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Bethann the Scholar

Odd, to address myself so. But as I will be the only one reading it, I suppose it matters not how I began or in what manner I address myself. And one should continue honing one's skills. Even in such a simple matter as a journal entry.

On the off-chance that my journal is ever found by another, I believe a simple description will be helpful in assisting said stranger in returning said journal to me. Of course, if that hypothetical stranger is adverse in returning this prized possession of mine, then I wish him much joy in his or her new possession.

I stand exactly five feet tall. I suppose I am a little on the skinny side. Honestly, I have been confused for a little girl many times before. Even now that I have attained adulthood. So frustrating, I must confess. I have red hair, kept in a long braid with a green or grey ribbon to keep it neatly bound. My green eyes are large, and I will confess are attractive. Maybe the only part of me that is. But I digress. I am fair, save for the freckles. Grr, as though I need more traits to make me look childish. But every time I go outside, my freckle count seems to double.

I suppose I am average in appearance otherwise. Not going to make any babies start crying, but not going to get any double-takes either. Unless cleanliness and tidiness count for something. Which I think does. Still, I have far loftier goals than looking pretty or snagging a husband, thank you very much.

I think of myself as a scholar first. I love to learn and read! I must admit that Mother, bless her and sustain her in whatever afterworld she had found herself in, often chided me for neglecting my physical health for my mind. I just felt that, other than long walks, exercise was just a deterrent from the books I was reading. I just needed to know! And I won't learn anything from mindlessly doing push-ups!

I confess I do enjoy a long walk. It gives me a chance to clear my head. To observe nature. To observe people as they interact. And collect samples. I did have a nice little herb garden once, and might start a new one if I evern have a scrap of land to call my own. Plants are fasinating. But I have so much more to learn! And if I don't walk around sometimes, I am afraid I would become some kind of hermit.

I must confess I am unsure if I should turn my focus on clerical duties, magical studies, or both. Or neither. I might focus on becoming a teacher or sage. In the meantime, I will try to find a job as a scribe or some assistant and continue my studies in my free time. I will never get far if I do not find a way to feed myself and have a place to rest, even temporarily. A thorough grounding in herbology, history, religious studies, languages, literature, general knowledge and magical studies is a good jumping off point.

Oh, who am I kidding? I would do what I always do. Grab ten books at random, and read through them. Make notes, review, and then grab ten more. And repeat. And I suppose to buy some bread or something to sustain me now and then.

I can see now that a place at a library or some sage would be ideal. It would allow me my research time and allow me to get some coins in the bargain. A scribe would be more tedious. But it might allow me more autonomy.

I suppose you, the journal, should know something of my character. I believe that most people are good. It makes sense, people tend to want to live with those who are trustworthy and kind. So it behooves them to also be trustworthy and kind. Like begets like after all. I know that there are those that are less than… well, ideal. But who knows how they became that way. Still, a little kindness can go a long way and even the worst of sinners might yet be able to see the light if they only have someone to treat them with kindness.

As such, I believe in treating people how I would like to be treated. I do have a, well, a temper though. I won't act violently out of it or fly into a rage or anything like that, but I do have a bad habit of getting sulky and silent when put out. I also can be sarcastic, but I do try to curb that. Mostly.

My Mother was strange. She kept insisting that I was going to rule some day. But I feel so ordinary. Like oatmeal. Perhaps all mothers tell their children such things. Still, I decided long ago to humor her and live my life as though I really would one day rule something. After all, I might have an assistant or two one day and of course I would want to be a good master and teacher to any I may come across who wish to learn.

I think that is the true heart of the matter. I am right now only interested in learning all I can, living I a world of books and ink, and sharing all I know. Maybe find a way to better those around me. I suppose I am not ambitious after all. Still I have the right to love in my books, do I not? Is there no room for a gentle bookworm?

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Scholar Bethann

Advisor Description

I did not expect to write in my journal tonight, but something happened. And I do not think I had properly recovered from it yet. I have a stepsister!

Let me start at the beginning.

I had just arrived at the new town I would be calling home for now, when a woman stod over to me and demanded to know what my plans were. I must admit I was rather startled to be approached by a complete stranger like this. She stared at me for a moment, then smiled and linked arms with me without permission or a moment's hesitation. "Come, let's find you a place where you can collect your wits, and I can explain."

I made an observation as we walked and I had a chance to as she had said, 'collect my wits.' She is taller than me, by a foot at least, and was more sturdily built. With curves that I would have killed for, I noted with a twinge of bitterness. Her pretty blond hair was braided and wrapped about her head as though a crown.

She turned and flashed a brilliant smile at me now and then but said nothing until we were seated near what looked like a well. "Well, I guess you were wondering who I am." She said, turning to face me.

"Yes, I was wondering," I answered, studying her face as I answered. A peaches and cream complexion, perfect little nose. Her mouth was wider than was normally seen as cute, though and a decided chin kept her face from being perfect, however, and that made me feel a little better. Still, I couldn't help but wonder if this was what Mother had in mind when she talked of rulers and such.

"My name is Mori and I have been sent to help you out by Father."

"It's a pleasure to meet you… " I froze.

She watched me as my brain froze. A slight smirk tugged on one corner of her mouth.

"Wait. Can you repeat that?"

"Father sent me to help you."

"Father? Does that mean we are… "

"I am your sister. Yes. Well Stepsister, but I can get into that later."

"But that would.... How can you be… "

"Didn't you ever wonder why Father stayed away so often?"

"Well yes I... "

"See.... .you know what? We can get into that later." She glanced around us, then focused on me again. "All you need to know for now is I am here to help you. I think we can work together. You are a little too studious for me. But we can manage."

"… "

"Really, I thought you would be quicker than this."

"Would you just let me think!" I snapped, getting cross with her rapid way of speaking.

She crossed her arms and smirked. "Okay." She said.

A few minutes passed before I managed to ask. "Are you my older sister?"

"Yes. And yes, he as married to your Mom. And my Mom. I guess he loved both of them."

"I... What is your name again?"

"Mori. I'm a ranger in training."

"Oh. Do you like it?"

"Wouldn't have signed in if I didn't, now would I?"

"I guess not." I looked down at my dusty boots. "How do you know me?"

"I have been following you."

"Following me? What!"

"Yes." She laughed at what I was sure was a shocked expression on my face. "And let me tell you, a blind troll with brain damage could have trailed you! You would never make a good spy, let me tell you! I been observing you ever since Father got word of your Mother's death. He sent me to make sure you didn't get in trouble on your own. And I didn't mind. I was nearly ready for my final test anyway. And this gives me a chance to prove to my mentor that I can handle surviving the forest on my own for an extended period of time. And I finally get to meet you."

"Do we have any others? Siblings I mean?"

"Not that I know of. I do know that Father was a little disappointed at having no sons. But he called me a good replacement."

"I see."

"You don't talk much, do you."


"Well, that's okay. I'll do the talking for us."

And talk she did. She told me all about her travels and about how she followed me, and everything about her life, it seemed to me. As she talked, I found myself relaxing. I can see us becoming friends. She even made me laugh a few times. But I can't help but wonder. I have a sister. My Father had two wives. Did he have more? Why didn't he tell me about Mori? Why did he send her to me now? What was he planning? And what does the future hold?

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Bethann the Scholar Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Breath of life comes to Bethann the Scholar. I, Bethann, have died but am alive again! Mine in awe 1st awakening. Was it a dark vision. I need to changeth mine pursuit.

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Scholar Bethann

Reflections on your mother

Reflections on my Mother…

My strongest memory of Mother is seeing her at her desk. She was a very busy woman. But she always made time to write about her day in her journals. I never really thought much of it before. And after her death, the journals mysteriously vanished. I never knew where they went. But all I have to do is close my eyes and I see her at her desk, alternating between scribbling and nibbling on the tip of her quill.And now I wish I had taken the time to look in one. Even if she would have been made at me, I would have known more about her.

I remember her bread. It was something she did every other day unttil the end. She shown me how to kneed the dough, but I was not very good at it. And ended up doing dishes more often than not. But the smell of bread baking is always enough to make me feel more cheerful.

When I think of Mother, the smell of wet ink and bread always seem to suround it.

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Scholar Bethann

Reflections on your father

Reflections on my Father

I had seen him maybe half dozen times a year. When I did, it was always something of a big event. One time I can always count on seeing him was my birthday. No matter what, he would always be there when I woke up. He gave Mother a chance to rest by making breakfast. Then we would spend the day together.

I do think he never really understood my drive to read and know all I can know. He preferred for me to be outside and building my health and strength up. But was one thing we all enjoyed. And that was long walks out in the woods. He was the reason I would learn to love just being out in nature, even if I was never destined to be strong.

There was always a gift of gold that I can spend on whatever I wanted. Of course, I would buy a book, or paper to make notes with. Once I bought a fancy kind of pen that lasted years.

He was tall. I remember how tall he was. He seemed to tower over everyone else.He was muscular without being overtly big, and seeled to always wear leather armor. Now that I think of it, the first impression that one will have of Father is brown. Brown hir, brown skin, brown eyes. Brown as the earth, and just as nurturing and steady.

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Bethann the Scholar

The Resurrection of Bethann the Scholar. This adventure is not over. Bethann shall conquer this fumes of fancy even if it is the 2nd time.

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Bethann Scholar

Message to Advisor

Greetings Mori.

I am writing to let you know that I am currently engaged in a rather lengthy scribe job for the city. I do not have much time but spared a few minutes to let you know why I would not be stopping by today.

It is good to know that I can be useful in some way. I was hoping that my training as a scribe would have been more useful. And yet I find that there are almost no jobs out there for scribes! It is very frustrating, to be honest. So when I found this job I was grateful at first. I only wish it was less time-consuming.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to complain like this. I guess I was getting more frustrated than I first thought. Still, I hope you are having a good day. Also, thank you for all the help you gave me so far. I really am glad to get to know you.

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Bethann Scholar Text RPG MMORPG & Play Post

First time in the Town

I'll admit that my first time traveling to town was bewildering. I didn't know where anything was, or who anyone was. And I am a trifle shy and retiring, so it took some time to make friends or feel comfortable approaching others.
I will confess that there was one person I had become fast friends with. The librarian is wonderful! I believe I spent most of my first day there, alternating between cleaning and reading, and making small talk with a person who loves books even more than I do! It was so great! I also practiced my writing, a vital thing for a scribe to constantly build on.

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