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Stock Exchange Closing September 12, 2014
Symbol Time Open High Low Last Trade Diff. --
AMGN4:15pm138.51138.99136.82$137.89-1.07 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
AXP4:00pm88.1888.3087.44$87.64-0.78 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
CMCSA4:00pm56.9057.1456.67$57.08+0.10 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
CSCO4:15pm25.1625.2625.07$25.16-0.02 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
CTXS3:59pm72.0572.3471.73$71.97-0.23 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
DELLN/AN/AN/AN/A$0.00N/A $quote->symbol Stock Rate
DISH4:00pm66.3566.3665.67$65.96-0.34 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
EBAY4:00pm50.6053.0750.04$52.19+1.51 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
SLV4:00pm17.8017.919917.76$17.89-0.069 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
FB4:00pm77.9978.3077.10$77.48-0.44 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
FWLT4:00pm31.4431.6531.44$31.59+0.02 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
GLD4:00pm118.63118.90118.07$118.38-1.092 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
GILD4:00pm106.17106.90102.895$103.66-2.73 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
GOOG4:15pm581.00581.64574.46$575.62-5.73 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
HOLX4:00pm25.1125.2124.705$24.73-0.41 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
HSIC4:15pm117.46117.88116.48$116.76-1.10 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
IACI4:00pm71.5671.5670.37$70.45-1.09 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
ISRG4:00pm469.22481.62469.22$480.73+10.73 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
OIL4:00pm22.5922.729922.38$22.44-0.23 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
JNPR4:04pm23.6323.6323.13$23.16-0.54 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
MAT4:00pm34.6734.7134.29$34.34-0.25 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
MCD4:01pm92.9593.8492.82$93.34+0.38 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
TWTR4:00pm52.5552.8252.02$52.11-0.53 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
USO4:00pm34.5934.8034.30$34.38-0.31 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
WYNN4:15pm186.52186.52182.001$182.53-3.57 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
YHOO4:15pm41.7943.2041.50$42.88+1.62 $quote->symbol Stock Rate
Source for Information: Yahoo! Finance

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