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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius the Merciless

Lezarius the Merciless // human // male // 16 of age // Month and Year xx, x

The name Lezarius was given to me beyond my will. Regardless, I have grown quite fond of the name. My mother-or my former mother, rather, felt that Alberad II, my father, would be no need of a "third" to his father's generation, for such a name only carries with it brute strength. Instead, "Lezarius" was given as the name to represent balance and perfection. I simply must agree.

My father was weak for having died in the field, but my mother was weaker for dying the way she did in such mild grief. I saw her and immediately despised her for such an act of unfaithlessness. She had the potential to rule the town but instead only worked on menial tasks and labors.

The town found it fitting for me to be called "Merciless" due to my reactions to each of my family members' deaths, but I felt it only natural for the strong to disregard the weak. But enough about them and my family, I write on this journal to document the path to my destiny.

5'7" // lean in structure // tan // well trimmed // sharp green eyes // snappy and sharp in appearance

If I measured and compared correctly, I must be of those above descriptions. I take pride in my appearance and hence early morning rituals are key. I am naturally blessed to lack any mustaches and beards and hence reduces the time in preparing to have such a presentable appearance. My skin is scar-free, and that attributes to the fact that I calculate all natural dangers and never allow my opponents to land a strike. If such is the case a scar were to appear, so be it, though it indeed will cause damage to my pride.

Fencing // Meditating // Reading scripture // Tending to animals // Foraging // Hunting // Basic housework

Arrow-list of Goals:
> Obtain a reliable weapon, preferably a rapier
> Show my worth by destroying the weak and the unworthy
> Gather a circle of of followers for the Dark Dieties
> Establish a company to trade within the country
> Obtain favor from the nobles
> Climb my way up towards the position of the royal throne
> Codify a system of laws for the citizenry to obey
> Enforce all laws and punish the disobedient
> Expand the kingdom

I found a keen interest in what the priests call, the "Dark Dieties". Their laws and commandments I find very… euphemising as to imagining such a citizenry living with such order and efficiency. I must do anything in my will to achieve such a system in this world. To such hence I begin my journey to rule the kingdom.

I, Lezarius the Merciless, hereby mark this journal log as day njmber 1 of my adventure.


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Lezarius the Merciless
A Friend

Merciless Lezarius

Advisor Description

Captain Garreth was apparently a close friend of my father, Alberad II in the war, and has seemingly sworn his life upon my father's last wish to watch over me in my endeavors.

It was him who beared news to us of my father's death. I had thought he'd left after the message, but in the days after, I discovered tracks of his presence one night and found him sleeping on a treebranch in the forest. Mother invited him home for a while, I suppose for accompaniment, but after her death, Garreth has been following me up to this day.

His combat knowledge and capabilities are astonishing, and I have the upmost respect for his display of loyalty. Because he is an openly devout follower of Myrios, the god of Honor and Strength, and because he's an experienced military leader, I can see him as a valuable and trustworthy asset to my mission to build the perfect kingdom.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius the Merciless Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Today, my encounter with a Dog Rat ended with me slaying the Dog Rat.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Merciless Lezarius

A Bat Swarm was one of the enemies that I laid low this day.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Merciless Lezarius

Let it be known that I, Lezarius, have attained Level 1 and as such have grown in both ability and endurance.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius the Merciless

Let it be known that I, Lezarius, have attained Level 2 and as such have grown in both ability and endurance.

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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius Merciless

Most beautiful lady of Lezarius

True beauty is in the eye of the Dark Dieties, and such physical beauty I had just encountered in this bustling town.

Slim // fair skinned // determined hazel eyes // neat, wavy dark-brown hair // attractively structured face

She had a slim figure but was not fragile like glass. I knew from the way she walked and from her empowering posture that she was a lady of good ethic and efficiency. Her clothing suggests that she works in the field of currency-either with tax collecing or moneylending. She appeared to be in her later teens, at least older than me.

Her hair was neatly brushed-no loose strands visible-and wavy at her shoulder's length. Her skin was light and fair, but from her determined eyes and confident smirk in these streets I would not be surprised if she possessed any battle scars-if any at all-from minor clashes or duels.

But it is her display, be it a glimpse, of confidence most of all that I find the most beautiful. Such beauty will become a great asset to my rise as a ruler.

I, Lezarius the Merciless, have never laid my eyes upon such a lady, and to the bidding of the Dark Dieties will I do anything in my power to cooperate, if not, control her in further arriving towards my destiny as ruler of this kingdom.


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Lezarius the Merciless
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Lezarius Merciless Text RPG MMORPG & Play Post

Deity of Lezarius

Ishek is entitled the head minister among the 13 Dark Dieties. He represents Control and Order.

Ishek ordains his followers a brief but strict list of commandments:
1. Order above all else.
2. Control, or be controlled.
3. Never succumb to passions.
4. Discard the useless and weak.
Those who obey thy commandments are given much favor, but those who disobery are severely punished.

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