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Ancestors of Jean Andre' Basile Borde

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Basil Dermot b.1929 - 80 Edward St., POS, Trinidad, West Indies
Edgar Hypolite b.1860 - Trinidad, West Indies
Edgard Hypolite b.1892 - Trinidad, West Indies
Hypolite b.1834 - Trinidad, West Indies
Jean Andre' Basile
Mrs. Hypolite b.1838 -
Mrs. Ougust b.1812 -
Ougust b.1812 -


[Unknown] -




Vincente -
Virginia b.1911 - Probably Trinidad


[Unknown] -
Amelia m.1883 -


Antonio b.1870 - San Raphael, Trinidad, West Indies
Felicia Juanita
Pedro b.1892 - Probably Trinidad


Elsie b.1900 - Barbados, West Indies
George -


Lucita -


Winifred -

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