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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power - Page 14

Cyrvil takes the glass of water and drinks it with the pill as she sits back comfortably and says simply:

"I'm ready." Waiting Gordon to answer and ready to enter the projection.

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Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

Gordon takes the pill and the glass of water and he drink it with the pill. After hearing what the assistant said. He thought to himself "Here we go again". Then he looks at Jacob and he says to him "OK, I am ready".

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power Archive Pathfinder / D&D

The same numb feeling causes Gordon and Cyrvil to quickly fall unconscious, as the projection begins. As they begin to start feeling and seeing anything more than a blurry image, they realize, that this time, it's almost as if they are one with the projection. As if it was themselves that are being projected!

As hard as they try, though, they can't influence the actions or thoughts of the new characters.

The five senses of Gordon and Cyrvil start adjusting, and slowly, they start following the steps of two new characters, an Egyptian warrior, and a homeless wanderer of the desert.

These two are not together at this moment, not at all. Feyra, the dessert dweller, is located at the freshly built Giza Necropolis. Waiting at the entrance of Khufu's Horizon (The Great Pyramid of Giza), she expects strangers to arrive and aid her in a quest of hers.

Feyra had previously discovered a terrible secret. After wandering from town to city and so forth, she had once met a mysterious man, with a peculiar headband. (Cyrvil can actually identify the headband as the Protector's signature symbol, but can do little to inform Feyra).

This man was wounded in an alleyway, and as Feyra approached and tried to offer him help, the man revealed to her the secret of a powerful item, namely a Nemes Headdress, with which the Great Pharaoh named Khufu was buried.

This Royal Crown, according to the dying man, would grant the wearer direct conduit with the gods above and under, and that it is only thanks to its awesome power that the Pharaoh built the grand Necropolis.

In his last, dying words, the man said that a certain nobleman, a man named Seneb, intended to infiltrate the Necropolis, and obtain the crown for himself..: "And it is with great *cough* sadness, that I cannot fulfill my destiny, and stop him! *blood coughing* He holds great influence over all. No official would ever move against him, or even believe that the story holds true. But it is his age-*coughs*-agents that have done this to me!.. If he knows that you know this terrible secret. You will certainly die, as I am now...! *coughs* Thankfully, the one to first obtain the crown from its dead predecessor will be the one to also obtain the ability to use its power. So Seneb himself will have to be there. Get the crown, oh hopefull savior of mine, stop him from using it for his own nefarious purposes! Wear my headband, it will grant you divine protection... KILL... Him!.."

Feyra spread the word that she needed assistance with a mission in the Necropolis, concerning the safety of Egypt, but hadn't revealed her true goal. She asked for those interested to meet her in front of Khufu's Horizon, and now hopes to get at least a handful interested.

Basmet Atakhamun and Charles Fraz seem to be the only ones arriving, and the two approach from different directions, but nonetheless at the same time.

Welcome to Part 2! (Anyone may make a check in Knowledge (Nobility). Those untrained may still roll an intelligence check [1d20+int modifier] instead)

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Page 14 Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

Basmet is a middle aged lady with black hair braided with beads. Her white dress can barely be seen under leather armor and she wears some jewelry on top of it.

"It would have been hard to miss this spot," She says looking up at the pyramid. "I was told of its wonder, and I admit the pilgrimage was well worth it."

She bows, "Greetings, I am Basmet, a priestess of Bast and talented singer and scribe, if I may say so myself."

Bardic Knowledge:
Knowledge(Nobility): 19 +1 +2(Bard) +2(Synergy) = 24

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
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Power Artifacts - Dragons and Dungeons Johnathans

(This knowledge check is made concerning Seneb, the ancient Egyptian nobleman. This check will allow you to know what your character knows about him, before he is even mentioned.

An untrained 10 Knowledge check reveals that he is a high ranking official, with over 20 titles (Both religious and palace titles), that is born a dwarf. The ancient Egyptian culture was (Is) very accepting of people with mental or physical disabilities, and so Seneb's dwarfism doesn't seem to be a problem for him.

A 15 reveals that he is married and has children, and that his influence is so significant, that openly declaring yourself an enemy of his, is the same as swimming in a river with crocodiles.

A 20 check reveals all the information about Seneb that one can research IRL via wikipedia or any other viable source. Of course, Seneb is currently in the middle of his life, and so all information post this time of his life (Such as his burial site) is irrelevant.

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power

After Basmet introduced herself, Charles makes a step forward and he bows "Greetings, milady, I am Charles. An experienced Egyptian warrior."

Knowledge (Nobility): 13 (13+0=13).

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - Artifacts Power - Page 14

Feyra is a young woman wearing a Keffiyeh covering her face from the heat which only her eyes can be seen, while her studdy leather armor can be seen inside of her dusty white cloak, wearing trousers and high leather leggings above her boots. She seems tired and somehow disapointed sitting. But as those two approach, she stands up from excitement.

"Welcome, my name is Feyra Æthrom." She says as she opens her hand towards them. "I am really happy that at least someone came, I was starting to lose hope here... What happened to the people nowadays anyway?"

Feyra gets serious as she says "As you know, I called you here today for a mission that concerns the safety of Egypt. If you really care about this country then follow me. You can ask me anything if you want, but keep in mind that some questions cannot be answered for your own safety."

Knowledge (Nobility) 16+4+1(Headband)= 21

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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - The Artifacts Of Power
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Johnathan's Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - Artifacts Power D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 14

The Necropolis includes three pyramid complexes known as the Great Pyramids, the massive sculpture known as the Great Sphinx, several cemeteries, a populated workers' village and an abandoned industrial complex.

The Giza pyramid complex is surrounded by a large stone wall, which you have already passed, and consists of the king's pyramid, which has three smaller queen's pyramids associated with it, and five boat pits. The boat pits each contain a ship, ritual vessels used to carry the resurrected king with the sun god Ra across the heavens...

Would you like the heroes to visit anything in particular?

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