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Sun, 23rd July, 2017 - 8:48 pm GMT

Selected Families and Individuals

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  • Selected Families/Individuals
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    Maria Soledad Borde

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    Lesson Two

    Now, in lesson 1 we learnt some basic Spanish; the alphabet, expressions, the prounouns, the verb 'To Be' and some differences between Spanish and Castellano.

    In lesson 2, we are going to learn the verb 'to have', more basic expressions and the happy birthday theme song! The verb 'to have' has differences both in Spanish and castellano, see here:


    I have
    You have
    He has
    She has
    We have
    They have
    You all have

    Yo tengo
    Tu tienes
    El tiene
    Ella tiene
    Nosotros tenemos
    Vosotros tenéis*
    Ellos tienen

    Yo tengo
    Vos tenés
    El tiene
    Ella tiene
    Nosotros tenemos
    Ustedes tienen
    Ellos tienen

    * It only applies to Spain.

    Note: Even if in some latin-american countries the people talk castellano, in the schools they teach the conjugations in Spanish but the people don't talk like that.

    Some basic expressions:

    1) How many brothers and sisters do you have?/ Cuántos hermanos y hermanas tienes? (Espanol) Cuántos hermanos y hermanas tenés? (Castellano).

    2) I would like to get a hamburger and french fries / Me gustaría tener una hamburguesa y papas fritas (Espanol and Castellano).

    3) Where's the bus stop? / Dónde está la parada del autobús? (Espanol) /Dónde está la parada de colectivo? (Argentina).

    Now, there are certain words that we use that is different in each country but has the same meaning. As you see Spanish is a language you need to learn constantly.
    I will give you an example:

    Bus: Autobús (In some countries) / colectivo (Argentina)
    Car: Carro (In some countries) / auto or coche (Argentina)
    Discoteque: Discoteca (In some countries), boliche (Argentina)
    Beans: Frijoles (In some countries), porotos (Argentina)

    There are plenty more examples we can give you. These are only some of them.

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