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Phate the Assassin

I am Phate and I was given this name because of prophecy. I stand 170cm tall with a lithe body. I have black-brown hair with inquisitive golden brown eyes. My pale golden touched skin says I am lightly tanned, and yet in truth hasn't seen direct sunlight in many seasons. My need to cover up and hide my good looks simply to blend in makes me unique. I see myself as one who follows a mixed path of thieving, learning, and enjoying an unavoidable battle. My battle skill mixed wirh my tendency towards shadows makes an assassin a fitting title. I want to learn of the powers that are running society by first learning a trade skill to blend in with the masses. I generally view alliances as necessary. I intend to first learn more about this world, and view becoming next Ruler Kings as a far off end goal. After all the king catches the public eye but he who has his ear is the one in power. Thus, I now start this path into the uncertain future.

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Assassin Phate

Reflections on your mother

Phate… How I love thee. I wish for thee to achieve greatness, and as such is my wish I have done what I could in your reading. Watching you grow into the man you are today, I need to urge thee to not falter in continuing to grow and balance yourself. Ye place too little faith in the church, and I fear that is to be your undoing. While intelligence, speed, knowledge on avoiding dangers and skirting by them, as well as your eye for puzzles may seem to be the key to success, your direct aversion to faith will hinder this. Please continue to grow. I know my time is short, and growing shorter with the waning moon. I will continue to watch over you aft I am gone, and protect you where I can, alas you need to be ready for when I can not be there. There are great powers in the world, an remember " A smart fish avoids the fisherhook, a wise fish will nibble the bait from the hook whilst out being caught, but the shark takes the hook, anst nets the Fisher while he falls in trying to reel a fish." Being the shark leads to attention, if ye be the shark, be wise on who will notice. Being a wise fish will skirt by most troubles, but avoid bigger fish and the shark, as well as an ever wiser Fisher to thy ways. A smart fish tends to avoid most troubles but may starve. Your path is your own, but please be wary, the world is not as kind as thy nursery, and without a wet-nurse to make it better and rock you back to sleep.

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Phate the Assassin MMORPG Text & RPG Text

Advisor Description

"Peter… Peter open the infernal door.. Blast it all… PETER", a sleepy eyed middle aged man suddenly pulled open the door. " wha… hey what are.... Come in come in old friend, what can I do for you?" Upon closer inspection the man called Peter is dressed in unadorned plain brown robes, barley a step above burlap. He had rosy chubby cheeks clearly acustom to a generous mixture of both drinking and laughing. His face had some stubby but remained at most times smooth shaven. With a generous amount of cheer, and his smooth face this middle aged overweight man could easily seem boyish to most. "Would you like a drink?". "No time for that, you remember the boy I was telling you about? Phate?" Peter nodded at that but now looked thoughtfully befuddled. " well listen close Peter, his mother asked me to check where he stood as far as his balance in life and his possible shortcommings, as well you know, however his mother passed away narely a week past. He has headed to the town." Peter nodded before commenting "I see, may the gods watch over he..". "I DIDN'T COME HERE TO MOURN HER", Peter jumping at his friends sudden burst quieted down to keep listening wondering where his normally well balanced friend was going with this.... Days later Peter was in the Town's Tavern when Phate came in from attempting to trap a big and being injured, seeing the lads poor state, Peter started helping to tend to the unconscious wounds. Hours later… "Ah the brave young hero finally wakens after a mortally dangerous quest rescuing beautiful maidens from dragons. Good morning Phate, although for the rest of us it's closer to supper, would you like breakfast… or a drink?". Phate, still grogily trying to keep up witg the clearly intoxicated mans speech finally tried to reply " ugghhahel". Peter shuffled over and raised the wine skin to Phate's lips " sorry, the herbs I used tend to cause dry mouth in the patient, please try again this time". " wh..-*cough*-.. Who are you and how is it you know my name… and why can't I move my arms… ". "Oh, well one arm I figure is just asleep, the other I bound to keep you from hurting yourself, you already were under fever when they brought you in, as the infection from boar tusks tends to set in quickly. I knew your mother and father some, more acquaintances then anything, but your mother's final letters indicate you still lacking balance. I was sent to assist, but I care not for babysitting. If you need me I'll be at your side or giving council. But if not I'll be spending my time here spreading cheer and the words of the heavens with any poor sole that needs it. After all a priest must tend to the sheep, and where better to find lost sheep then a tavern."... At first Phate didn't trust the priest, but in time he came to enjoy someone he needn't worry about sticking a shiv between his ribs. The light hearted nature of the priest helped keep the conversations just as light, and made words more easily flow from both their lips.

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Action: Living


Assassin Phate

Abruptly and perhaps anticlimacticly Phate has died. The prophecy, never the less, must be fulfilled by his bloodline; or all sentient beings would fall into darkness. As fate would have it, Phate had a twin brother separated at birth who shairs the same namesake... While our fallen hero will be mourned his brother was alike in more then one way, but favored mysticism and religious faith more then blind strength.

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