Maximilion the Illusionist

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Maximilion the Illusionist

I am Maximilion the Illusionist. Most don't take me seriously because I'm only of a middling height and my Black Hair and piercing Grey eyes are nothing special, though most would say I am comely. I have always marveled at the powers of magic, but lightning and showers of ice and snow or the corpse-rotting curses are not a true thinking man's magic. The Strong should be subtle and thus I plan to turn to Ilusion. Also, power is not my goal directly, at least not the power of a battleaxe or a battering ram. Instead I know the secrets of those around me or the secrets of the magical and mundane arts and sciences could bring even the mightiest champion to his knees. Alliances are useful and nobody ought to pursue power alone.. I certainly shall not. I will get all the powers in my way under my thumb, and then I will get the power and luxury I crave.

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Illusionist Maximilion

Advisor Description

I heard her called "That fire-haired vixen" Yet again. It was a name the Wench clearly didn't like. However, It was a name I never intended to use. As a cook, I had little opportunity to aim higher, nor did I have an opportunity to listen in on those around me, being confined to the hot, dirty kitchen I worked in.

"Water Good Sir?" inquired the red-haired wench, clad in a dirty, frumpy, but somehow still flattering green skirt as she handed me another earthenware cup as I relaxed.

I was relaxing, but I also was working, and I saw her look with bitterness at the other maids and the tavern keeper.

"I can make it so they will never call you 'Vixen' again." I said, knowing all that she had an opportunity to hear, "They'll call you by your own lovely name, and perhaps they'll put 'lady' before saying it too."

"It's Elaine," She replied, "And what is yours,"

"I'm maximilion the Illusionist." I replied, "And Elaine is truly a very lovely name for a very lovely future lady."

I didn't have her then, but she continued to have conversations with me over the next several weeks, and my ambitions would be hers. But I learned she was not only resourceful and pretty, but also quite smart, and she knew that many promises that sounded too good to be true were, but I intended to keep my promise to her. She was useful, it was wise to keep one's word when one could, and I was quite honestly, quite fond of her.

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Maximilion the Illusionist MMORPG Text & RPG Text

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

A form as lightly downy as a cloud
like wool in a summer sky
silent, lovely
making all forget of Thunderheads

Soft eyes like the summer sky's blueness
from which the sun of the mind
shineth through
illuminating all below it.

milky white like a summer cloud
soft, safe, delightful
reminder of the glories of the warmth of the gods.

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Illusionist Maximilion

Reflections on your mother

Some have said that a young man is always the god to his Mother. My mother one day found that I had gotten in a fight with some of the workers on a nearby estate and said to me. "Maximilion, there are other ways to solve your problems than fighting," As she bathed my bruises gently after a brawl where I came out the loser.

"They don't deserve anything but my wrath," I said in a childish huff.

"Maybe so, but if everyone acted that way, we'd be like the orcs," She replied. "There are good rewards for being a good boy."

She rubbed a little harder at one of my bruises, enough for it to sting slightly, and I began to squirm, as children are won't to do when they are uncomfortable.

"Hold still My son," She admonished, "I'm trying to help."

"But you're hurting me," I replied.

"It makes it hard for me to help you when you squirm," She replied, "But you are squirming because I am being harsh."

She became gentle again and I relaxed, "Being kind will be better for everyone," She said.

I learned an important lesson that day in that I ought to be kind as that was the best way to make people do what I wanted and the best way to handle my tools.

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Illusionist Maximilion

Reflections on your father

My father was not the moral teacher my Mother was, but he was the one who taught me how to prepare a goose, how to cut a carrot, and how to perfectly make a sauce from butter and wei. He was the one who gave me the tools I first used in my adult life, those that give me my gold at the Tavern and those I continue to perfect.

He also showed me that it is not enough simply to perform a task. He often earned extra coin because he performed his tasks well. Many around me shall serve me when the time comes, but I will lead and a leader must be as skilled or more skilled than those around him, or else he deserves not to lead. That is the lesson I learned from my dear Father, do not squander my talents and work to perfect every single one of them.

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