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Thane the Warrior
A Friend

Thane the Warrior

Thane stared for moment at the blank tan parchment page in his journal. He lifted up his head and looked around the unusually-busy tavern for mid-day. His sea-green eyes narrowed at the reflection of a large fire that had been stoked to remove the bitter chill of soon approaching winter. Just when Thane thought it was getting a little too warm, a of drop of sweat rolled off of his tanned, leathery forehead and made its mark on the parchment below. "How fitting" Thane thought, as he slicked back his sholder-length auburn hair that fell in front of his deep-set eyes. "This is how my story begins… by my hard work and the sweat of my brow."

Thane's childhood had always been about disipline and hard work. Thane recalled at the age 7, that he was ahead of all of the other human children in their studies. Not because was more intelligent than than the other students, but because he spent many hours past his bedtime reading and memorizing what he had learned the day before. There was one particular subject that interested him though. The subject of war. At an early age, Thane learned of his father's heroic deeds as a soldier in the army and his countless victories in battle up to his death. At the age of 12, Thane purposed in his heart to follow the footsteps of his father before him. He would learn to master the art of battle and war. For the next four years, Thane could be found at the local barracks sparring with other would-be warriors, knights and soldiers. Though tall and wirey, Thane's muscularity began to fill in by practicing with heavy weapons of battle. He bested many opponents in practice, but he was far from perfect. He had one fatal flaw that soured many a battle. His temper. While his brown-reddish hair and sea-green eyes were gifts from his mother, his hot temper was a gift from his father. Every failure in battle was a result of him losing his composure.

"I am an expert with sword and spear," Thane murmured looking up from his journal and rubbed a large bruise on his left arm, "I must master my temper."

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Thane the Warrior
A Friend

Warrior Thane

Advisor Description

Thane had just finished hammering his last horseshoe at the blacksmith shoppe for the evening when he noticed a dark figure peering at him through a rack of rusty weapons.
"Who goes there?", Thane asked dropping his hammer as he made his way toward the stranger. The stranger stepped closer and into the moonlight revealing a slender young man dressed in azure blue robes.
"Who are you?", Thane asked again with a demanding tone in his voice. The stranger pulled back the cloak that covered his smooth olive-skinned face.
"Hello Thane", he said with a bright smile that accented his short-groomed, black goatee, " I see that you are hard at work as usual."
"Guy.... Guy is that you?", Thane proclaimed with excitement.
"Aye, tis I" Guy answered with a smile that seemed to warm the chill out of the night air. The two locked arms tightly and laughed out loud.
"How long has it been, my friend?", Thane asked.
"Too long" Guy answered. Thane nodded in agreement. "At least five years… the last time I saw you, you were covered in mud and worried you would get a thrashing from your mother."
"Yes, I remember. It was quite the thrashing too." Thane replied chuckling to himself. "You were always getting me into trouble."
"Come, let me buy you a drink. It's on me!"
The two reminisced about their childhood all night. Thane remembered meeting the young orphan in the woods near Thane's home when he was five. Guy had been picking herbs for his new master "Blackhawk" who lived in a solitary tower deep in the forest. Though Guy was three years his elder the two became close friends right away. Thane considered him as an older brother. He recalled the time how Guy saved him from nearly decapitating his foot by almost stepping into a bear trap.
"Though you got me into trouble,you were always there to get me out of trouble when it really mattered." Thane said solemnly. He blinked his eyes changing the subject, "How's Blackhawk doing anyway? Has the old sage killed himself with with one of his crazy experiments yet?" Thane said half-jokingly.
Guy dropped his head.
"I'm sorry, I didn't.."
Guy looked up at Thane, "I mourned your mothers passing."
Thane looked away. The pain was still too new near.
"But that's why I'm here, Thane. We are the only family we have."
Thane returned the sentiment. For tonight, Thane was just happy to have a loyal friend in this unpredictable world.

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Thane the Warrior
A Friend

Thane the Warrior Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

I, Thane the Warrior, after much toil and perseverance have finally been able to obtain a wooden abode to call my own.

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Thane the Warrior
A Friend

Warrior Thane

Thane the Warrior Lives!. I, Thane, have died but am alive again! Mine astonished 1st awakening. Was it a quest. I need to changeth mine aim.

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Thane the Warrior
A Friend

Warrior Thane

House of Sorrows

Thane fell to his knees as he let out a loud wail that was half anguish and half rage.

After a moment of silence, Thane picked himself off of the cold stone floor… and screamed…

"Those evil men!... Those sorcerers and alchemists!... Let them be cursed."

"They created the spell of Autismark and cast it into the insects of 'vaccination' and 'inoculation' with their deadly stingers. These wicked men must be destroyed. Their only agenda is to target small children of the world for the purpose of depopulation!"

"There must be more awareness to protect innocent children from these evil men. I have a dear friend who has a child with autismark. He was fine before those wicked insects stung him." Now his world is turned upside-down, like yours must be… you are the creator of this world because you have no other choice but to stay home and take care of your children. Anxious is one name if the children, I did not notice the other. Society treats these children horribly. .

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Thane the Warrior
A Friend

Thane the Warrior

I have defeated a Woodsman. Let all know that it be by the mighty hands of Thane the Warrior.

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Thane the Warrior
A Friend

Thane Warrior

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Let me tell thee of Lady Fluke,
Her beauty be like none other,
When first meeting inquisitive Dukes,
They turn and run for cover.

They say they "set their sights too high",
For none of them want to hold her,
"Meh Lady", they say "Good-bye",
For beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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