Man Of Sin - Son Of Perdition

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KoZ2 - Kingdom of Zion Topic
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Man Of Sin - Son Of Perdition

Man of Sin - Son of Perdition

A KoZ2 Topic. I do not know who the author is, so take it with a grain of salt:

[1]                          "That Man of Sin--
                            The Son of Perdition"

                                  WHO IS HE?


                              FRANCIS M. DARTER.

My friends: The cry of war and inhuman acts is now being felt in most
every land. But the greatest of all things to fear, are the foretold universal
divine judgments, now due. They will first strike, says prophecy, at the
apostasy now raging in the great "Mormon" Church. She, in years passed,
proclaimed the fulness of the Restored Gospel--but her back (not her face) is
now, says God, against the Temple and she faces and worships the Sun (the
world and money). Behold! I now give you the underlying cause for the near
dethronement of her leaders and the re-enthronement of the fulness of His true
Priesthood, Kingdom, and Church.

Theologians of the Christian centuries have looked for the fulfilment of
Paul's prophecy when "that man of Sin * * * the Son of Perdition" would be
revealed--they, thinking that he would be one of a Nero type. But--since the
revealing of additional divine knowledge thru the Prophet Joseph Smith--we now
know that he must be a Saint, and then become an apostate from that which had
been divinely revealed to him, thru the Holy Ghost. Therefore, no man without
the Priesthood of God and his living the fulness of the Gospel, can possess
sufficient truth, and then, thru apostasy, degenerate himself to a Son of

To apostatize from any truth is a serious sin (Matt. 5:19), but to
viciously apostatize from many true principles, ordinances, covenants of the
holy Temple and to betray the Brethren in the Priesthood, and then force all
to do likewise--is the work of a Man of Sin. The Lord, thru Joseph Smith,
says: "concerning all those [2] who know my power, and have been made
partakers thereof, and suffered themselves, thru the power of the Devil, to be
overcome, and to deny the truth and defy my power--they are they who are the
Sons of Perdition, * * * having crucified Him unto themselves, * * * Yea,
verily the only ones who shall not be redeemed in the due time of the
Lord--after the suffering of His wrath." D. & C. 76:31-38.
  (Discourses of Brigham Young p. 182, 45.)

Latter-day Saints formerly believed that Isaiah 24:5 was fulfilled by the
Catholics; but, Joseph Fielding Smith has informed us that it is the
Latter-day Saints who "have transgressed the laws changed the ordinances, and
broken the everlasting covenant." The reason is simple, they, the Catholics,
and the world do not possess the Everlasting Covenant, the Priesthood and its
  (Deseret News, Church sec. Oct 17, 1936)

Likewise with Paul's prophecy concerning the Latter-day Son of
Perdition--he must be a Saint. Paul foretold the present-day apostasy in the
"Mormon" Church. It includes all of her high leaders and over half of her
membership. He says: "Let no man deceive you by any means: for THAT day shall
not come, except there come a falling away first," (apostasy) "and THAT MAN of
sin" (many ancient versions--Man of Lawlessness) "be revealed, the Son of
Perdition." (Only one man is here referred to.) "Who opposeth and exalteth
himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped"; (including the
Written Word) "so that he, as God sitteth in the Temple of God, shewing
himself that he is God. * * * "(setting himself forth AS God. R. V.) "whom the
Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth" (whom the Lord Jesus shall
slay with the breath of his mouth. R. V.) * * * "And for this cause God shall
send them strong delusion, * * * that they all might be damned who believed
not the truth". II Thes. 2:3-12.

This is one of many prophecies declaring the man who permits himself to
be led by a blind or wicked leader will also be damned. The divine removal of
the seventh L. D. S. President, and judgments against the Saints for their
apostasy is foretold in various scriptures. D. & C. 85:8 says: "While THAT
man, who was called of God and appointed, that putteth forth his hand to
steady the Ark of God, shall fall by the shaft of death, like as a tree that
is smitten by the vivid shaft of lightning".

The L.D.S. 7th Presidency has fought to annul this prophecy as having a
future fulfilment. Scores have been cut off for believing it to be future.
This high leader who is to fall, surely senses its plainness. Further-more,
President Grant stated at Seymour B. Young's funeral and at other times that
he was the last living man "called" by direct revelation from God. (1882 Rev.
to Pres. John Taylor.) He was also "appointed" President of the church by [3]
a man, who did not possess sufficient Priesthood authority. Therefore, he must
be the man referred to who is to be divinely smitten for his betrayal to the
original Gospel. The inspired Patriarch Harrison Sperry prophesied before
several present living witnesses that President Grant was that man who is to
be stricken as foretold in D. & C. 85. Now President Grant, at Sperry's
funeral, said that Sperry was a Prophet.

Further-more, no man or church can build a TEMPLE of God without true
Priesthood. Hence this Son of Perdition must sit in a Mormon Temple and there
place himself and HIS interpretation above the Word of God, holy ordinances,
and divinely established principles. The vicious enforcement of President
Grant's man-made apostate laws surely identifies him as "a lawless one." He
takes God's laws into his own hands. He knows that the revelations and
commandments of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Heber C. Kimball and
others agree that the entire Priesthood Quorums cannot change the least
principle; that their vote would only act to darn themselves. D. of B. Y. p.
341; J. of D. 5:203; 17:223.

For a typical example I quote the instructions of Joseph J. Daynes: "In
the name of Jesus Christ, and as your Stake President, I counsel you to forget
the Doctrine and Covenants (God's Written Word) and accept President Grant as
your LAWGIVER". Our authorities, including President Chipman of the Salt Lake
Temple and Stephen L. Richards are telling everywhere that President Grant and
the Twelve have authority to change any Gospel principle. Now they have
changed the pure divine Gospel and its ordinances to rank apostasy. It is no
longer in spirit or works the same church.

This Son of Perdition, says Paul, is to take possession of God's temple.
Has President Grant done so? Yes! Thousands of tracts have been circulated
showing the books and pages on the official Counties and State Public Records
where he has unlawfully obtained legal possession of the Salt Lake City Temple
and many other valuable church properties. These are now solely owned by his
private corporation, free from all church Quorums, to sell or mortgage. (See
Articles of Incorporation, State Capitol--No. 16041 and B. & S. Deeds 501787,
501790, 502184 Bk. 11 U. Pages. 440-2 and 458-9; also Bk. C-12 of Abstracts,
page 113, Salt Lake County).

After adding this mass of Church property to his private corporation, he
has succeeded, at various times since Nov. 27, 1923, in borrowing about 30
millions to keep alive his Utah-Idaho Sugar Company etc. This church property
is now covered by mortgages. Hence we are in a spiritual and a financial
bondage, as prophecied [4] by Heber C. Kimball and others. These mortgages
were acknowledged by Apostle Bowen in the April, 1939, special-secret
Priesthood temple conclave. They have also been confirmed to the writer by
President David O. McKay.

In the Salt Lake County records, Mortgage Bk. 172, pg. 281, there is a 3
1/2 million mortgage loan, (also a 3 1/2 million Chattel mortgage No. 776449,
File 23976), from Wells Fargo Bank and Union Trust Co. to the Utah-Idaho Sugar
Co., recorded Feb. 27, 1936. I am now reliably informed that the Chase
National Bank of New York has secured all outstanding mortgages and liens
against "The Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ"
(Heber J. Grant's private business corporation). They demanded this before
granting additional loan. This will place a vital portion of the church
property into the hands of the Kingdom of God.

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Perdition Son Sin Man


President Grant is now forcing a widely circulated Questionnaire thru all
Bishops, forcing every member who opposes this apostasy to sign it. Their
refusal means being disfellowshipped or excommunicated. The spirit of force is
now on every side, and every Elder knows that this is Lucifer's greatest
principle. One question reads: Do you accept President Heber J. Grant as
Prophet, Seer, and Revelator? Records show that President Grant has
acknowledged never having a revelation or vision; and the world knows that he
has never revealed any divine principle, or uttered a divine prophecy, or had
possession of the Seer Stone.

The learned B. H. Roberts said: "We have Prophets--who do not prophecy,
Seers--who do not see, and Revelators--who do not reveal". Now--then, to sign
that Questionnaire proclaiming Heber J. Grant a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator
is nothing less than blasphemy and the surrendering of your free-agency.

The leading Brethren are preaching, with Grant's approval, this
statement: "Joseph Smith was President in, his day--BUT President Grant is
President today". This is his invitation for all to follow his apostasy. If
this fails to persuade the individual, the Church ostracizes him, then follows
excommunication, then force. This includes the loosing of your civil
position--then a flood of vicious lies are turned loose to undermine your
character. If he is one who believes in the Order of Celestial plural
marriage, or is against the present church apostasy, then starvation is the
next church pill administered.

The present Pioneer Stake President, Paul C. Child, recently ruled that
Bishops shall give "no relief orders" to starving Polygamist mothers; and that
baptism be refused to their eight year old children until they are old enough
to, and do, repudiate the marriage principles that gave them birth. (Church
Bulletins 223.) One of such recent cases: the father (now dead) and mother
were [5] personally blessed by Joseph F. Smith, for their entering celestial
marriage. To the wife he said: "I wish I had a daughter with such courage."
(Truth Magazine, Aug. 1939.) Now this degenerated Christianity emanates direct
from President Grant, for the first Presidency has likewise said of a mother
and children: "Let them starve; they are leading lives contrary to church
orders". They gladly feed the child of a murderer, but not that of a

According to the Written Word, any Elder, who has received the Holy Ghost
and has fully entered into the Holy Temple Covenants, can become a son of
Perdition, by his act or his association with shedding of innocent blood.
Hence, a high member of the Priesthood may become a Son of Perdition by one of
two courses: apostasy from the true Gospel; also by his affiliation in getting
rid of some undesirable brother who possesses destructive evidence if same is
exposed. Manuscript covering this latter question has been prepared but is now
held in abeyance.

Space prohibits the listing of all changes in the Gospel plan of
Salvation now enforced by President Grant but, a sufficient number will be
cited to show his spirit, work, and qualifications of becoming a Son of


His main appeal is for more tithing and many other church funds, but he
instructs his auditors to keep under cover how he spends it, except to the 25
General Authorities. This they have admitted. This secrecy includes their high
salaries. The worthy poor seldom receive a dollar from the tithing fund. His
conference financial reports are not half complete and are made deceiving.

Joseph Smith asked for one tenth tithing. But this is only one of many
present day requirements. President Grant says don't rob God of his due
tithing; but when HE confiscates it to pay his hundreds of yes men high
salaries to fight polygamists, to keep up his apostasy, his Sugar Company, and
many other businesses, is that not viciously robbing God of his tithing? Our
unbearable taxes, excess utility rates, and double tithing, will soon destroy
both Church and State. Ancient Israel's full tax law required one per cent for
the Church (the Levites) and 9 per cent for their (Priesthood government. The
L.D.S. Church and Inter-mountain States are spiritually dying in the clutch of
a Church-State dictator.

Further-more, the very ground is cursed with a thousand drawbacks on
account of our rejection of the United Order. Our faith, works and prayers for
its restoration is our only financial hope. (D. C. Sec. 104, 105, 119.) The
climax of all crises are upon us. The FULNESS of the Gospel of Christ or Chaos
stares us in the face.

He has ordered the establishment of "Zion's headquarters in every land."
God started the gathering of Israel, but Grant has [6] stopped it. Many Saints
will loose their lives in this war. WHO will be responsible?

He has turned the Saints Deseret News and M.I.A. Priesthood magazine Era,
into a one man's idea paper. The Saints' opinions are barred. Vital spiritual
facts uttered in official sermons are changed, or entirely cut out, before
they are permitted to go to the press. Grant's personal secretary, Anderson,
has admitted this and stated he was doing it under Grant's instructions. He
has also confiscated the Deseret News Church Plant to his private corporation.

He has removed the Journal of Discourses from the City Library for fear
the Saints would learn the original delivered Gospel; for instance; that Adam
became our God and that Jesus Christ was his actual spirit and mortal son; and
a hundred of his other changes. The library attendants for years have lied,
telling "these books are under repairs."

He has turned the Church High-council tribunal (a just court) into a rank
Kangaroo inquisition having no alternative but to render a Heber J. Grant's
decision. The many present outrageous excommunications for the false charge of
apostasy is sufficient alone to destroy the Priesthood in the Church and darn
every man who acts as a tool in his hands. They are the apostates and not the
ones who are cut off. (D. & C. 121: 33-46.) Free agency to read books that
reveal the original Gospel, as given to Joseph Smith, or attending wholesome
educational Gospel lectures are now boldly and viciously denied the Saints.
Bishops, including the very head one, are trailing and cutting off those
Saints who are seeking the original Gospel. They admit that the Constitution
gives this right -- but the Church now denies it.

He, his yes men, and the Church Deseret Book Co., are daily discouraging
the Saints' buying the Inspired Version of the Bible, by Joseph Smith. They
prefer man-made translations.

The world knows that he hates the aged poor. He is rated at three and
one-half millions. He forgets that Pres. Snow, Chas. W. Nibley, Joseph F.
Smith, the Church and the dime Sunday School collection funds once paid him
out of debt. His enthroned yes Brethren have swindled the property and homes
from hundreds of poor Saints--including widows. The Ms. exposing this terrible
internal condition is also held in abeyance.

Jesus Christ's positive instruction to all our missionaries is to go
without purse or script. (D. & C. 84:86.) Grant says they cannot go with less
than $30.00 to $50.00 per month, guaranteed. This greatly reduces their
spiritual work. Joseph Smith paid the General Authorities nothing; and the
unworthy ones left him. [7] Grant pays high salaries (minimum of $400 per
month to apostles), expenses, and other recompense; and they all stick with
him. The Lord has foretold their divine removal. (D. & C. 64: 37-43; 85: 6-12;
Ezekiel, 8, 9, 34; Isaiah 28; 11 Nephi 28: 20-32).

His paid yes men are doing their utmost to prove the Church Security Plan
a revelation given to Pres. Grant. The cold facts are: A good woman started
it, then came in Mr. Lee and others, then Mr. Clark and Mr. McKay; Pres. Grant
was all but forced to accept it. This system gathers great quantities from the
masses of the poor but assists only a few of them. The rest goes to the inner
circle, high salaries ($250 to $350 to its officials), special orders (and
when filled, the order is destroyed), for graft, overhead and waste.
Therefore, it will fail.

He denies the divine authority of, and is fighting, the Kingdom of God
Priesthood government; but it, under special divinely sent leadership, will
soon take over (to his great surprise) the Church property, including the Salt
Lake City Temple, which he has mortgaged, and set the Church in order, and
enthrone the Kingdom of God. The Church is an organization within the Kingdom.
(Hist. Rec. 6:515; D.H.C. 5:1-2; Rise and Fall of Nauvoo, B. H. Roberts, pg.
180-181; B.Y. Deseret News Aug. 29, 1874; also 1921, Pg. 202-203, Wm.
Clayton's Journal; J. of D. 1:202,3; 2: 309-310, 317; 7:292; 11:275; C.H.
7:213, 230, 381-2.)

He has annulled 95 whole sections and many other portions of the Doctrine
and Covenants as having no present day "enduring value" by his copyrighting
and forcing a wide sale of the Talmage "Latter-day Revelation" Doctrine and
Covenants. (see its preface.) These left-out sections contain revelations on
Zion's Redemption, the coming of "One Mighty and Strong" to set the Church in
order, divine judgments, United Order, Celestial Plural Marriage and similar

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Man Of Sin - Son Of Perdition Studies Doctrine Mormon

He has done his utmost, thru his high Brethren, Ivins, Ballard and
others, to annul or destroy Pres. John Taylor's 1886 Revelation. Why? Because
it says: "I have not revoked this law," (of Plural Marriage) "nor will I for
it is everlasting and those who will enter into my glory MUST obey the
condition thereof. Even so, Amen".

Pres. Grant, for 20 years, has been removing the spiritual, minded
brethren who love the original restored Gospel and replaced them with those
who know not the Lord. Such men as ball-playing missionaries, Liquor
Commissioner (whose books do not balance), business men, Life Insurance
agents, lawyers, and yes men--those who will follow him as if he was a real
Prophet, Seer and Revelator, especially those who can preach without saying
anything about the real Gospel are enthroned. Hence most all Ward, Stake and
General [8] Conferences are not worth the time to attend. This course of
withholding spiritual food is Lucifer's works. The old spiritual Gospel
sermons are officially tabooed.

He himself has memorized about 3 scriptures, 4 jokes and 6 personal life
stories, and when repeated, he starts all over again. The spirit of God has
left him! He has a personal dislike for men like Orson F. Whitney, Joseph F.
Smith, John W. Taylor, B. H. Roberts, Matthias F. Cowley, and others. He has
forced poor Bro. Cowley to almost kiss the ground under his feet, and to
publicly bastardize all children born in plural wedlock performed and sealed
by himself since 1890, also he must uphold the present apostasy. Now Cowley
personally knows with every fiber of his soul, that they were, and are now,
divinely married. Cowley is, at heart, the best man on the pay-rolls, but his
recent surrender may cost him his eternal Priesthood.

As to our Holy Temple ordinances and endowments, their spirituality and
sacredness have been at least 50% destroyed. Formerly, we there spent a day,
and came out informed but now we reach the exit with a cloudy mind--all in
three hours. The changes he has there made are too numerous to list. Mother
Eve is permitted to perform her sacred duty in her high heeled street shoes
and desecrated garments. Lucifer, in person, has visited the Salt Lake City
Temple and its president. Lucifer there claimed a good portion of its

Brigham Young had certain stones misplaced in its construction as a
symbol to its becoming out of order. Pres. John Taylor, at the writing of the
1886 Revelation, said: "In the time of the 7th President of this Church, the
Church would go into bondage, both temporally and spiritually, and in that day
the One Mighty and Strong spoken of in the 85th section of D. & C. would

He has legalized every change made in the sacred Temple garment; it is no
longer a Priesthood garment. He denies the divine origin of its original
pattern. His workers in the temple bridal room inform all, that loyalty to
Pres. Grant includes their wearing the new (desecrated) patterns. This
destroys their being a divine shield and protection. He has exchanged his
birthright and Priesthood for the whims of worldly L.D.S. women, and some men,
who love the fashions of Babylon. (Imp. Era 9:813; Truth Magazine Jan., 1939.)
His surrender, and these changes, and the pressure he is using to force all,
including Apostles and missionaries, to accept these changes and wear these
new styles is enough, according to the Written Word, to darn any priest or
prophet. Every L.D.S. [9] who insists on wearing the old original-pattern
garment is called a Polygamist; this is the lowest name they can conceive of.

Pres. Grant, although a polygamist child, appears to be enemy No. 1 to
all Polygamists. On April 6, 1885, (Deseret News) he told the Saints to burn
as the three Hebrew children, if necessary, to live this principle. Years
later, to the Priesthood, he said: "All the children that are now born in
polygamy are miserable misproducts of inhumanity." Today, Grant, Governor
Blood, and Hugh B. Brown have the honor of being the fathers of house bill No.
224, making polygamy a felony, or penitentiary offense. His favorite statement
is: "I will rejoice when the government officials put a few of these
Polygamists in the County jail or in the State Penitentiary". We are reliably
informed that he now uses the tithing funds to put them there.

He has publicly stated: I am sorry that my authority ends with
excommunication. He assisted Francis M. Lyman to persecute the Polygamists;
then he directed Talmage, then Ivins, then Ballard and J. Reuben Clark on
their trail. (See Aug. 1939 Truth magazine.) God has divinely removed four of
them; others will follow. He has reserved the main leader until the last.

Has Pres. Grant abandoned his middle-aged plural wife and daughters in
California? (This lady is from a very prominent polygamist family.) The
marriage was performed long after the Manifesto. Has he forgotten Mrs.
Winegar, a lady from England, and how he forced himself upon her, including
the payment of her bills? Her refusal and the broadcasting of his actions
resulted in his forcing her, a sane and intelligent soul, into the Provo
Asylum. She is now out, but her husband was sent a letter from Bro. Grant,
over the signature of Richard R. Lyman, suggesting his using a "threat" in
order to again close her mouth. Is he also still sore because Bro. Cowley
personally married one lady, and another, to a brother whom he wanted in
recent years as plural wives? This holy principle may now have a bad odor to
some, but evidently it once smelled very sweet to him.

When an apostle, we are officially told by John W. Woolley, that Grant
made a threatening demand on Pres. Joseph F. Smith to preach an
anti-polygamist sermon. John W. Woolley, who then held the Keys to the
Priesthood and Kingdom, warned Joseph F. that if he did "it would be his last
sermon." Nevertheless it was delivered at the Oct. 4, 1918, Conference;
although it contained less than 150 words, it was his last. It is said Joseph
F. testified that he did so to save the shedding of his blood by one claiming
High Brotherhood.

Pres. Grant is forcing the 1890 Manifesto upon the Saints as a [10]
divine revelation. But the weakest among the learned know that it came from
"the lower regions". Isaiah 28 positively identifies it with "the Drunkards of
Ephraim". (Mormons) He says: "Behold, the Lord hath a Mighty and Strong One, *
* * and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, * * * And your covenant
with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand;
when the overflowing scourge shall pass thru, then ye shall be trodden down by
it". 28:2, 17-18. The Lord's scourge will soon wipe out the hypocrisy and
destroy the hypocrites among the Latter-day Saints. If it was a revelation,
why did Joseph F. Smith, a counselor to Pres. Wooodruff, refuse to sign the
Manifesto, and say: "They will vote the darn thing down"? J. of D. 20:26-31.

The official Petition for Amnesty of Dec. 19, 1891, to the President of
the United States says: "we formerly taught to our people that polygamy or
Celestial marriage * * * was a necessity to man's highest exaltation in the
life to come. * * * To be at peace with the government * * * our people have
voluntarily put aside something which all their lives they have believed to be
a sacred principle." Contributor, 13:197. The faith of the Saints became
weaker than that of those who tried them. Federal Judge Zane, who sent some to
jail, said: "If I believed in polygamy as you do, I would see the United
States in hell before I would surrender; I would rot in jail before I would
give the principle up". Now this holy principle, when properly lived, is the
only cure for the world's most destructive social sin. Pres. Grant hates the
air that blows over the divinely planned Koyle-Dream mine. He directed
Talmage, then Dr. Pack, then Ballard to close its portals, but God has removed
all of these men.

He is against every Elder who is trying to enlighten the Saints on the
United Order, Celestial Marriage, Zion's Redemption, Latter-day judgments, the
coming of special prophets, Christ's second coming, etc. He is also sending
out his agents gathering up old church books containing original Gospel
doctrines. They say it is to preserve them FROM fire, but they mean FOR the
fire. Thousands of good books containing the original Gospel have been burned
by the authorities. But there was no objection to the circulation, among our
girls at the L.D.S. University, of modern ways to avoid child birth by new
unnatural methods. This is modern Mormonism. He has also grossly broken his
Temple Covenants. For one instance: his legalizing the marriage of Temple
Covenant Saints to Gentiles.

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Perdition Son Sin Man

Hence, according to Brigham Young, Pres. Grant has rejected and sinned
against the Fulness of the Gospel. D. of B. Y. p. 341; J. of D. 11: 216-221.
He has his temple guides, both in and outside [11] to broadcast his receiving
revelations. This would make Levi, the son of Jacob, a liar, and falsify his
own statements at prayer circles: "I cannot get word from the Lord"; and "O,
if we could only get the word of the Lord". Furthermore, we know that he has
not received any.

Pres. Grant has eliminated the office of the presiding Patriarch as a
one-man position, and has removed his chair from the Tabernacle. He has also
unlawfully given it to one not of the Smith family. John Smith was the last;
Hyrum G. Smith did not live the law. Hence we have about 25 General
Authorities and 26 positions. Ezekiel (8:15-18; 9:1-11) says these, "about 25
men with their backs toward the temple * * *, worship the Sun" instead of the
God of Israel, and that the judgments of the destroying angels against them
will be the next scene. Hence the Sealing Key is not in the Church. John
Smith, near his death, gave it to John W. Woolley, and he to Lorin C. Woolley,
and he, I believe, conferred it, April 7, 1932, on the great near-coming
Indian Prophet. Grant, on April 7, 1921 (Deseret News) admitted this in part:
"God has taken it away, the right to perform plural marriages is not on the
earth today".

It is also a positive known fact that Joseph F. Smith took the Key of
Church Presidency with him. The Kingdom Priesthood government now holds the
Sealing Key, also the high Key to the Kingdom of God and Priesthood.

Pres. Grant is guilty of forcing the Church to stop conferring the
Priesthood. This one sin is sufficient to bring about divine intervention.
They give the office only--as foretold by Pres. John Taylor at his writing the
1886 revelation. Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon, at Draper, near his death, also
foretold the same. Hence a good portion of the work performed in our Temples
and by our Missionaries will have to be done over. They do not possess
Priesthood. Pres. Joseph F. Smith said: "It is from the Priesthood that the
office derives its authority and power. No office gives authority to the
Priesthood". (Gos. Doctrine pg. 184.) This is only one of many reasons why
Brigham Young said: "Brethren, this Church will be led onto the very brink of
hell by the leaders of this people--then God will raise up `the One Mighty and
Strong,' * * * to save and redeem this Church". (Provo, Bowery, Conference,

Pres. Grant is a Michael-Adam-God hater. He has dethroned Michael as our
Father God and given us our Grandfather God--Eloheim. He has eliminated Jesus
Christ as being the first spirit Son of Michael and His last mortal son. He
has given us Jehovah-the Great, Adam's Christ, for our Christ. He also fights
Joseph Smith being "God the Witness and Testator", the personality in the [12]
office of the Holy Ghost. Hence he has rejected all three Gods of this earth.
(Nov. 1938 Era--Widtsoe.) He has broadcasted 5000 books showing Christ was a
single man, which is false. (J. of D. 1:50-1 and 345-6; 4:217-8; 5:331-2; Heb.
2:16; Isa. 11:1; 53:1-12; D. & C. 113:1-4; Psalms 45; Seer Pgs. 159-174; "The
Women of Mormondom" pgs. 178-200; also teachings of all early Mormon leaders.)

He has also stopped, some 13 years ago, giving Second anointings. Why?
Because the one, who both gives and receives it, must be living the Celestial
(plural) marriage law. B. H. Roberts told a personal friend that this
Celestial (plural) marriage question became so acute in 1926, that the General
Authorities met several times in prayer, but the Lord refused to answer them.
Pres. John Henry Smith also stated: "the Lord will not hear us on this
question" Why? Because the Church has wholly rejected the 1886 Revelation. It
contains God's answer on this plural marriage question. They have also wholly
ignored the 1889 Revelation, wherein God told Woodruff to continue to live His
laws and He would protect them. Eleven months later the Saints and leaders
repudiated Celestial Marriage in their man-made 1890 Manifesto. Pres. Grant at
the 1920 Knife and Fork dinner said that the 1882 Revelation was the last.

Furthermore, according to the laws that govern Priesthood, the using of
his leadership to unrighteously sway a half million souls, surely increases
his sin a thousand fold. Space prohibits the listing of additional unlawful
changes. But if these here cited will not cause one to think, more would only
be superfluous. God tells us: "For you shall live by every Word that
proceedeth from the mouth of God". D. & C. 84:44; Again: "Behold, I am God,
and give heed to my word". 12:2. Therefore, it is a grievous sin to follow
Pres. Grant, except where he follows God's instructions.

Reader, are you a contributor to this apostasy? Every dollar of
present-day tithing only makes possible and perpetuates these conditions. Give
it direct to the worthy poor and needy, and God will bless you. "Sigh and cry"
out loud against these things, and the destroying angels will pass you by. The
results of this Priesthood apostasy and the crushing of the old Gospel spirit
is the dropping out of about 65% of the Saints from taking any part--so says
Joseph Fielding Smith. He also truly said: "The Lord is not pleased with this
people, the L.D.S. His anger is kindled against us. He is going to punish us
unless we repent."

Ezekiel, 34, foretold our doings: "Woe be to the Shepherds of Israel that
do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flock?" (With spiritual
food.) "ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you [13] with the wool--ye kill them
that are fed:" (Who have and seek to give spiritual food) "but YE feed not the

Orson Pratt foretold the origin of our apostasy and darkness; says he: "I
want to prophesy that all men and women who oppose the Revelation which God
has given in relation to polygamy will find themselves in darkness * * *, and
if you do not become as dark as midnight, there is NO truth in Mormonism". J.
of D. 17:223.

If there still remains any doubt in the reader's mind, I need only to
further quote Pres. Grant's own words, concerning himself, which he
occasionally repeats--more recently at the July 30, 1939, annual Dutch
Conference, at Ogden, Utah. He there said: "That good Patriarch said: `I saw
something in your life that I DARE not put in your blessing'". My friend, this
is a God-given warning signal to watch him and to follow him only as far as he
follows God.

At this same Ogden Conference Pres. Grant referred to the 1890 Manifesto
being a revelation. He then remarked: "When the Lord says stop he means stop,
and when He says go--go". Now, is it not strange, if that Manifesto was from
God, that Pres. Grant would persistently live in polygamy from 1890 to
1903--and did pay in the 3rd District Court a hundred dollar fine on Sept. 8,
1899 for living in polygamy. (S.L. Tribune, Sept. 9, 1899.) Furthermore,
Apostle Grant was sent to California in 1898 to deliver a special message to a
Priesthood conference, and he there told the Elders that he and others were
still living that principle and still possessed sealing authority and were
still performing plural marriages.

Strange to say, in Sept 8, 1937, on his return from Europe he told the
Canadian Press, Quebec, that: We are now a "clean living people". ("no
polygamy"). See Truth Magazine, Oct. 1937. At this same Ogden Conference he
again referred to the Polygamists thus: "they are a very sweet bunch, but they
don't smell so good". Question: Did he include his own, present, similar odor?

Apostle Cowley bore solemn testimony at his writing the "Life of Wilford
Woodruff" (from Woodruff's complete Journals) thus: "There is nothing in those
Journals indicating the Manifesto was a revelation". He also testified that he
did find these words: "Heber J. Grant has been weighed in the balances and
found wanting".

It is true that he is the right man in the right place at this time; for
his policy of changing these holy things fulfills prophecy and provides the
two great testing roads in the Church itself. Those who love the pride of the
world, the arm of flesh, preaching for carnal recompense, and changing the
word of God to suit themselves and the world are given a chance to darn
themselves while those who prefer God's ways have their golden opportunity to
take their [14] stand for Him. The fulfilment of the great Heber C. Kimball
prophecy is upon us: "The test, the test, the test, and who will be able to
stand it?" Yes indeed, for the true Saints, but not for the masses of them.

Pres. John Taylor said at his writing of the 1886 Revelation: "I would be
surprised if 10% of those who claim to hold the Melchisedek Priesthood will
remain true and faithful TO THE GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ, at the time
of the 7th President, AND that there would be thousands that THINK they hold
the Priesthood at that time, but would not have it properly conferred upon
them". He also foretold the signing of the Manifesto. Then said he: "Apostasy
and Whoredom would be rampant in the Church".

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Perdition Son Sin Man

The Prophet Joseph Smith gives us the outcome of this apostasy. He says:
"If any man preach any other Gospel than that which I have preached, he shall
be cursed. * * * There is no error in the revelations which I have taught".
Hist. Rec. 7:548. He also said: "See to it that you do not betray the
revelations of God, * * * Lest * * * you go down to hell'. Hist. Rec. 7:468;
Contributor, 5:259. Jesus Christ said: "Woe unto you, when all men shall speak
well of you." Lk. 6:26. Again: "I have chosen you out of the world, therefore
the world hateth you." Jn. 15:19. Brigham Young said: "Not until the power of
the Priesthood is gone--Mormonism will never become popular with the wicked."
J. of D. 4:38; 4:327; 10:273. That condition is here. Pres. Heber J. Grant, at
the April, 1930, conference, and various other times, said: "I have never felt
happier in my life than over the wonderful change that seems to have come over
all the world in the attitude of people toward the Latter-day Saints."

Isaiah tells us: "The Ancient and Honorable", (Adam) "he is the head; and
the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the TAIL. For the leaders of this
people" (the 7th President) "cause them to err; and they that are LED of them
are destroyed". 9:15-16. This terrible destruction of the wicked among the
Mormons is also detailed by the Lord in Isaiah 28 chapter. (see II Nephi
28:20-32; Zech. 3:8-10.)

In the Inspired Version by Joseph Smith, of Matt. 21:45-56, is a positive
description of divine destruction of the wicked in this Gentile nation and our
Believing Gentile Church--the L.D.S. Why? Because he has reversed the course
of the Ark of God.

Levi, the Son of Jacob, on his death-bed, foretold and identified all
seven "Mormon" Church Presidents. He says: "and in the seventh there shall be
such pollution as I am not able to express, before the, Lord and men, for they
shall know it who do these [15] things". (From Second Century Mss. L.A. Calif.
Library, 229, B 582, 3 C. H.) You will note that Levi says our present General
Authorities know what they are doing. All who point out these evils are their
own witnesses that our Brethren turn bitter enemies unto them, and if they
publicly expose the Brethren, they seek to destroy them.

Levi continues by Citing 7 prophetic weeks or 49 years of prophecy
beginning with our Oct. 6, 1890 conference--the signing of the man-made
Manifesto. Levi says: "After that" (after Oct. 5, 1939) "The Lord hath sent
Vengeance upon them in the Priesthood, then will God raise up a new Priest,
unto WHOM all the Lord's word shall be opened; and he shall execute TRUE
judgment upon earth * * * The Heavens shall be opened, * * * and the spirit of
understanding and sanctification shall rest upon him, whereof he shall give
abundantly to his children in truth for evermore, and none shall succeed him
to the end of the world. * * * he shall * * * stay the threatening sword
against Adam". (stop the Mormon leaders fighting Adam-God. See Levi's
Testament, by Darter.)

My friend: This great Eighth and last head to the Kingdom of God and the
Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S. will be a mortal man, but will possess the
spirit of sanctification. The writer believes he will also be that Marred
Servant whom Harvey Allred saw in mighty vision. (A Leaf in Review, p. 219.)
He has also pictured him (to his sons) as the great Yucatan white Indian
Chief. This chief was clothed with high Priesthood Keys on April 7, 1932, by
the late Lorin C. Woolley, who then held the Keys of the Kingdom of God and
the senior Sealing Key. When he, and THE "One Mighty and Strong" (Joseph
Smith) comes, every General Authority will be removed, and righteous men will
be seated.

Thru a demand of this a Chief, and his presence in Salt Lake City, his
beautiful white daughter was given a Priesthood divorce from one of our high
General Authorities. This was caused by the changing of his mind against
Celestial Marriage. This real Mormon Chief accused his white brother in the
Gospel of having "a forked tongue". This great leader very likely will also
prove to be the one called the "Branch" and he is of and is head of a branch
of Israel, who is to do great and mighty wonders at Israel's final gathering.
(Isa. 11:1-9; Zech. 3:8-10; 6:12-15; Jer. 23:5-20; 33:14-18; Ezek. 8:17;
9:1-11.) II Nephi 3; D&C 3:16-20

We, the Believing Gentiles, have sinned against and rejected the fulness
of the Gospel. This has resulted in our loss of all three of the High
Priesthood Keys. Now if the natural blood of Ephraim (the Indians) are to
out-number us 100 to 1, and they are to build [16] the New Jerusalem, and the
great Zion (Missouri) Temple and Kingdom, then why should they not hold these
senior Keys? It would be un-explainable if they did not. III Nephi 16:10-11
says: "And if they" (the Believing Gentiles) "shall do all those things",
(pride, wickedness) "and shall reject the fulness of my Gospel, behold, * * *
I will bring the FULNESS of my Gospel from among them * * * unto my people, O
House of Israel". (I Nephi 13:42)

Heber C. Kimball, also Orson Pratt, Orson F. Whitney, Daniel H. Wells and
others have prophesied that: "A people will come forth from among us, the
L.D.S., who will be zealous of good works, willing to do the bidding of the
Lord" who will be permitted to HELP build the New Jerusalem and Temple. J. of
D. 4:108.

The fact that this "one mighty" Indian Prophet (about 6 ft. 4 inches
tall) is to have "exceeding faith, to work mighty wonders, and do that thing
which is great in the sight of God, unto the bringing to pass much restoration
unto the house of Israel, AND unto the seed of thy brethren" is proof that he
also is to gather the Believing Gentiles--hence he will hold these high Keys.
II Nephi 3:24. Yes, they will lead and direct us back to Zion, and there we
will be just "HELPERS"--says Nephi and Orson Pratt.

Heber C. Kimball also appears to have foretold the coming of this Indian
Prophet: "then God will raise up a man to be the President of this Church; he
will neither be of the lineage of Joseph nor of Brigham, nor of the apostles,
and will not be taken from the Quorum of the apostles". (1867, Endowment
House, S.L. City.)

  Jeremiah also describes this Indian prophet. "I will raise unto David a
righteous Branch, * * * For the land is full of adulterers; * * * For both
prophet and priest are profane; yea, in my HOUSE have I found their
wickedness, I will bring evil upon them, even the year of their visitation,
(the Lord's Scourge) "Behold, * * * even a grievous whirlwind; it shall fall
grievously upon the HEAD of the wicked. * * * in the latter days ye shall
consider it perfectly". 23:5-20.

Levi's date of "after" Oct. 5, 1939 for the beginning of God's "vengeance
upon them in the Priesthood," becomes of greater interest when we consider
leaving the far wall of the Pyramid Pit on Nov. 27, 1939, and enter the last
Chaotic low terminating passage. The Hon. D. Davidson, of England, is now
broadcasting that the world will enter intense divine judgments--beginning
Nov. 27, 1939.

Readers of human character can detect an unrighteous man thru a close
study of eyes and the hand greeting. Pres. Grant's [17] Jewish genealogy and
profile, with the above two striking ear marks silently tell this whole story.

Now some will cry: "this is the work of an apostate". But no, my friend,
it is a warning voice from one who has been forced to protect himself by
uncovering the concealed background and from a joint-author of a hundred
degenerating lies that have been broadcast in every Mormon community,
including foreign countries, against the writer.

The writer has accepted every divine truth revealed to the Church of
Jesus Christ of L.D.S., and is doing his utmost to live true to its teachings.
He has truly apostatized from their apostasy--But not from the Restored
Gospel. Oh Sheep of Israel, who is your greatest friend--the man who cunningly
deceives you with his lion sheep-looking Priesthood Robe; or, the man who, for
the love and safety of the pure Gospel, reveals the truth? Think and think
deep before you seek revenge, for God's severe judgments will quickly find
you; and the time limit of glory for those who contend for the true and full
Gospel of Jesus Christ, as restored thru the Prophet Joseph Smith, is

The second basic reason for this message is an effort to assist all in
every divided Mormon home. Some have their eyes open; others are closed. They
feel that the Church Authorities cannot go wrong; hence, a daily contention.
If these presented facts help to strengthen the faith of the wise members or
open the eyes of those who have been spiritually blinded thru their leaders,
then, the efforts of the author will be repaid a thousand fold. May God help
you to choose the Lord's side in this great controversy. The Saints, thru fear
of their leaders, have failed to stop this apostasy thru their vote of
non-sustaining. Hence, this condition also rests upon their shoulders.
Therefore, divine overthrow of those who have sanctioned or changed God's
Gospel laws must come.

Their cup of iniquity appears to be running over; now watch for God's
judgments. "Behold, vengeance cometh speedily upon the inhabitants of the
earth, a day of wrath, * * * of desolation, of weeping * * * and as a
whirlwind it shall come upon all the face of the earth, * * * and upon my
house" (temple) "shall it begin, * * * First among those among you, saith the
Lord, who have professed to know my name and have NOT known me, and have
blasphemed against me in the midst of my house". D. & C. 112:24-26.

In closing, I wish to say that there is to come a greater son of
Perdition than the one herein delineated who may be THE one referred to by
Paul. I refer to Cain, who still lives in the flesh, or perhaps, very likely
it is Lucifer in person. But, if he, Lucifer, [18] now sits in the temple, the
one in mortality who now carries his wishes into effect is also A son of
Perdition. If Cain or Lucifer is to actually sit there in person, then, it
will be after the Saints go back to Zion, Missouri, and the evil one take over
everything; for Utah is to be the headquarters of the great anti-Christ
forces. Then will Lucifer, perhaps thru Cain, with his great power and
revelations, deceive almost the elect. (Mill. Star, Vol. 15:273; Nov. Dec.
1935 Truth Magazine.)

It is true that Pres. Grant has used his influence to protect certain
individuals. Whether it comes from the heart or to prevent the broadcasting of
these problems--the writer cannot say. However, where credit is due, credit
must be given. But surely, there is no earthly government so cruel in their
demands to crush religious liberty, at least to think and believe, that would
justify one percent of his actions. Hence, he must atone for his unjust
private doings.

Pres. Heber J. Grant demands our blind obedience to his changes. Now
Brigham Young said: "Those * * * who know no more about the power of God, * *
* than to be led entirely by another person, * * * and pinning their faith
upon anothers' sleeve, will never be capable of entering into the Celestial
Glory. * * * Who will? Those * * * who will go forth boldly in the service of
their God * * * though all mankind besides should take the opposite course".
D. of B. Y. Pg. 585.

Obedience to true Priesthood is divinely required; but when they betray
their God, the Written Word, their Priesthood calling and duties, "or exercise
control, or dominion, or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in
ANY degree of unrighteousness, behold, the heavens withdraw themselves; * * *
and when it is withdrawn, AMEN to the Priesthood, or the authority of that
man". (D. & C. 121:37). Hence, obedience to them is divinely prohibited. "Thus
saith the Lord * * * if my Priesthood, * * * do not acknowledge me I will not
acknowledge them." (1882 Revelation to Pres. John Taylor.) Our present
appalling condition is also recorded in II Nephi: "And others will he" (Satan)
"pacify, and lull them away into carnal security, that they will say: All is
well in Zion; yea, Zion prospereth, all is well; and thus the Devil cheateth
their souls, and leadeth them away carefully down to hell. * * * Cursed is he
that putteth his trust in man, * * * or shall hearken unto the precepts of
men, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost".

The solemn charge delivered by Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to the
first Twelve is also upon our shoulders. They said: "If you do not warn them
(of judgments to come) OTHERS will, and you will loose your crowns".

[19] Pres. Joseph F. Smith has given us the Key. He said: "The time has
arrived in the history of this people when every L.D.S. must stand on his own
responsibility, as a tub stands on its own bottom: live the Gospel of Jesus
Christ according to the dictates of his own conscience and get the reward:
otherwise, he must take the consequences".

Your high Brethren may trail you to lectures on the Original Gospel and
then cut you off, but they cannot trail this silent message. If the stopping
of this is undertaken, Ms. will be released to the press that will unveil this
whole controversy. Remember: It was neutrality that gave the Negro his black
skin, and our apostasy that lost us our leadership; for "never again, as a
Gentile nation and people, will they (L.D.S.) be permitted to bear the
standard and lead the hosts of God."

The Glory of God is intelligence. Therefore, blessed is the man who has
the courage to use and develop his own brain; for he that WILL not reason is a
bigot; he that CANNOT reason is a fool; and he that DARE not reason is a

        Francis M. Darter
        L.D.S. High Priest--Kingdom of God.
1539 South 16th East, Salt Lake City, Utah. Phone Hy. 1364-J

P. S.--If the reader also desires to "sigh and cry" against this unrighteous
persecution of the Original Gospel, additional copies can be had free--but
postage will be greatly appreciated. Copies may also be obtained from "Truth"
Magazine Office, P.O. Box 1432, Salt Lake City, Utah.
        Ezekiel 8:16-18; 9:1-11.
  September, 1939

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Perdition Son Sin Man

We break from Man Of Sin Son Of Perdition to share infobreak from antiquity:
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