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Action: Living


Chiram the Servant - Page 2

Why Am I Chiram?

Why was my faith in being free? Chiram asked himself. Sitting there with his journal in his lap, the words came out by itself.

He started talking out loud, to make the words come alive.

Because i believe everyone is equel, he started off with.
How can one soul keep limitations on another soul?
Who gave that right to the first soul? did he take it or was it given by him?
And if given, only a godlike creature could have that authority. And even then, only a godlike creature that is higher then us, humans.
Who determines that?

Chiram asked so many questions, but there where almost no answers. And that, is the only reason, concludes Chiram, that I am a believer in freedom. No bounds, no rights, no limits.

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Action: Living


Servant Chiram

Message to Advisor

Chiram sits down, yawning while he takes the feather in his hand to sent a letter.


Dear advisor, I report to you of my endeavors. I have failed and learned but not yet succeeded.
I have died thrice.

My first dying learned me humility. Many things are not what you'd expected upon first sight.

The second death, slayed by a giant spider taught me to not start something you cannot see the end of.

My third death showed me that on the battlefield there are only surprises and responses. Any battle plan you might have will go as far as your first kill, after that everything has changed.

What do you think of my findings?

I have also done some soul seeking. I looked in my heart and I have to admit with a slight change of heart, maybe I am not a ruler of kings. Maybe I'm not meant to lead many people. I will continue on my way and reflect on this some more another time.

A fellow soldier of kingliness.

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Action: Living


Chiram the Servant MMORPG Text & RPG Text

Meeting the townsfolk

Chiram slowly wakes up after another encounter with the Dream Whisperer.

How do I know that? He asks himself. Maybe she told me?

Once again Chiram takes up his feathered pen and makes ready to write again. He noticed he is getting better at writing in his journal. His old teacher would be proud of him if he saw him like that.

Meeting the townsfolk, is the title. And the words flow from there..
It has been interesting to meet so many people in the town. I have mostly contact with the local businesses and sometimes a few soldiers. I stop by everyday at the tavern for a meal, and have build somewhat of a connection with Stefan.

I have also been proactive in seeking work, and a lot of my connections had delivery work and often more experience required work. It know now I still have a lot to learn.

I also met some of my advisors friends, from his regiment. They where polite but distanced. I think they saw me as just another youngling, thinking he will make it in this world by just using pretty words. Im going to proof them I'm not.

I start to recognize more faces as I walk the streets, and I know now all the main roads and a little of the alley ways. Its a big maze but I learned by doing.

The other day I had a beautiful woman in front of me. She disappeared in the crowd however and in an impulsive mood I chased her but couldnt catch her.

I wonder what this town will share to me in the future..

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Action: Living


Page 2 Servant Chiram

Finding a job

I wonder why the dream whisperer makes me journal all these experience, Chiram wonders.
Maybe I will find out eventually?

Chiram gets out of his bed and starts to write, its still dark outside.

He writes on top of the page; Finding a job.

Finding work has been hard to be honest. When I came to this town I wanted to really work in my own expertise. Roaming the woods, hunting and catching animals. Selling the hides, or make leather of them. Deliver for the tavern, or kitchen of any noble. Meeting special demands, and so on.

Im now planning to check other towns to see if they offer something good.

If I won't find anything, I have to deal with this. Maybe Ill have to make trips of my own and just sell my earnings. Or I find something else I can do.

I have no idea what the future holds for me in that respect, but I'm open for anything, as long I can take care of my basic needs.

What I'm curious about though, and something I could ask my advisor is how I can change my profession. I have been in the woods and with animals all my life, and it will be hard to make a change to bodyguard, for example. But I think I'm up for it.

I will observe, adapt and anticipate.

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Action: Living


Servant Chiram

Message to Advisor

Dear Timar,

Life has been hard. I once had dreams but now my hope has been diminished to having just a good day of work and income. I lost my life again and it has been a pain to succeed in trapping hog's. My soul has faded for a small amount, and my concentration is flawed.

The other day I almost lost a foot to a male one, and I am not sure I would survive a bite. The town's physician explained to me how dangerous that was, and how difficult to overcome.

I'm deeply ashamed..

I saw an old lady resting after working her garden. Her hands dirty, grooved face but with beautiful eyes.
I approached her because I saw something glisten.

It was gold.. I took it.

I am so sorry. What should I do? I want to return it, I cannot live with this act still alive. I haven't seen the woman again however, should I maybe donate it at the temple?

They don't let me pray there unfortunately. Whispered something of "being to free..". I was taken aback by this decision. As if I don't believe in something greater!

Timar, you knew my father. What would he have done? I'm trying to figure what he would say to me.

I'm sorry this time, but not the next one, then I will decide better…

My warmly remembrances,


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