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My Terrorism Fear Factor

My Terrorism Fear Factor My Terrorism Fear Factor

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PLEASE NOTE: These quizzes are meant to be fun only and not a means to analyze your true nature. Please do not get a headache or heartache over the result. With that said, continue answering each question below honestly...

PICK THE ANSWER THAT IS CLOSEST TO YOUR CHOICE: On a bus an arab boy boards with a bulky coat, the first thought that comes to your mind is...
He is carrying a bomb!
He is eating too much

Before Sept. 11th and now after Sept. 11th your view of Arab Americans has changed?

I see an Imam in the street preaching with other Arab men looking up at him and listening, my first thought is...
They are planning their next attack
They having a religious street meeting

At a party there are some arab looking men / women. During the time you are there you will...
Mainly avoid them
Treat them like everyone else

Your seat on a plane puts you next to a man who looks like one of the bombers on Sept. 11th so you...
Get up and insist to get off the plane
Sit down and relax

You general view of Islam is...
A religion
A means to fund terrorism

I see the war(s) in the Middle East as...

The government says it needs to curtail some freedoms in order to provide adequate security for the general population and I...

An arab woman wearing a hijab is asking for donations for a children's home, your first thought is...
Let me see how much I can give
This may end up in the hands of terrorists

When I get letters in the mail I...
Open it only after a thorough inspection
Open it as normal

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