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Daishain’s 5th Edition D&D RPG Main Thread Only approved Players should Post here. Dungeons and Dragons
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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 4

The Terror says...

Upon hearing Lia, Targul looks around and says to her, "No Lia, this is a crowded market. It may look like people are following us, but they're just here to do their shopping as well. But don't worry about it, I've made that mistake before, too."

After correcting Lia, Targul will go back about his business of purchasing his rations.

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always let your adversary be the one to get upset

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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

The Quiet Shadow says...

Elyria nods at the wood elf's words, a look of consideration though despite being a bit nervous she wasn't afraid really. "Thanks," she says simply, trusting both her bother and the other members of the Silver Blaze.

More, given the path she had chosen to take, she was no useless damsel and could at least defend herself. In time even felt that she could prove herself a capable and useful. Yes, for now she was just a squire but someday she could become a knight herself.

Still, both she and her brother Geoffroy would turn to look at Lia on her words. She kept her eyes away from looking back but the Morninglord uses the excuse of examining the wares of one shop so as to be able see in the direction indicated out of the corner of his peripheral vision.

Geoffroy would say softly, after doing a quick scan and picking up one item to then place it back down, directing his words largely to Targul, "Lets not discount Lia's words as she is very much a sharp one. More, given the assignment we have been given, I did not see it as unreasonable that there might be those who might at least want to keep an eye on us."

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Onwen Brecht
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Page 4 Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Friendly Necromancer says...

Onwen shows no reaction to Lia's revelation regarding the men following them, he continues to walk "Perhaps men you have flirted with in the past, coming to seek out your favor once more?" an amused smirk plays across his lips "So long as they merely follow us and do not interfere we need not confront them."

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Poljen Son of Nels

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Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Cold Fury says...

Poljen frowns, but manages to not look around. He says, "Perhaps they simply wish to relieve us of our money. With the promise of the large reward that came with the announcement, no doubt some bottom-feeders will look for an easy score. We should keep our hands on our purses, and see if they try anything. By the way, I need to get my shield decorated. I am going to have it painted with a silver blaze!"

Out of Character: : His plan is for a silver sunburst-type image, with a narrow silver beam going toward the bottom of the shield, widening as it goes.

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Sarai Tzzerit
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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

The Shaper of Thoughts says...

Sar'ai signs her name after the others have done so and when she gets to the part about who should get her pay in the event of death, she scribbles the name, Ahlyra Uy'du.
"The woman who raised me." Sar'ai states plainly. "She dwells within Neverwinter." Grinning slightly the half-drow turns back toward the exit, only pausing briefly to witness one or two of the recipients of the geas, satisfied that she was able to further rid the group of unneeded hindrances. Sar'ai then exits into the city, also needing some more supplies. She had heard that the rest of the group was headed to the market but she had stayed and watched the cleric as they left, but figured she'd just catch back up with them later.

Out of Character: Ahlyra Uy'du is Sar'ai's alter persona from her charlatan background. Also, since she is a bit further back than the rest of the group, would she be aware of anyone seemingly following the group ahead of her? And finally, Sar'ai is wishing to perhaps purchase another spell scroll to copy into her spell book.

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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
A Friend

Page 4 Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

Reacting to Lia's information, Cahleth starts looking around for any higher ground, perhaps a second floor balcony, rooftop, guard tower, or some other vantage point. The idea is to use Stealth to quietly slip away from the group to get a better perspective on the area, and to keep eyes on both my allies and these curious "Followers." I assume this is a crowded marketplace, and getting a bird's eye view should be most helpful.

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Lia Galanodel
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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 4

The Heartwarder says...

Lia looks at Targul as he says this. " I'm not mistaken my friend. My vision is as good or better than anyone here due to my heritage. Ignore my warning at your peril. "

Lia smiles at Geoffroy as he tells Targul to pay attention to her words. Glancing over her shoulder again she still sees them following. Hearing Onwen speak she eyes him. " It could be Onwen. I lose track of all my admirers. " She grins. " I don't think they are after our money. We greatly outnumber them. What concerns me is that we are tasked to go protect a town that is due for an invasion. There is no communication going in or out of there. There could be spies here and in other cities hoping to interfere with any help that might be sent. We are walking blind for now. We have no idea who our enemy is. They might very well know who we are now. " Watching Cathleth head towards a three story building up ahead she hopes he can spot them as they follow.

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Cratol Stormcaller
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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread D&D / Pathfinder PBP RPGs - Page 4

the Quiet says...

Cratol will glance around them from time to time as he purchases a few more supplies, He is purchasing rations and a couple more water skins. He will also purchase some paper, a few quills and a couple traveling ink pots.

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