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Tue, 25th October, 2016 - 8:26 am GMT

About Drama Style RPGing

Most of the RPGs here are for advanced / intermediate RPGers (we do welcome beginners if you are serious about RPGing) that like Play by Post interaction, but not all the RPGs are Play by Post, some are: MMOPRG, turn based and so forth.
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What kind of RPG is this?

Unlike most of the RPGs we have where you have to wait on the GM to control the storyline, in Love & Life Bytes you are the story line. The GM just gives you a general background but most of it inolves the drama you think up on your own! If you like RPGs, but do not want the hassel of rules and regulations then this is the RPG for you!

Create Your Character

On this page you start the process to create a character that you control in one of the RPG board called Love & Life Bytes. Please make sure to take the time to read, understand and then create your character. If you do not, you will be ignored for sure as we have a lot on our plate.

First things First

Should you be here? If you are an RPG member on the Bulletin Boards & Forum then, "yes", continue on to step one. If you are a member of the Forum, but did not get RPG status then make sure you meet the requirements and then contact admin via the forum. When you join the Community you will be expected to at least post 30 positive messages in the forum before your status is adjusted to RPG.

Next Step...

Copy the following form info (in between 'Start of Copy' and 'End of Copy') into a text file and then fill it in. If you need some explanation then check the KEY below the form. When you are finished go to the Love & Life Bytes Board located on the forum and post it in the 'Create New Character Here thread'. Make sure you fill in all fields, you will not get a second chance!

Start of Copy:

RPG: Bytes
Special Skills:
Luck: None
Your Image: Describe

End of Copy

Explanation of above:
Alias: Your character's name, must not be more than 8 letters or numbers combined.

Special Skills: Choose a profession that exists in this present day. Only choose one. Examples are:
Race car driver
Movie star
Bar Tender
Bank Teller
Oil Tycoon
Stock Broker
Insurance Salesman
Used Car Salesperson

Luck: Leave this as is. This refers to luck points that your character can use to get out of situations, for instance let's say the group votes you out of the game, you can use a luck point to stay in the game and not be bumped. You gain luck points through winning the game. For every game you win, you get one luck point.

Describe: You may wish to build a 'history' about your character such as how he looks, strong points, etc.

Your Image : Unlike the other RPGs you get a face for your character right away. The faces on the right are either of a male or female of various looks and backgrounds. They are not unique to this RPG and we wanted to have a 'flavor' of charismas. Do not look at them based on the movie/theme they represent but rather the face itself. Your image helps you to portray your character. When choosing type the number of the pic. The male or female version will be automatically chosen based on your own sex.

Now go to: Love & Life Bytes Drama RPG

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In Character: Satisfied that all is well with his fort and its expansion he calls for two soldiers to go to Durgan's home to find out how he is and if he needs to be escorted anywhere.

He then calls for any wise men acquainted with history to see if they know anything about those twin towers they came from.

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