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Wil the Assassin
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Wil the Assassin

My name is Wil for reasons unknown. My father asked my mother to name me this, and he was a mighty warrior as far as the stories I have heard go. My full title is Wil the Assassin for I will not hesitate to swiftly end the people who shall become a burden or a threat. I shall do so quickly, quietly, and they will not know they are going to die until they are sent straight to the depths of hell. I am short, only 4 feet and 11 inches with a skinny body, but all the better to squeeze into places I'm not supposed to be. I have hair as black as a moonless night and eyes as red as the bloodiest battlefield. My dark skin makes it so that I am able to hide in the shadows if needed, and my innocent look is extremely useful when I'm lying to someone. When I turned ten, a passing noble mistook me for a demon and stabbed me in the stomach before riding away from the town. We didn't see him again, for he must have realised that I would one day rule, and I have no intention of forgetting those who have wronged me. I have no intention of being labeled as anything other than the Assassin. My goal in life is to become known to everyone across the kingdoms and establish my dominance over those who oppose me. The people who have the same goal as me shall become my allies if they wish to, and when we achieve our goal, we shall share in the rewards. My allies and I shall do whatever we feel is necessary in order to become what we are destined to become. Even if it requires us to shed blood, break laws, or eliminate an entire race. I begin my to follow my destiny today and am ready to deal with whatever god awful things the gods may throw at me, this I can promise you.

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Wil the Assassin
A Friend

Assassin Wil

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I first met Hali outside of the Tavern late at night. I saw her approaching me and thought nothing of it, thinking that she was perhaps just making her way to the Tavern. After all, why would a finely dressed woman like her want anything to do with me when I looked like a filthy beggar. When she stopped in front of me, I stepped out of her way because I was blocking the door. She said to me "Hello Wil. It's certainly been awhile." I looked at her, surprised. She told me that she was hired by my mother to watch over me and make sure I stayed out of trouble. I stared at her for awhile, then laughed. She could not have been more than 1 year older than me, and extremely attractive. What was a girl like her doing watching over me? Didn't mother know I can take care of myself? When her face stayed serious, I began to realize that this was no joke. I pulled her aside into an alleyway so we could speak privately. I was angry, sad, and joyful all at the same time. Here was a friend! A helper! The beginning of my conquest was lonely, and this was someone to help me. She explained how one day when I was outside my Mother went to visit her dad. She told him that when I turned 16, she wants him to find someone to watch over me. She paid an extremely hefty sum of almost 30,000 gold coins that Dad had been setting aside for just this reason. I immediately knew that she had literally been trained for this job, and she was excited to finally talk to me. She told me that she had 7 siblings and that her Dad made their money off of an extremely old trading deal her great grandpa had made with elves. I knew that this would be a huge help to me, and offered her a place to sleep in my home. She was grateful, and I could feel that I was falling for her. That would be a detriment to my conquest though, and I swore that I would not become involved with her in that way.

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