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Daishain’s 5th Edition D&D RPG Main Thread Only approved Players should Post here. Dungeons and Dragons
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Lia Galanodel
Cleric 10

Lieutenant / Mop Up
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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 836

The Heartwarder says...

Lia freezes up as the statues move. Considering what is said she thinks for just a moment." I choose wisdom O Diderius. She looks at the statues waiting. Lia is on the ball of her feet prepared to move in an instant. Words of supplication to Sune are on her lips as she studies the statues.

Mari comes to a sudden halt." Knowledge please", she utters quietly. She will gaze at the statues as well.

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Lia Galanodel Results:
  • Intelligence save on D20 (+0): 5 (1 roll)
  • Arcana on D20 (+0): 13 (1 roll)
  • Arcana guidance on D4 (+0): 4 (1 roll)

Post Date: 9th Feb, 2018 - 4:27pm / Post ID: #
Velon Rodaan
Paladin 5 Sorcerer 5

Leader / Rear
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Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Flame Wielder says...

Out of Character: Zarra would have gone in first.

So this history check only applies if you pass your DC15 save first? Does it apply to saves, or just ability checks? One person can benefit per Help action, or everyone? Can we take any actions after the Dungeon Master calls for a save?

Post Date: 9th Feb, 2018 - 4:34pm / Post ID: #
Lawrance Smithson
Wizard 10

Lieutenant / Center
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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

The Dedicated says...

Out of Character: : The History applies a +3 to the Aid Others action, you also get advantage, but unless Dai deems otherwise, only applies to one person at a time. This may be a case where it can at least apply the +3 to everyone if not give advantage, because the knowledge is given to everyone who hears it? This won't apply to the save, just the Arcana checks.

Out of Character: : Edit - So we need to hear from Zarra. :D Sorry about the edits, I keep remembering things to add.

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Post Date: 9th Feb, 2018 - 4:38pm / Post ID: #

Nikolaos Willahelm

Novice / Left Rear Flank
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Page 836 Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Awakened says...

"I seek the sharpness of knowledge with the wisdom to temper it's use."

Specific Action: making a religion check to see if I know anything about the name given with guidance

Out of Character: this is either a great answer or a terrible one. Let's find out!

Nikolaos Willahelm Results:
  • Religion check on D20 (+4): 5 (1 roll)
  • Guidance on D4 (+0): 2 (1 roll)
  • Int save on D20 (+2): 14 (1 roll)

Post Date: 9th Feb, 2018 - 4:52pm / Post ID: #
Zarra Glannath
Arcane Trickster 9

Follower / Middle Rear
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Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Quiet Shadow says...

Zarra will stop when she sees the statue looks at her one wanting close enough, seemingly as if it could sense her in some way. The drow will focus on the question asked, and will answer, "I have never asked for more knowledge then I need, seeking it for its own sake. Knowledge for me is a means of wisdom and understanding those around me, or to blend in." Hopefully this will not be seen as incorrect, she will consider if the name of Diderius is at all familiar.

Zarra Glannath Results:
  • Int Save on D20 (+2): 5 (1 roll)
  • Arcana on D20 (+2): 10 (1 roll)
  • History on D20 (+2): 22 (1 roll)

Post Date: 9th Feb, 2018 - 5:23pm / Post ID: #

Dungeon Master

Game Master ◀
Active Player Active Role-player!

Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

The Sage says...

Lawrance and Velon notice something is off about the environs. When they look again, the room seems darker. The silver censers are gone, someone's stripped the gilding out of the carvings, etc. It looks like thieves robbed this place long ago, and only an illusion preserves its splendor.

Cratol is told "Well cometh to these halls seeker of wisdom. Remain respectful of the most wondrous one, and thee may find what thee require."

Most of the others receive similar answers, Poljen and Zarra however receive no response, the statues simply looking away.

Lawrance and Zarra recall mention of a Diderius in other studies. He was a powerful seer of yore. There is not much recorded about him, save for some of his theories on the art of divination.

Nothing bars Cratol from entering the next room. Before him is a long hallway, six large statues stand on either side. They depict humanoids in cowled robes, the hoods are pulled forward, casting the faces in shadow.

Several piles of splintered bone line the floor, and a dead cultist sits up against the wall. He appears to have been gutted.

A voice whispers into Cratol's mind, it sounds much like that of the statues in the antechamber. "Some knowledge is dang'rous to seek out, know at which hour to be humble"

Out of Character: Others who pass DC 15 on the Int save also see through the illusion. Mages who look into it determine that the enchantment was once much much stronger, but is beginning to fade.

Those who were welcomed rather than ignored by the statues receive the same message as Cratol upon entering the hall.

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Post Date: 9th Feb, 2018 - 5:37pm / Post ID: #
Lawrance Smithson
Wizard 10

Lieutenant / Center
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Page 836 Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

The Dedicated says...

Upon hearing the message in his mind, Lawrance calls out "Did everyone get the same instructions about the humble hour? Anyone have any ideas?" Keeping his own theories to himself for the moment, he examines the statues without touching them. "That was a neat illusion at the entrance, but the ruin and desecration it hid was saddening."

Post Date: 9th Feb, 2018 - 5:47pm / Post ID: #

Perry Pennington
Bard 9 Warlock 1

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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 836

The Prolific Performer says...

"Ah! There was a voice in my head!" Perry looks around nervously. "Hmm so, be respectful, be humble, uh huh… I can definitely do those things!" Perry triumphantly exclaims with a grin.

"What about some knowledge is dangerous to seek out?" Perry questions aloud. "Maybe we should try and avoid things that we don't need to know? We should probably just focus on finding this Varram fellow and not disturb too many other things."

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