division you need to divide, multiply and subtract, as well as carry numbers. Any one portion that is not understood will prevent him from being able to gain the skill, so try to find the place where he is having trouble and work on that weak link. (In his workshops on helping children with learning disabilities, Dr. John Taylor has a cute saying that helps children remember the steps they need to use for long division. The first initials for "Divide, multiply, subtract and check" Become: "Does Mother Serve Cheeseburgers?"

Some children who have difficulty doing math problems understand all the symbols and have the needed skills, but they can't keep the columns of numbers neatly lined up, so they add and subtract the wrong numbers. Graph paper may be helpful, but it can be hard on the teacher who has to check the work. There's a much easier solution that I like to share with the teachers in my course.

Take a sheet of lined paper and turn it on its side, so the lines are vertical instead of horizontal. Write an addition problem so that each number is in its own space. The lines will keep the columns of numbers in a row, and they can then be added up. This is easier for a teacher to read, and doesn't require special paper. What difference does it make if the paper is held sideways? The important thing is for the child to learn the math.

Underline the actions in a math problem; ignore the words, and you can then turn it into a math problem.

Movement games are a good way to teach numbers. For example, `'Every second child move left."

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How To Teach Math To A Kid With Add/adhd
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Addadhd Kid To Math Teach How

You know, this stuff is even good info for teaching children with auditory processing problems. My oldest has trouble understanding word problems and spoken explanations of how math works. It has been extremely difficult to teach him, but he has done much better using some different techniques on this website. This site has allot geared towards children with special needs.
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How To Teach Math To A Kid With Add/adhd
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How To Teach Math To A Kid With Add/adhd Needs Special & Philosophy Psychology

You know what I think about people trying to teach me? sadly the fact is that I would not improve even if the world spent more thousands of dollars on my education.

Like a person once said to me, you can teach a chimp to do math but it doesn't have "intelligent" and that is what makes me and chimps different from normal people. At first I didn't believed what this person said, but after some thinking I thought it actually make sense.

I'm a 20 years old man still in adult special education.

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Addadhd Kid To Math Teach How

Thanks for the link LDS_forever. I my self suffered in school mostly in spelling. My son seems to have gain my special talent. I try to explain to every one how to help him but the teachers do not like to hear it. I was lucky as a teacher noted it in me when I was in grade 6 and gave me extra help. (little rhymes and new approached to word questions) I pulled out of it and did much better in school. I think some of the techniques in the link will help my son.

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How To Teach Math To A Kid With Add/adhd
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Addadhd Kid To Math Teach How

Man what a day I went to the college for an interview and adult special education is sure nothing like special education when I was a kid. The instructor there was strict asked me serious questions right away and given the test to me without any humor, it's diffidently not the principle of the elementary school I went to(I pick on the principle all the time)

But at college.... man the instructor and the program seems like sharks in the pacific. He given me the forms, I need to get them to my doctor and social worker I'm still in the time of considering if adult special education is really right for me. The psychiatrist... said it is the only program for me, he said this two years ago and tried to put me in this program but I been lazy and haven't went until now, and now I'm starting to feel some ill feelings in me about adult special education.

I always lived a life, "Disabled is always right" now this program makes me rethink about this.

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How To Teach Math To A Kid With Add/adhd

Billy I would like to say I am glad you took the initiative and went in to the interview!. Never give up and keep a stout heart. I am sure if you apply your self and take it serious you will do well. Disabilities just mean it might take you longer or your path is different from those around you but if you really want some thing you can do it.

Rather off topic, but...
Sorry for the diversion but....A friend of mine has spinal bifida her parents were told she would never walk, read or be able to function on her own. Her parents left the doctor and took it in their own hands sought special help including surgery through a different doctor. The girl was my wife's maid of honour in our wedding and graduated High school when she was 22. She works at a butcher store now and is working on becoming a butcher her self.

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How Teach Math To Kid Add/adhd

Name: Ana

Comments: I tutor an add girl, she's 10 years old, lately her grades at school have been getting worse and worse. I don't know what to do, how to teach her in a better way, specially in math. She understands when I explain to her, but when she's at school and is test time, she fails. Do you have any tips, ideas, techniques or anything I could use to help her improve in math?
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How Teach Math To Kid Add/adhd

Hey ana, seeing as I have ADD, maybe I can help. I have problems with math too. I used to fail tests a lot too. But I can tell you this, it's not that she doesn't understand it, not that she didn't try, but whenever I have to do repetitive logical processes, it is very boring, and the fact that I have to do the boring thing is kinda like someone telling me how disgusting of a person I am. It is depressing. I don't know if this will work for her, because I love music but, I have sometimes tried to make up songs using the numbers on my tests by using the first number as a note, and the second as how many beats. Ex. 48, 4-would be a B flat, then you hold it for 8 counts. and I dink around sometimes like, the days date is the speed of the beat. like today's date is 10/08 so it would be at 108 beats per minute. Then once you have found the right numbers it can sound right. But that is just how I do it, and it may not help you as much. But maybe there are other solutions around this idea?

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