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Mon, 24th April, 2017 - 9:06 pm GMT

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Space Escort: Future Earth RPG Map

This map is associated with the Scenario: Future Earth RPG: Space Escort

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Okay, two projects in mind if and when workshop access is obtained.

First project are 2 mithral breastplates for me and Dennis. Based on your description before, it sounds like that will use up half of the mithral lump (So worth it). The DC of working Mithral armor is not listed, but since mithral armor is automatically considered masterwork, I presume the DC 20 needed for MW is a good assumption. Let me know if you think it needs higher. Listed market value for one mithral breastplate is 4,200

Second project: a modified masterwork Great Crossbow for my own use, probably for my entire career. Dennis may ask for one as well, but he is probably better off sticking with his magic longbow for now, at least until I can match those enchantments. In any case, Gcrossbow-150, MW component-300, crossbow sight-150, Wand Chamber-100, total 700 gp, craft DC 20.

I will need to trade for the materials for project #2, as while mithral might make for a good reinforcement bar, it is not usable for the bulk of the weapon. Would a merchant be willing to trade the material in exchange for another crafted item of appropriate value?

Also, how long would it take to complete these? Taking 10 on the craft checks for a total of 20.

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