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Tue, 30th May, 2017 - 12:49 pm GMT

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A typical TEXT BASED game would involve the Game Master, called "GM" for short, telling you about a certain situation and then you say how you would like Conan to react to that situation. This is all done via our Community. To play you must be a member of our Community in good standing. If you specifically want to play the World of Medieval or Future Earth then you must have RPG Group status. To get RPG status you must post a required number of constructive messages and then have contacted the GM with a request to change your membership from regular to RPGer.

Note: RPGs under the Member Wars Board do NOT have these requirements and you can start right away!

Here are some FAQ, but you can learn more via the RPG boards on our Forum

Q. How do I start?
A. To play a Text Based RPG, Join our Forum, you will be expected to be a constructive writer and active participant.

Q. Why do I have to post 30 messages of substance?
A. We cater for mature active players. We do not want people just registering to create a character and not play (yes, it has happened in the past), so to show you are serious we ask that you contribute 30 constructive messages to the forum. It is not hard because we cover lots of issues and topics. You also have an online Character sheet that can be used to store your Character's information. See an example: Character Sheet

Q. Is this free or do I have to pay?
A. This is totally FREE! If you wish to contribute to our work you can always do so via the Contribute option on the forum.

Q. Is this copyrighted?
A. Yes, everything here, even the graphics are all original, do not copy them, the system of play or storyline.

Q. Am I the character in the game?
A. No, you are not the character, you only decide what the character will do in the story and then the GM will tell you the results of your decision.

Q. Is this page the rules?
A. No, each RPG game has its' own rules in the forum usually under a thread called, "Rules & Game Play" or something similar. As an example you can check the Medieval board and look for the first few threads at the top that describe the game.

Q. What kind of games do you have?
A. We have four kinds to cater for various tastes: World of Medieval - Set in a time of magicans, warriors and knights Future Earth - Future Earth, a science fiction scenario Love & Life Bytes - Social comedy with a twist of twlight zone Member Wars - This is forum based and so not covered here as there is little GM intervention

Q. Ok, it is my first time here and I hate to read, can you just tell me what to do step by step?
A. Well if you do not like to read then you will not abide well in our RPGs or forum since it is all based on reading, afterall, its not like we will get on the phone and call you with the results of your character's last move. However, here is a simple step by step process, but it will still involve you having to make some choices.

1. You are here and want to play RPG. First Join the Community.
2. The link will take you to a portal page, just click "Register", read the rules and fill in the form, tick I agree and then submit the form. If you did everything correctly you will be taken to a 'success' page as well as an Email would have been sent to you.
3. With the Email you received follow the directions to validate your account.
4. Start posting! You have to get 30 in order to request RPG status. This may take you a couple of days, especially as we do not allow members to post over a certain amount per day.
5. After you have posted 30 messages then contact the GM and let him know your username as well as the fact that you will now like to have RPG group status.
6. The GM will write you back when your membership has been changed.
7. When your membership has changed begin to decide which RPG you wish to play. You can select from Medieval, Future Earth, or Love & Life Bytes.
8. When you have decided which one you want to play then proceed to that RPG's main page (links are below).
9. On the main page of the RPG you wish to play are instructions concerning how to create a character, follow those instructions. One thing is certain... each RPG board has a thread called, 'Create Character Here', that is where you will post the information you obtained from the RPG main board. I should clarify something here: RPG Main page(s) refers to the pages that are here: Medieval, Future Earth, or L&L Bytes. RPG Board(s) refers to the actual boards on the forum (where you interact with other members and the results, storyline and other stats are shown).
10. After you post your character in the relevant thread then the GM will create your character and inform you to post in the 'Camp' or 'Brainstorm' thread depending on which RPG you are playing. You are now part of the game and fight for the survival of your character.

Quick Help: Are You New Here?

A. If this is the first time you are visiting this site and you do not know what RPGs are then About RPGs.
B. If you would like to see some of the rules, players and a typical RPG story for the World of Medieval then WOM Rules.
C. If you want to register on the forum and introduce yourself then Join Now. (required to play)
D. If you are part of the RPG group on the forum and want to create a character for World of Medieval then Start Here.
E. If you are looking for the Medieval Market then Visit Here.
F. If you are looking for other RPGs then check the List or get a Deeper Explanation about Text RPGs.

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