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Canada, Canadian versus USA Canadians vs US Americans - An underlying dislike?
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Canada vs USA
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Canada vs USA - Page 5

One only has to ask, what does almost 100 years of contempt for the rest of the world produce. As a member of the country with the longest undefended border, close to the United States, I tolerate Americans but, I can not say that I would go out of my way to help one. To find out what type of country you are, it is not how you treat your enemies, it is how you treat your friends. The "Walk softly and carry a big stick" policy might be Ok in ancient times when everyone was afraid of the Romans or Persians, but in a more civilized time, people and countries should act with civility. Question to all American tourists out there.... Why do some of you, don Canadian pins or dress in " Canadian type {Roots etc.} clothing when travelling abroad. Are you ashamed of your country? I have travelled to California and Florida, and both times, I felt as though, the locals did not want my tourist dollars. People in Florida, would not even take my Canadian dollars, all they wanted was United States currency. In Canada, we accept both, without issue. So, I have told my kids, we are not going to travel to the United States anymore. I'm happy going to Mexico, and the Mexicans are happy to have me visit.

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26th Nov, 2010 - 8:33am / Post ID: #

USA Canada

Having done a good bit of work for a while in Canada, I would say it depends on where from in Canada you might be doing this comparison from would formulate a good deal of your response. Talk to someone from Winnipeg about folks from Quebec and you might get a few similar remarks as I have read in this thread. I also think Canadian views are mostly shaped by the american cultural styles of each of the coast, which get a majority of the media attention.

If you go to NY, Boston, Orlando, are going to get a very east coast cultural experience. Many from the parts between the coast find the culture and the people here rude. I can attest. If you go to the west coast (LA, Las Vegas, etc...), you will get a laid back experience or a culture that is fairly much out of sync with just about any place on the planet (in Vegas) that gives the feeling of not caring a whole lot. Hit the center of the country for the most part and it is probably a lot closer to what most Canadians view culturally similar. Of course, these are my opinions from my experiences in yours may differ. However, they do want your money. Make no mistake about it, they want it. They just arent too interested in customer service for the most part and that actually is depressing as a US citizen.

As for Roots clothing, I can buy it in Asia as well as Gap, Levi and Uniqlo brands. Speaking for myself, when I sport some Roots clothing on a particular day, there is no statement of shame in my country nor wanting to pretend to be Canadian or Japanese for a day. I just liked the style and probably the price. I wear them in the US too not just for traveling abroad. I am assuming we can buy the clothes in the US and abroad because Roots wants to make money. One interesting note for you...I was wearing a Roots outfit while in Seoul but yet when approached by a Korean the first thing he said to me before I spoke a word was...your American. The Canadian disquise didn't fool them one bit! As far as the pins go...we collect them as well.

I guess I need more of a flesh out on the 100 years of contempt of the rest of the world. I as an US citizen have traveled the world without contempt and gotten along in every situation and country I have found myself in. Now, I can see that there might be bad feelings about the government of the US, but I thought the question was do Canadians like Americans? Additionally, I can say that I have not had people hate me because of my country. I have had people disagree with the direction of my country, but didn't reflect that on me. I am sorry that you wouldnt go out of your way to help an American, because I suspect if you needed help they would probably give you a hand as Americans are quite generous on whole.

Attached Image QUOTE
- Citizens are pawns masked by twisted media, and hallow promises made by men in suits.

Sounds good. However pawns indicate that they are controlled or powerless. As the vote recently showed several long tenured (not quite enough of them in my opinion) government officials, the pawns or rather the people actually do have the power to vote and can inflict change in the form of making them unemployed.

Now the twisted media and in general hallow promises is probably a fair analogy...I would just say we arent masked.

Most of the negatives that I have seen in the thread are more aimed at the US government. Trust me, the US people have problems with our government!

Oh, and in Toronto, there were places that would and some that would not take my US dollars. Taxis were pretty good about it (driver had a igloo cooler with all kinds of different money...but he did get a bonus for non Canadian currency), but anywhere else was risky so you better have credit card backup. I didn't look at it as a slam on me but rather a policy that they had. The places that took my US dollars didn't seem pleased or displeased to do it (but were keen on charging a fee for this luxury...higher than just converting at the border or airport), just as the places that refused my US dollar didn't seem disgusted that I offered as payment. Consequently, I just always go over with Canadian money now and everyone is happy.

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26th Nov, 2010 - 12:08pm / Post ID: #

Canada vs USA History & Civil Business Politics

Canadians don't like Americans, that's a fact but the interesting thing is that they "hate" our culture so much yet from the music they listen to, the way they dress and the food they eat if you go to Canada you will think you are in the 51st state.

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Canada vs USA
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Page 5 USA Canada

Hello Slueth, I am curious, what food did America start? The French fry? Deep fried turkeys? Pizza?The turkeys, you can have back, nobody in their right mind, should eat that!
Don't get me wrong, some Americans, when you get them by them selves, are O K people. I know of a guy from Washington State, that was a real nice guy. But soon as you get into a group, the pack mentality comes out.
Maybe, I'm just a Canadian that takes national pride, too far. But issues like Gerald Bull, and the AVRO ARROW, show a much darker side to the United States, than the glossy media hype.
I can't help but see the similarities between the Roman empire, and the U.S. Empire. The only difference is that the U.S one was brief.
As an after-thought, I liked Rissa's previous post.

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27th Nov, 2010 - 12:21am / Post ID: #

USA Canada

Terrence, perhaps at some point you have enjoyed some Tex-Mex food. There are several dishes within that catagory that are exclusively a US origin. Of course not the standard burrito or taco, but you might have enjoyed a fajita from time to time. We cannot claim the french fry, but the hot dog is fair game. The wiener to bun seems to have started in the US, but the wiener alone goes to Germany (German immigrants in the US seem to have been the ones that started Hot Dogs as we call them today). The native american indians were killing and eating turkeys long before we got here, so we really cannot claim that delicacy. Not to mention, a properly deep fried turkey is no less healthy and yields even more moist meat than a baked bird does. However, if you fry the bird in oil that gets too cold, then that is one sick dish of meat and peanut oil. Clam Chowder seems to be a US invention or better put a variant on chowders that were a French creation. Now Canada did create poutin which does use french fries and the great idea of cheese. They also made the Nanimino snack...tastey. But I think what Slueth was more going for was that there is very little difference in our diets - carbohydrate rich, lots of fats and heavy in meat. Talk to many Italians and they lay no claim to what the US has done to the pizza and exported around the world.

The late 90's CBC docu-drama on the CF105 does take liberties with facts, but ultimately, the Canadian government had the fate of this program in its hands. A shift in the goverments make up and direction on this type of air craft around the world sealed its fate. Canada is self governed. It is unfortunate that the decrease in spending militarily lead to an export of scientists from Canada, but they went where the work was...that could have easily been stopped with a different decision on the CF105.

Gerald Bull was killed. However, I am not sure who did it, since so many countries were interested in stopping his collaboration with Iraq. From what I have read in the past, Israel is the favorite in the blame.

Since pack members know their roles within the pack, I must be a really bad wingman on the road. Actually, I find that we Americans tend to argue more amongst ourselves in a group discussion about what our goverment has done. But I can concieve that you have potentially gotten into a group of Americans and started discussing the US governments decisions or directions with likeminded individuals and yes...much like you...they probably are proud of their country as well and my defend a position you don't and feel ganged up on.

As far as Rome and the US being side by side, I see very little of it, so please go into more detail. The thing I see is that they were both noble enterprises at the start that have over time become corrupted from within the government when they became superpowers and where the government stopped working for the people. Where I see a big difference is that things like the evolution of a Tea Party would never been allowed in Rome.

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Canada vs USA
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Canada vs USA

I am impressed Vincenzo, about you knowledge of Canadian facts. Well, to a point. I like your discussion on diffenent foods. But your knowledge of certain items are lacking. For example:
(1) Gerald Bull was killed by either the Isrelies or the U.S. (general concensus)
(2) While the U.S. Was maybe not malicious in their dealing with the Canadian government over the CF105, they provided dis-information and hinderd the development of the best fighter of it's time. The FA18 at present can only match the preformance of the Arrow, 30 years after the demise of the jet.
(3) Which leads into my previous statement, "It's not how you treat your enemies, it's how you treat your friends."
(4) The demise of the Arrow lead to the advancement of the U.S. Space program.
(5) The "Star Spangled Banner" Americans know it well, but know less about the context behind it.

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27th Nov, 2010 - 9:25am / Post ID: #

Canada USA - Page 5

With all due respect, the CF-105 was a interceptor and not would not be in the same class of fighter as the F-18, 16 or 15. Comparing it to the F-4, F-14, F-101 or F-102 would be a more fair comparison. As far as #2 goes, the US cancelled many of it interceptor programs around the same time. AVRO's life was in the hands of the Candian government. That alone with the 30,000 jobs direct and indirect probably should have been enough for the government to sustain the program. You can blame the US for that decision, but it was ultimately a Canadian decision on how to spend their tax dollars.

It has been speculated that variously members of the Mossad, the CIA, the MI6, Chilean, Iraqi, Iranian, or South African government were behind the assassination of Gerald Bull. However, most of what I have read points to a Mossad agent/agents taking him out for development of and advanced SCUD missile in turn for his supergun. That seems fairly likely to me as SCUD was definitely a 4 letter word in Israel. However, the US could have done it as well. But honeslty, we are so bad at keeping secrets from the public I would have expected a leak by now.

I am fairly certain that I have a very good grasp of the Star Spangled Banner's meaning and inspiration. Do I appear lacking here?

I actually stated that the Canadian Scientist left Canada for the US following the closing of ARVO. I believe it is commonly called the Brain Drain in Canada.

I am sorry you feel the US has treated Canada badly and have only found 1 out of about some 300 million of us to be decent. Maybe I can make that 1.5 people! Got to go now and finish off some more of that aweful turkey that I roasted. Couldnt get a deep fryer in Japan.

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Post Date: 20th Jan, 2011 - 3:43am / Post ID: #

Canada vs USA
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Canada USA Politics Business Civil & History - Page 5

To me its simple. There are crap people everywhere. The USA just has a bigger magnifying glass on them then we do.

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