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Text RPG - Ruler of Kings II - Medieval Fantasy Text RPG - Ruler of Kings II - Medieval Fantasy Ruler of Kings II (ROK II) is an asynchronous easy to use custom coded multi-player medieval fantasy text role-playing game that you play on your browser for FREE. It is like reading a novel while making choices for the author! Even so, you have dice, stats, a character sheet and the whole she-bang too just like a table-top RPG! Curious? Check our Features List.

Text RPG - Ruler of Kings II - Medieval Fantasy ROK II was created by the Administrator of International Discussions who is also a veteran Dungeon Master. Therefore, he has taken his experience in D&D, home brews and adventure novels to create a game that combines all! It can be played anytime! Unlike other RPGs where you have to wait for people to get together around a table or Post in ROK II you do not have to wait on anyone, ROK II is playable 24/7.

Text RPG - Ruler of Kings II - Medieval FantasyROK II is mobile responsive, can be played Solo, in fact it starts that way until you build up your own armies and kingdom, thus allowing you access to the Multi-Player feature. This is FREE to play and the system is automated to help you build your character and navigate in the world right away. Those on the Autism Spectrum or that may have Social Anxiety may find it a great way to slowly adventure while interacting with other Players at the pace they want to go.

Text RPG - Ruler of Kings II - Medieval Fantasy ROK II is a rich mixture of thoughtful character building, strategic turn based elements, planning, creative writing, dice rolling and more. ROK II allows you to play anytime and anywhere so long as you can access this site. It is especially good if you are waiting on a current play by post ? or table top game to progress and need something to do while you wait, however its progressive attribute means ROK II has its own unique category of entertainment.

Text RPG - Ruler of Kings II - Medieval Fantasy

ROK II involves a mixture of races, classes and personalities.

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