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Imagine being a parent to three special needs children. Life is very stressful at times. My Blog is about my three special needs boys. I home school them, if I didn't they would be abused. One is within the Autism spectrum as PDDNOS. The other seems to have OCD habits and may be slightly Autistic. The last is over two and still cannot talk. To top it off we live in a Banana Republic.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This was said by JB in answer to people who like to say they "understand" or "don't worry the kids will out grow it". I think it should be understood that Autism is... "Before I was a father of special needs children I did not understand. I also regrettably came to false conclusions in observing parents of such children because I did not understand. I encourage those of you who are reading LDS_forever's Blog to take the challenge and go to a center where they specifically deal with Autistic children and learn about it and what it is like. When you do multiply that by the rest of your life and times three and then you will understand. There are also many Threads in the Psychology Board that explain this. Autism is NOT about maturity. It is not about age. It is the brain being wired different. In olden times children with Autism were considered possessed by the devil because of the way they acted and moved. That should help you get a small idea."

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23rd May, 2010 - 1:20am / Post ID: #

Parenting Special Needs Children Blog - Page 2

Today was relatively quiet. Few screams here and there. Jonah woke up in a good mood and slept well which made the day a little easier to handle. Seth was unusually quiet and super cute as usual. Felipe was able to go out and ride his bike and play with his gameboy.

I was able to get all the cooking done for tomorrow as well as the ironing.

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26th May, 2010 - 5:57pm / Post ID: #

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Jonah has not been eating well for the past few days. He is super crancky, moody and unsettled. It is sad to see him like that because sometimes he may have a headache or tummy ache and he is not able to express because at the age of almost 4 he does not speak.

We hardly have time to do work which is vital to pay the bills because we have to either hold them, have them in our laps or just sing to them to sooth them.

I spend all my time trying to teach them and play with them but because we're speaking about special needs kids, the whole process takes a whole different direction.

Jonah started soothing himself when he sees something he does not like (like a particular wall in a certain street, a color, a spot in one of his pants, etc) and keeps reassuring himself by saying "It's fine, it's fine).

28th May, 2010 - 1:40pm / Post ID: #

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I was up all night with Seth. It was a very long night. Jonah has been sneezing a lot and Felipe is sick with the cold.

The thing with Felipe being sick is that he won't allow his body and mind to rest. Because of his ADHD he would talk even more than he usually does (and he is already hyperverbal) and will be pacing the house up and down complaining constantly and whining. On top of that I have to cook, clean the house, homeschool, and do laundry.

I am really tired. Going to do laundry now.

29th May, 2010 - 4:53pm / Post ID: #

Page 2 Blog Children Special Parenting

Phew, I was able to sleep better last night so was Seth. Thank Goodness! Often times I find myself going to bed very early (8 or 9pm) because I need the sleep in order to cope better with the challenges of raising three special needs kids.

Of course, it also means I don't have time to watch TV or do something for myself but I suppose that's pretty much gone now and I do it only whenever I get a chance which is not too often.

3rd Jun, 2010 - 2:07pm / Post ID: #

Blog Children Special Parenting

Finally Jonah was able to eat a proper meal yesterday. He loves tacos so he ate plenty. Right now all he eats is chocolate milk, corn flakes, toast and tacos. Nothing else. He doesn't like spaghetti anymore, soup or tuna. He used to love these things but no longer tolerates them so it has been a struggle to get him to eat. We make sure he takes his vitamins daily.

One of his latest obsessions is covering his belly button. When I put pants or underwear, they must cover his navel and he will pull them out high if necessary. He also do not brush his teeth anymore as he used to, he wants to bite on the toothbrush until it falls apart.

Felipe's obsessions of topics of interest have become more acute. He will literally don't give you a chance to speak and even when you tell him to stop talking he would continue like he never heard you and he will get extremely oppositional if is corrected.

8th Jun, 2010 - 1:31pm / Post ID: #

Parenting Special Needs Children Blog

What a day yesterday! Jonah gave me a very hard time putting his pajamas because they weren't his favorite one. He also no longer want to wear a particular pant because sometime ago, a drop of milk fall on it and he still remember it. On top of all that, he does not want to use the potty anymore before going to sleep. *sigh*

It is so exhausting to remember each one of his obsessions because they change all the time and it truly stresses you to the max.

He will be 4 years old next month and still talking like a baby, few words such as "milk, water, doggie, food, bread, etc" (mispronounced most of the time) but NO sentences whatsoever.

Felipe's behavior isn't getting any better, he fight us for everything we ask him to do and won't "listen" to anything we say. We know is part of autism but doesn't make us feel any better.

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9th Jun, 2010 - 1:58pm / Post ID: #

Parenting Special Children Blog - Page 2

Last night Jonah refused to bathe, he finally did after trying very hard to convince him to do so, he put on his favorite pajama top but did not want to put his pants. It was a struggle. It is even more stressful because it happened at the evening when you're so tired of a long day of special needs.

Felipe and I are learning about the US Presidents. We started with George Washington today and we will be studying one President per week. It's quite a challenge to homeschool and also see about other two special needs kids. I manage somehow with the help of JB.

I am making tacos, Jonah's favorite, hopefully he will choose to eat.

13th Jun, 2010 - 12:18am / Post ID: #

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Jonah has been behaving extremely anxious, irritated, hyper and unsatisfied for the past few weeks, there seems to be better days than others but right now every day is the same thing.

He goes around the housing literally screaming out of the blue if there is a TV commercial he does not like, if he does not get his way or is angry and frustrated. The thing is, he is frustrated and angry from the time he wakes up. He shouts and demands things to be done in a second and because of his inability to understand time or basic concepts, explaining to him is a waste of time because he does not understand what we are saying.

He is hardly eating, even his favorite foods and is not sleeping properly. We are EXHAUSTED, EXTREMELY EXAUSTED.

To be honest, I really...really do not know how we survive and go through every day. It's miraculous really. On top of that, we also have to cater for the special needs of 2 more children at the exact same time because they all demand our attention at the same time.

It's insanity. I feel home is a hospital...literally.

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