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Wed, 29th March, 2023 - 7:42 pm GMT

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Our Text Based RPG Character Builder

Nothing to Install - Nothing to Download! Welcome to our International FREE TEXT BASED RPG (Role-Playing Game) created by an experienced GM (Game master) that made hundreds of scenarios for community players of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or AD&D.

Play for the World of Medieval is via PLAY by POST. The RPGs here are all custom built, down to even the graphics (95%) and rules. There is NOTHING to install or download since all play takes place within our Community! The storyline and plots are very detailed and is based on brains and wit more than just hack and kill, therefore a more mature and experienced player will better survive.

Most of the RPGs here are for advanced / intermediate RPGers (we do welcome beginners if you are serious about RPGing) that like Play by Post interaction, but not all the RPGs are Play by Post, some are: MMOPRG, turn based and so forth. For a full detailed list click here.

First of all let me explain something...

These are text based games so there is no online visually graphic gaming like Diablo, etc. Everything is done through our FORUM or in other words... Play by Post. We want serious players for the text based games, NOT those that are just "passing through" or teeny boopers, after all where can you find FREE RPG on the net that are text based and the players all intellectually mature? Also you should be the kind of person that likes to read and participate otherwise you will not enjoy yourself in the text based game. There are many ways to play RPGs in the World of Medieval. See all available Medieval RPGs at the

Okay, so how do I get started?

For you to enter is free, but you must be a part of our International Forum, post 30 or more constructive messages, have an participation rate of at least 75% and then request RPG group status for Play by Post. (Other RPGs do not require this, See: Role-Playing Games to see all available RPGs). The reason for this requirement is to ensure that only serious players participate since most of our players are mature thinkers we rather small groups rather than large participation with posts like, "Kill, kill!" and "Let's fight now and ask questions later". If you have fulfilled the above then continue on to: Create Medieval Character or if you are unsure try our Wizard.

Quick Help: Are You New Here?

A. If this is the first time you are visiting this site and you do not know what RPGs are then About RPGs.
B. If you would like to see some of the rules, players and a typical RPG story for the World of Medieval then WOM Rules.
C. If you want to register on the forum and introduce yourself then Join Now. (required to play)
D. If you are part of the RPG group on the forum and want to create a character for World of Medieval then Start Here.
E. If you are looking for the Medieval Market then Visit Here.
F. If you are looking for other RPGs then check the List or get a Deeper Explanation about Text RPGs.

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Krusten the Queen is pleased to report that War General Lilac has strategically secured a victory over the Rebels. While most of the 2330 died during fierce combat others surrendered and were taken captive.

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