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Samuel the Hunter

My name is Samuel, given to me in thanks that god had heard the prayers of my parents with my birth. I hope to make my late mother proud, and become a man who will change this land for the better.
I stand approximately five feet and eleven inches tall. My body is thin, with taut muscles and limbs slightly longer than average. My hair is brown, and I usually try to keep it short and combed towards the front. My skin is tan, and my eyes are big and green. My chiseled appearance indicates to those who see me that I am no stranger to hard work.
I view myself as a person who is always aspiring to grow, and promote growth around me. I've gotten this far because I worked hard and sought wisdom from good people. I believe if I continue striving to be a better man than I was yesterday, I can do some real good in this world, and teach others how to do the same.
Hard labor has made me strong, but I wasn't content with mindless work growing up. I found wise men and bowed before them, asking them to teach me as I worked and offering to share the profits of my labor if they would come. When they asked me to keep my money, and I saw the light in their eyes for a chance to teach their wisdom to one so young, I knew I had found good spiritual mentors.
Hunting began as a hobby for me, but quickly became what I'm best known for today. I have been told many times I am a natural with a bow, and have trained in other tools and weapons such as nets and spears as well. I am learned in animals and plants alike, and have found a passion in building and setting traps. Patience, strength, a strong mind and a strong arm - I have gained all this and more from hunting.
I have experience working with others, and while I often hunt alone, I'm no stranger to hunting with other people. I've coordinated a few of these hunts, in fact. I believe the keys to doing anything as a group successfully is strong communication, good authority, and proper respect. People accomplish great things working together and learning from one another.
Beyond that, I have a collection of other things I've learned over the years. I can cook, and fish, and sew. I know some basic carpentry, and know a few herbal remedies. I know first aid, and have ridden a horse before. And of course, I know how to hold a shield and swing a blade.
I seek to prove to the world I'm here to change things for the better. I'm prepared to learn anything and everything. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes. This is the beginning of my journey to change the world.

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Hunter Samuel

Advisor Description

I'd not often been to the Town growing up. It's not as if I'd never seen it before, but my first concern upon arriving was to discover where places of interest are at. I spoke to a woman I saw passing out of the city on my way in and asked her where a traveler might find food and a bed. She gave me instructions to the local tavern. That's where I met him.

Jonathon stood out, wearing armor as he relaxed and drank as if it were regular clothing to him. I found a table to myself and ordered some food, hungry from my long journey. Just when I was about to dig in, he came over and sat across from me. It was surprising and admittedly a little intimidating at first; this fully armored man, staring into my eyes as if studying them, with blue eyes of his own that looked as though they'd seen war. After what felt like a long time, he finally seemed to crack a smile.

Your name wouldn't happen Samuel, would it?

We spent the rest of our meal sharing a little background on ourselves. Jonathon seemed interested in what I'd been up to until this point, and about what fate befell my mother. He seemed rather sad to hear she had passed. When I asked Jonathon how he knew about me, he stated that he had made a promise to my father that if he ever encountered me, he would look after me. It was pleasant being able to learn more about my father; mother told me stories from time to time, but this man had actually fought alongside him.

I do have to wonder what he means by looking after me. I'm grateful to have a friend in this place, and he seems a strong, good man. But this all seems to be too convenient to be circumstance. Is this a sign the Gods are looking after me? Or was he waiting for me here, and if so, what is he not telling me?

I believe I can trust him. He struck me a good man. I'll give him some time; if our meeting was truly brought by fate, than we'll have the heavens to thank for what becomes of our relationship. And if he is holding onto a secret, well, I suppose we all have secrets we hold. I'll learn of it when it's time.

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Samuel the Hunter Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Reflections on your mother

Mother was a wonderful lady. She was kind, she raised me all by herself, and she always believed I would grow up to do great things. It is my earnest wish to live a life that will make her proud, for when I one day pass from this world and see her again.

Mother was often ill, and her illness is ultimately what took her from this world. I probably took care of her as much as she took care of me growing up. There were times in my youth I resented having to work more than the other kids, but I was a foolish child. What value is any action if not for that and those you love? Still, she was never cruel with me, and rarely punished me. There was no need; if mother began coughing up blood because I was stubborn and slow about fetching her water, seeing her in pain was punishment enough. If we had to cut back on her medicine because I goofed around instead of working hard, my own worries and fears would punish me for my laziness.

In that way, she was a wise woman, in a different way than the wise men I listened to. They would teach me wisdom about the spiritual, how to cultivate it and come closer to The Way and the divine. My mother showed me love; love for me, love for my father despite being so far away, and the value of loving others. She showed me love was powerful, and valuable, and beyond logic at times.

I think she'd be happy if the world became a more loving place. If people came to appreciate and understand one another, and stopped fighting so much. She once told me she wished we could be gone with all the pride and envy in this world, and all live as equals. I'm no god; I don't have delusions that I can change human nature enough to make that dream a reality. But perhaps, if I can convince enough minds and hearts to join me, I can bring the world a little bit closer to that ideal state.

In loving memory of my mother. May her soul be blessed.

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Hunter Samuel

Message to Advisor


I had a strange experience. Mystical, it felt like. An apparition of sorts appeared before me, and indicated to me a small bottle, hidden away. I know it was dangerous, but it felt like I had little time to make a decision. Like it could all disappear as soon as it appeared. So I took the bottle. And I drank it.

Jonathon, I'd never felt such a feeling before. It was as if my energy was overflowing, as if time had somehow both slowed and accelerated. I've been working harder than ever before; I'm stronger than I used to be. Even now, as I sit here certain the effects have worn off, I can feel it. But there's something else, as well.

I feel as though there may have been a cost for what I have gained. My increase in strength is more than just a result of my training. It has changed, it has grown. And it has done so faster than natural. I might actually be older now, physically, than I used to be.

What make you of this, Jonathon? I have gained a body and level of skill superior than that which I had before, but the thought of having traded months or even years of my life to gain it is troubling. I shall be more careful of these apparitions in the future.

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Hunter Samuel

Why Am I Samuel?

I encountered a child today who could tell that my aura was free. I wonder to myself why I am so inclined, and if it is a problem my aura is not one of goodness.
I see this world as both beautiful and horrible. I was blessed with a wonderful mother, yet she was often in pain and died from her illness. I've seen criminals and dodgy sorts during my time here. They have their hopes and dreams, and are people capable of feeling and caring. Yet they do work for their own ends, work that harms others. War can be to conquer, to destroy, to defend. But it is always for something, to someone else's gain. Such is the way of the world.
I know that I want to make the world a better place. A happier and more caring place. And I understand that because that's not everyone's mindset, I might step on a few toes along the way. There might be enemies that oppose me on my path, and I will not hesitate to strike those enemies down. I don't believe in risking the lives of those who believe in me to reach at hearts that close their doors to me.
I believe my mother was good. Perhaps I disappoint her, being unable to show such universal kindness. But I know this: nothing short of death itself will stop me from seeing my dream through. I swear it.

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