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Mon, 24th October, 2016 - 10:30 am GMT

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Dice Rules

To use this online Dice you must be a Player in the Future Eart, otherwise it is not of much worth to you because the Dice here specifically deals with the Future Eart system of play.

1. Your FIRST step is to ensure you are logged into the Community. Then go to the Dice Options Page.
2. From here you will see TWO Dice options, select the one for here. Check the below information for your Username / Character name and then press the "Roll Dice" button.
3. After you press the button you will get a confirmation page of rolls. You can print this out if you like. It reflects all the rolls for a CURRENT event (not for multi events). The GM is also Emailed a copy with the below information and the roll results.
4. After receiving ALL the rolls of each player in the event THEN the battle will be calculated.

Important Note

Calculating battles takes a lot of work for the GM so make sure you input the CORRECT information below.

Fill in ALL Fields - Fields You Miss Will Be Ignored!

Future Eart Combat Dice Generator

Player Name:
If you see no name to the right then you need to access this page via HERE otherwise nothing will be sent to the GM.
Player info missing as
Input the current Body of your Character:
Input the current Mind of your Character:
Input the current Soul of your Character:
You can select Weapon 2 ONLY if you are a Warrior, other wise you fight with ONE weapon. Which weapon are you using in this battle:
Weapon 1

Weapon 2
Character Type:
Current Hit Points:
Current Armor Rating:
Specific Battle Explanation?
This is OPTIONAL if you are doing something unusual or unique otherwise the GM will just follow Party Order
Online DicePress ONCE:
Check if all is CORRECT first and then press this button ONCE only:

Quick Help: Are You New Here?

A. If this is the first time you are visiting this site and you do not know what RPGs are then About RPGs.
B. If you would like to see some of the rules, players and a typical RPG story for Future Earth then Future Earth Board.
C. If you want to register on the forum and introduce yourself then Join Now. (required to play)
D. If you are part of the RPG group on the forum and want to create a character for World of Medieval then Start Here.
E. If you are looking for the Plaza to buy equipment for your Character then Visit Here.
F. If you are looking for other RPGs then check the List

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Latest RPG Post

I apologize for the delay in posting; I will hopefully have something up either today or tomorrow. As it stands right now I have the party and the enemy squad in very similar circumstances where recon rolls are required to spot each other and then with both sides having cover this will modify the hit chances so we may be in for a fairly lengthy combat encounter. Any suggestions on how to speed it up a bit? Maybe having everyone roll several recon checks to pinpoint when in the encounter they are able to spot the enemy?

Right now the party has spotted two of the opposing soldiers but you don't know whether any of you guys have been spotted yet.

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