Mystery & Horror Rules, Updates & News

Mystery Horror Rules Updates News - Mystery, Horror RPG - Posted: 19th Oct, 2015 - 3:13pm

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Top  Mystery & Horror Rules, Updates & News This serves as a general Thread for all Role-Playing Games that are started here. Any new changes will also be added here.
Post Date: 19th Sep, 2015 - 12:23am / Post ID: #
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Mystery & Horror Rules, Updates & News

The Mystery Master says...

Mystery & Horror Updates & News

I've recently started working on this new section after having an interesting chat with a Member that wanted to start up a custom collaborative writing effort based on horror / apocalyptic era.

I pondered putting it in Member Wars but it is too saturated with Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder now. I also noticed that of the Role-playing Game Boards we have here none of them specifically catering for Horror.

Therefore, this new Board: "Mystery & Horror Role-Playing Games" Will serve as an extension of Member Wars Role-playing Game where all the customized non-Fantasy Medieval material will go. This board should also mean that we have all genres covered.

At present, my objective is to style it a little 'darker' tone than the rest of the site to more adequately meet its objective.

Please note the limits in the following Post:

Attached Image

Post Date: 19th Sep, 2015 - 12:29am / Post ID: #
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News and Updates Rules Horror and Mystery

The Mystery Master says...

Some Quick FAQ

Q. How far can my horror go or how scary can it be?
A. It can be as scary as you want it to be as the method is Play by Post, however there should be no graphic scenes surrounding things like sex, rape or anything like it. We also forbid the showing of hate or anguish towards or on child Characters (Age of innocence: 0-10).

Q. What are the requirements to start a Role-playing Game here?
A. They are the same as found in the Member Wars Board. Therefore to avoid repeating the information please see: Dungeon Master Tips.

Q. Can I create a solo play novel where only I write?
A. Yes, we call it "Solo Role-playing Game " And you can see more below.

Q. Are there other types of Role-playing Games here?
A. Yes, there are many use the How To Find The Role-playing Game That Fits Me? find one and understand how Role-playing Games work here.

Post Date: 20th Sep, 2015 - 11:35pm / Post ID: #
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Mystery & Horror Rules, Updates & News RPG Horror & Mystery

The Mystery Master says...

Customization Added

Since the Mystery & Horror Role-Playing Games Board is an extension of the Member Wars Board I could not leave out all the facilities that come with Member Wars. Therefore, today I have added an array of specialized icons for both the Players and the Game Masters that will be participating here. Additionally, I have fixed it so the Character Sheets and other Role-playing Game related features are enabled. Later I will do a couple of styles for Character Sheets and announce it here.

Post Date: 23rd Sep, 2015 - 12:49pm / Post ID: #
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News and Updates Rules Horror and Mystery

The Mystery Master says...

Solo Role-Play Gaming

It is likely that a Board like this (Focus on Horror & Mystery) will have writers who want to conduct Solo Role-playing Games which means they will act characters out without the intervention of dice or other players just like a novel. To make this flow well without interruption I have just coded the following:

1. A Solo Role-playing Game will now be open for Posting by the starter but for everyone else they will see it as "Closed" With a message stating that it is a Solo Role-playing Game . This prevents other Members / Players from Posting in a Solo Role-playing Game when they should not.

2. The Solo Role-playing Game 's starter will still have access to use the Text Role-playing Game Creator as a GM to style their Posts with a unique avatar and possible Character Description depending on what kind of story they are developing.

3. To the bottom right of every Post in a Solo Story will be an option to comment on it. Of course you also have the more direct way of awarding Charm.

Post Date: 13th Oct, 2015 - 1:43pm / Post ID: #
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News and Updates Rules Horror and Mystery

The Mystery Master says...

Reign of Call of Cthulhu

Since it is likely that Call of Cthulhu will be the dominant Role-playing Game of the Mystery & Horror Board I have implemented the following buttons and links to help everyone get to the right place / information:

* Cthulhu Start Guide
* Cthulhu Reviews

These are also shown in the Role-playing Game Reviews Board. Member Wars will also have a 'Horror' option to here.

Avatars: More Cthulhu related Avatars have been added for both the GM and Players.

Post Date: 14th Oct, 2015 - 11:26pm / Post ID: #
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Mystery & Horror Rules, Updates & News

The Mystery Master says...

Character Sheet Styles

I am still to activate all the features of the Mystery & Horror Character Sheet. Thus far you have a wide variety of Avatars to choose from and now you have 10 unique Styles to make your Character Sheet fit the 'look' of your Scenario or Character. Select one and test.

Post Date: 19th Oct, 2015 - 3:13pm / Post ID: #
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Mystery & Horror Rules Updates & News

The Mystery Master says...

Dark Cosmetics

In an effort to make the Mystery & Horror Board very unique in its appearance I've added colors to default features to tone down the brightness. Examples of this include: a darker quote box with light text, dark buttons and the Dice box even has its own Cthulhu dice.

NOTE: If you do not see changes it is likely that your browser is caching the old style sheet, please refresh your browser to see the changes.

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