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Sat, 22nd October, 2016 - 11:48 am GMT

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Character Builder

Welcome to the "World of Medieval", an official RPG created by the owners of Borde Global Impact Designs. The World of Medieval is set in a time of mystics, magicians, warriors and fair maidens. You create a character via our Community and then journey him or her through adventure and peril via PLAY by POST. To play you need to first become a member of our forum since that is where all the game play takes place! Please make sure to take the time to read, understand the Community and then create your character.

Create Your Character

On this page you start the process to create a character that you control in one of the RPG boards. If you are lost already as to what this is about then click here.

First Things First!

You should have a passion for writing and role-playing.

Step One

If you do not even know what the forum is then go join - it is FREE! Register When you join you will be expected to be a constructive writer and active participant.

Step Two

AFTER completing Step One above - Copy the following info into a text file and then fill it in. If you need some explanation then check the KEY below the form.

When you are finished go to the Medieval Board located on it in the Medieval Character Create Character Thread. Make sure you fill in all fields.

------- Start of Copy --------

RPG: World of Medieval
Role / Class: (Your role may have bonuses check here)
Level: 0
Special Skills:
Equipment: Medieval Market

Please show your equipment and next to it the quantity (NOT the cost) of that item, at the end show the total - in this sample format:

Dagger 1
Backpack 1
Rations 7 days
Total: 26 gold for all items

------- End of Copy --------

KEY - This side is explanation only. Do not copy this.
RPG: Medieval Right now only the Medieval game is available.
Alias: Your character's name, must not be more than 8 letters or numbers combined.
Role: Choose either Warrior, Thief or Magician
(Your role may have bonuses check here)
Level: Your starting level is 0

You have a combined total of 30 points - distribute them how you wish among Body, Mind and Soul. Example: Body 10, Mind 13, Soul 7. See Bonuses. You cannot add more than 18 to either Body, Mind, or Soul. Body is your health and strength. Mind is your intelligence. Soul is your wisdom and charisma.

Special Skills:

This is your minor skill. Choose two from the following:

Leather Worker
Animal Trainer
Stone Mason
Wood Worker
Ship Maker
Beverage Maker
Body Guard

Equipment: Set based on what you purchase - go to the market and select what you want... you have 40 gold pieces to start. Please make sure to ADD CORRECTLY, but DO NOT add the cost of each item just the number of each item you purchased!

Quick Help: Are You New Here?

A. If this is the first time you are visiting this site and you do not know what RPGs are then About RPGs.
B. If you would like to see some of the rules, players and a typical RPG story for the World of Medieval then WOM Rules.
C. If you want to register on the forum and introduce yourself then Join Now. (required to play)
D. If you are part of the RPG group on the forum and want to create a character for World of Medieval then Start Here.
E. If you are looking for the Medieval Market then Visit Here.
F. If you are looking for other RPGs then check the List or get a Deeper Explanation about Text RPGs.

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Latest RPG Post

Out of Character: : Interactions with Zinna will be covered in the pending Interpersonal Thread.

In Character: :

The last few months have been busy, but mostly pleasant for Corren. He and Zinna enjoy one another's company, the folks in the town continue to hold the Defenders in high esteem, and the raise in pay has been nice. Corren is mostly saving up his funds, but has kept any plans for the money mostly to himself.

The group still works together on occasion, and meets almost daily. One of the more memorable occasions involved another dust-up at the Logger. Word reached Corren and Roland that Donnell was becoming belligerent. Donnell was just about the largest man in town, and almost always among the most good-natured. Truly a gentle giant of a man, all agreed. But on those rare occasions when made angry, he could cause lots of damage and injuries. As they reached the door Corren paused and said to Roland, "Give me just a couple of moments, then follow. You'll know when to act." Roland nodded and did as asked.

Corren came in and amidst the shouting and chaos, he managed to get Donnell's attention. But the man was not to be calmed, and a meaty fist knocked the rogue back over a table. But before anyone else could react, Roland delivered a solid blow to Donnell's midsection, eliciting a satisfying "Whooff," and followed with a wicked uppercut that lifted Donnell clear off his feet. The larger man dropped like the proverbial poleaxed steer. From that night forward, whenever Corren stood in the doorway of a room where there was trouble, with a large form looming behind him, things generally calmed down quickly.

There had been other incidents, and Corren had done his share of working alone, but for the most part, nothing anywhere near as exciting or hazardous as the disappearances and the grell had arisen. But Reeve Gant's latest assignment sounded like it could harbor even more intrigue and danger. He looks at his fellow Defenders a moment, then turns to the newcomer and gestures at a chair at the next table. "Well met, Sir Leo. I am Corren. Pull up a chair and we can discuss things." He pauses, then adds, "I certainly hope your Father Marcellus can ride a horse, for if the elves are not welcoming, a quick retreat might be our only course of action."

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