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Sun, 22nd April, 2018 - 9:42 pm GMT

Ancestors of Maria Soledad Acosta

Third Generation

6. Pedro Achinelli [Parents]

7. Librada Encarnación Fiore [Parents]


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Spanish Home Work

Here is where you see how much you have learnt.

Choose the ONE letter that is the right answer for each of the questions that follow. The answers are hidden in the special area below the questions, you have to highlight it to see. Good luck!

1) What's the biggest difference between Spanish and Castellano

A) You say in Spanish "Vos" And in Castellano "Tú"
B) You say in Spanish "Tú" And in Castellano "Vos"
C) There is no difference
D) Both a) and b) can be used both ways

2) "Where are you from ?" In Castellano is:

A) De donde vienes?
B) De donde eres?
C) De donde sos?
D) None of them
E) All of them

3) Which one of the following conjugation verbs is correct:

A) El soy un doctor
B) Ellos son unos doctor
C) Soy un doctor
D) All of the above

4) Choose the right answer for each word for : Flag

A) Escarapela
B) Bandera
C) Madera
D) Flagar

5) Choose the right answer for each word for : Computer

A) Computadors
B) Computación
C) Computadora
D) Computa

6) Choose the right answer for each word for : Chair

A) silla
B) chilla
C) milla
D) mesa

7) 'Happy Birthday' translated means:

A) Feliz Dia
B) Feliz Dia de Cumpleanos
C) Feliz Cumpleanos

8) What do you think this person is asking for:
"Donde esta el bano ?"

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Answers Coming Soon.

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