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Ashley the Princess
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Ashley the Princess

My name is Ashley, when I wake up in the morning and look in a mirror or a basin of water, I can see that I have blue eyes with shoulder length blond hair, my height is 6 feet tall and if people were to see my skin they would see a pale white. I grew up in a small two story home with my mother who would teach me how to read and write, she also taught me the ways and customs in which women were treated in society since I was her daughter. My father I never really knew a whole lot about all I knew is that he would go off to war and fight for our king while me and mother stayed home and lived a quiet and peaceful life. One day however I remember that a messenger had come to bring a message to my mother, after she read the message she was always sad and would talk about my father with reverence, every time I would ask my mother about what happened to father and why he never came home and she would just dismiss the fact as wars are long and miserible things and then she would tell me never to ever take any actions without realizing the effects and consequences that it can cause on the world and people around you. I am called a princess because my families linage used to be filled with Kings and Queens, and they created their kingdoms to be just and peaceful and made it that all races would live equally with equal rights, unless they became an enemy then they would be driven out and forced to live a dark and decrepit life, or they were executed according to the law. However my Great Grandfather was overthrown from his throne due to a civil war that happened with in the kingdom throwing my family in to ruin or at least that's what I was told. When I was born my parents told me that I got special devine powers from the gods, I learned that whether I wanted to or not that I would have to live with these powers for the rest of my life, so I studied the arcane scrolls and texts of the past to help grow my magic abilities. My mission in life is to find out who gave me my powers, and to become an immortal goddess of the universe and to hopefully to be able to become a queen among the lands of the world.

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Ashley the Princess
A Friend

Princess Ashley

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I met Chloe at night. At first I was afraid that a dark hooded figure was following me, so I started to run when she met up with me near the taveron and revealed herself to me she looked exactly like me, except she had pink hair instead of blood hair. She told me that she was a born creature of magic and that she would be entrusted to be my garuidan if my parents ever died and teach me how to control my powers. Now adays we get along well ev though she's 18 and I'm 16 we're considered friends but we also love each other like we were always sisters together, and I hope she stays by my side through my adventures till the end.

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Ashley the Princess
A Friend

Ashley the Princess Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Reflections on your mother

For some reason I dreamt that mother was still alive and happy and that we had just came home for a picnic. These were one of those days when the sun would usually shine behind mother making her look like she was an angel, at least until she shut the window. She said hello princess how are you feeling, I cried mommy is it really you, yes princess it's me, mommy why did you have to die and leave me alone. You don't understand ashley sometimes good people have to disappear, but why mommy because they are moving on to a better and happy place do you understand? I guess so, okay well I have to go now, know mommy wait, then she disappeared in to a shimmering light and I woke up with a massive headache and the sun blinding my eyes.

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