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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 38

"So what are the ranges of those ballistic defense batteries? If we dropped ground strike teams close, could we take them out?"

Looking to the Major, "We are talking theoretically here because we don't know the strength and composition of the forces we are up against. Some sort of recon would at least give us the intel we needed."

"How about a map of the area? Maybe a holovid with a topographical layout?"

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

In Character: Enerii shrugs. "If I wanted to be a bloody target, I would have reupped in the Navy. At least there, I knew what I was getting into. And I'd have a warship wrapped around me. So we're looking at antiaircraft missiles and guns. Clouds of flak. Sorry, Major, but I'm not convinced this will be the cakewalk you think it will be. Wildcard is a CIVILIAN freighter. They tend to be a bit fragile in combat."

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This is The Reaper of Ships, over...

In Character: "The Major may have a point. If they launch an assault at the same time, we might be able to slip in the back door as they say. If the Major comes through with those rudimentary defenses and we come up with a solid enough plan, I don't see why we can't pull it off" Gaden says.

Out of Character: I feel like we are pushing a bit hard on this whole "Gave use weapons". Lets at least see what the plan is as there is always some risk in every adventure.

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Page 38 RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Rebel over...

Out of Character: : I was hoping for fighter cover or something. We should be safe from the big SAMs flying NOE to and from the target, but I really would like an escort. Plus those flares and chaff for the MANPADs of course.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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RPG Main Traveller Aericsteeles

Out of Character: I'm hoping for a SAM suppression airstrike or a Wild Weasel escort. As my character mentioned, CIVILIAN boats tend to be fragile in war zones. Going in unescorted is an invitation to suck some missiles, and that won't be pretty. Especially since Wildcard is such an old rust bucket.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG

The Referee relays...

"It is true that your ship is not designed for military action" she says "But if done correctly your exposure to air defense assets should be minimal. We can't send fighter jets to escort you because the plan involves the Wildcard dropping down from orbit in order to bypass most of their defenses. The facility is a soft target for the most part, not a military one, odds are good that its not fortified. On a strategic scale, most of the defenses are placed along what their analysts would consider the most likely avenue of approach.

The GTCs troop transports are generally fixed or rotary wing aircraft or ground vehicles, we don't have the capability of dropping in from orbit and so the majority of their defenses are going to be placed further away from the facility closer to the national borders. If you were attempting to drop down into the enemy capital I would imagine you would fall under fairly intense fire, but in this case the threat should be minimal, especially with a full scale operation going on that will draw away a great deal of their attention and resources."

Nahi stands up, leans forward placing his fingertips on the table in front of him and looks over the crew "Here's the bottom line gentleman" he says "As your liaison I'm advising you that your ship is currently being held by the Space Port Authority, as are your weapons. As offworlders you have no rights under the law as far as due process goes. Major Natanian is the standing authority on the final disposition of the Wildcard and her crew. What we are dealing with here is not so much a negotiation of services as it is a negotiation for the release of your property and mitigation of a sentence. I have filed the necessary paperwork but ultimately it comes down to whether Major Natanian here chooses to sign off on it. If she doesn't, your ship will be confiscated and you will likely be detained indefinitely."

Major Natanian nods and speaks "Remember the other free trader crew I mentioned before? They thought being imperial citizens granted them some form of rights or immunity. They quickly discovered that this is not the case. Ruie is not a member of the Imperium and they exert no authority here. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that I am not really asking whether you want to participate in this mission. Now, you can choose to say no but there are consequences just as there would be consequences if you said yes and then attempted to flee the system. Granted part of what I'm banking on is that you want that compound and if you flee you won't get, the GTC can provide you with some flares and chaff to help defend against enemy SAM sites or fighters and we will provide the fuel for the operation, but that is all. Getting the detachment to the site safely and extracting the compound is up to you."


Shuth speaks from a position of authority as he describes the injury to the EMTs in advanced medical terms explaining how moving the patient would be detrimental and that the auto doc is likely more advanced that any equipment that they would have at their facility. One of the EMT's leaves the ship for a moment stating that he needs to make a call to the hospital and speak with a doctor about it. About fifteen minutes later the EMT returns and advises the others that the doctor agrees with Shuths assessment and that they should leave the patient in the care of Shuth. The EMTs gather up their things and leave though the guards remain.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG - Page 38

This is The Cynic, over...

In Character: : Maiokus leans back in his chair putting his hands behind his head and exhales.

"Well guys it seems we're in it either way. Thankfully we have master tactician and a brilliant pilot aboard. And a damn good doctor in case any of us gets our asses shot up."

"Seems that air strikes might give up the element of surprise anyways. I say we do it."

He turns to the Major with a glare, "You could've just asked. But you got your point across. This whole business was just so you could show us who holds the reins. Don't worry, I won't forget."

He takes a sip of his water and holds it up in salute to Krakrefr in gratitude for bringing it.

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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG
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Aericsteele's Traveller Main RPG Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Page 38

In Character: Enerii shrugs. "I am REALLY not happy about this. Your enemies break something on this ship, you WILL get the bill."

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