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What Kind Of Game Is This?

Text Adventure RPG - ROK II - Medieval Fantasy Text Adventures Text Adventure RPG - ROK II - Medieval Fantasy Text Adventures Ruler of Kings II (ROK II) is an asynchronous easy to use custom coded multi-player medieval fantasy text role-playing game that you play on your browser for FREE. Some may know it as a browser game, text adventure, MUD (multi-user dimension), choose your adventure (CYOA) or as a choose your path adventures. ROK II is like reading a novel while making choices for the author! Even so, you have dice, stats, a character sheet and the whole she-bang just like any table-top RPG. Do not think this is like every other text RPG, we can promise you that you will never see such a detailed multi-system driven text adventure like this -- ever!

You start with the potential to be a leader, however you must prove your worthiness as a Player. Create your own Party or join in a Play by Post Adventure Party or remain solo and continue towards your destiny as Ruler -- the choice is yours. What also makes Ruler of Kings II unique is that you can choose how you wish to play. For instance, you can make your whole game story driven, use a ladder system or reenact a group of Players around a table.

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Curious or still not sure?

Check our Features List or See Screenshots or begin with Free Text RPG Rules & Start. We also have an array of explanatory videos and FAQs.

Who Created This?

Text Adventure RPG - ROK II - Medieval Fantasy Text Adventures ROK II was created by the Administrator of International Discussions who is also a veteran Dungeon Master. Therefore, he has taken his experience in D&D (Dungeons & Dragons), home brews and adventure novels to create a game that combines all! It can be played anytime! Unlike other RPGs where you have to wait for people to get together around a table or Post in ROK II you do not have to wait on anyone, ROK II is playable 24/7.

Who Can Play ROK II?

Text Adventure RPG - ROK II - Medieval Fantasy Text AdventuresROK II can be played by everyone with an adventurous spirit. This is FREE to play and the system is automated to help you build your Character and navigate in the world right away. Ruler of Kings II is mobile responsive, can be played Solo, in fact it starts that way until you build up your own Armies and Kingdom, thus allowing you access to the Multi-Player feature. Feel free to invite your friends and others to play the ROK II Text Adventure.

What About Someone With Special Needs?

Those on the Autism Spectrum (Level One / High Functioning) or that may have Social Anxiety (ADHD, ADD, OCD) may find it a great way to slowly adventure while interacting with other Players at the pace they want to go. In other words, they do not have to interact with anyone if they do not want to. Many who are Deaf, Mute or Blind also participate in ROK II. Role Players suffering with depression may find Ruler of Kings Text Adventures a good way to relieve some stress as they write and build their own Character.

Do I Need To Install Anything?

Text Adventure RPG - ROK II - Medieval Fantasy Text Adventures Nothing to install or download! ROK II is a rich mixture of thoughtful character building, strategic turn based elements, planning, creative writing, dice rolling and more. ROK II allows you to play anytime and anywhere so long as you can access this site through your regular browser. You do NOT need to download or install anything. It is especially good if you are waiting on a current play by post ? or table top game to progress and need something to do while you wait, however its progressive attribute means ROK II has its own unique category of entertainment.

Let Us Start Your Text Adventure

Like any good game worth playing you first must know the Rules, however in ROK II the Rules also begins game play. Press this button: Free Text RPG Rules & Start to go to the next page.

Text Adventure RPG - ROK II - Medieval Fantasy Text Adventures

ROK II involves a mixture of races, classes and personalities.

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