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Make sure you learn how to use these as they ARE part of Constructive Posting.
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Offtopic, Quotes & Other Tags

In this forum we like to keep topics on track with the theme of the Board. If not there would be chaos and confusion.

Please Note the following:

- Try not to quote the whole of what someone says, but rather quote just the part that you are actually replying to
Why: Users do not want to see an 'echo' of a message, especially if you are right underneath the message you are replying to.

- If an OFF TOPIC is going to get so long that it becomes larger than the message then please do move the conversation to an appropriate thread or I'm.
Why: The the thread becomes OFF TOPIC rather than based on the subject

- Do not use quoted text as a means to justify the 15 word count.
Why: It defeats the purpose of the 15 word count

To help us keep threads in order too we ask that when you wish to joke around, be sarcastic or speak about something directly pertaining to the subject of a thread that you use the 'OFFTOPIC' and 'QUOTE' tags. Here is a simple explanation:

To Quote

Attached Image CODE

[quote] Place text here as is [/quote]

And that will give you this effect:

Attached Image QUOTE
Place text here as is


Attached Image CODE

[offtopic]  This is an example of an offtopic quote. It is used for messages that do not pertain to the subject of the thread  [/offtopic]

This will give you the effect below to the right:

Rather off topic, but...

This is an example of an offtopic quote. It is used for messages that do not pertain to the subject of the thread.

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Tags and Quotes Offtopic

To make something bold use this tag:

Attached Image CODE

NOTE: Bold should only be used as emphasis as a title or a few lines and not many or all your lines of text. Its horrible reading to view something all in bold and does not give any measure of favor to your writing.

To make something italics use this tag:
Attached Image CODE

Never put: "---" Or "========" To represent a line or break. When you do this for a certain number of characters it causes scrolling on Mobile phones. Instead use this tag:
Attached Image CODE

This will give you this:

The below image shows the buttons (Via the reply page) you would press if you wanted to use the offtopic and quote buttons. Note if you use the quick reply box at the bottom of the thread then you will NOT see the buttons, but you can still use the appropriate codes.

Attached Image

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Offtopic, Quotes & Other Tags Feedback & FAQ News Community

About the New Member Test Board

Q. Is there a place in which I can test the post features without actually creating a thread?
A. No. During your making of a Post you can press the [Preview] button to see how it looks first.

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Tags and Quotes Offtopic

Differentiate Quotes

Sometimes Members will quote what someone says, but they do not say who they are quoting from. To prevent readers from having to wade through pages of posts to find the original poster of a quote it will be helpful if you can add their name. To do this:

Use the quote tags and after the first text quote insert the name of the person you are quoting, for example:

[quote=JB@Trinidad] Please post constructively...[/quote]

Notice how the the first quote tag has an equal sign with a name attached to it? That is the name of the person you are quoting. So the result of the above quote will be:

QUOTE (JB@Trinidad)
Please post constructively...

Post Date: 11th Mar, 2013 - 5:48pm / Post ID: #

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Tags and Quotes Offtopic

Role-playing Game Related Tags

Please be considerate and read the whole of this several times until it becomes part of your Posting routine. I am not joking around about this, Players have lost their Membership for 'testing' the limits of these Rules. Want to know how serious we are? Read this when you get a chance: What Is So Difficult To Understand? (Opens in a new window). Even older Members sometimes need reminders about this to avoid giving Moderators a higher work load by moving or editing your Posts.

Do not use Role-playing Games to talk about your schedule, when you can play, emergencies in your family such as death or accident or anything NOT related to the Role-playing Game. Always use your Introduction Thread for this or you will cause the Role-playing Game to go off topic into your situation thus leading to Moderation.

First, if you have not done it as required before Registering on this site then please do it now, read the: Constructive Posting Policy otherwise please continue:

Next, in the Role-playing Games you may need to say something "In Character:" And "Out of Character:" You may also need to let the GM know your Character's "Specific Action:". This can all be done through some very easy code:


Use the following code on the left of the "=" Sign without spaces to give you the relevant message:

O O C = Out of Character:

I C = In Character:

S A = Specific Action:

Remember: The above letters to the left of the "=" Sign have no spaces in between them.


Attached Image CODE
SA "Conan swings his sword at the snake."

Will give you: Specific Action: Conan swings his sword at the snake.

Mistakes & Wrong Usage

1. Some Members like to use the "Out of Character:" Tag like an Offtopic Tag, this is incorrect because they are two different Tags.

2. The "Out of Character:" Tag is meant for information that is STILL related to the game but not actually part of your Character's actions or words. The Offtopic Tag is for when your message is about your personal issues or something not related at all to the Role-playing Game you are in. In this case you should really be using your Intro Thread** or the appropriate Thread for the subject matter so no one starts to focus on your off topic message.

3. Do not use "[" and "]" brackets as Out of Character: or to ask questions. Brackets on this site is used for code, additionally when a Moderator corrects a Post they usually use the brackets to indicate what was edited.

A further explanation about direction in your Role-playing Games can be read here: Open Discussion In Role-playing Games.

If you are a Dungeon Master / Game Master it is imperative that you also thoroughly read this: How To Be A Dungeon Master.

** Your Intro Thread is the very first Thread you made when you made your Introduction. You will find it here: Introductions & Member Sharing.

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