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I am not exactly sure about that in total. Take the city of Detroit. It has been entirely run by Democrats for over 50 years now. If you talk to people in Detroit, they will definitely say they haven't been treated fairly. Yet, they will once again vote Democrat in this election. You would think at some point in this 50 year journey where they have watched their city decline and businesses leave that they would try something different. There has been a war on Poverty since Pres. Johnson gave us welfare programs. 24 Trillion dollars later… we still have poverty. Apparently, there is more poverty than ever before if we listen to what they tell us. However, large parts of our society still vote as a monolith, no matter what is said. Apparently, we are just one government program away from the "Great Society".

I definitely would agree that conservatives and libertarians are far more likely to break with the Republican party if they feel they aren't being represented. This has been a big problem for the Republican Party going all the way back to Ross Perot. I can attest to that! Voted for him the first time he ran for President.

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