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T&T Number One On Online Porn

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Date: 22nd Nov, 2008 - 12:39pm
Pandora | Dia. Mod | #166129 | [?] CPosts: 17,041 | Posts: 21,013
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Imagine, this tiny island of around 1 million inhabitants are number 1 in Google for looking at porn. Behind are huge countries like the US where most of the porn comes from. Trinidad has been number one for the past four years according to Google's figures, which are calculated on a per capita basis.


TRINBAGONIANS love their pornography, top Internet search engine Google has found in its latest worldwide survey.

According to figures from Google, Trinidad and Tobago nationals have topped the world when it comes to using the search engine to look for pornographic material.

And for the past four years we have remained on top, according to Google's figures, which are calculated on a per capita basis.

This means that there have been more searches for porn per head of population in Trinidad and Tobago in comparison to anywhere else in the world.

Bangladesh, some 13 points behind us, was beaten into second position, with the United Kingdom, 21 points behind, rounding off the threesome.

Jamaica, the only other Caribbean island to manage a spot in the top ten list, was 31 points behind at position number nine, with the United States rounding off the top ten, 34 points behind.

A further breakdown of porn searches for the year into specific months, shows that February-Carnival time-had the fewest searches for pornography.

The search for pornography climaxed in May.

Even if the figures are narrowed to the last 90 days, Trinidad and Tobago retains its position of world domination.

"It (the result) is not surprising at all. We are and have always been a society of excess, a sexually oriented society that deplores morals," Psychologist Dr Dorrell Philip said in an interview with the Express yesterday.

"We can't get enough of basic needs. We constantly need to be gratified and we do everything in a feverish way, at fever pitch," Philip said.

However, Philip added that sexuality was the "Only basic need we can do without anything negative happening to us"....
Quote | 30 January 2015 - 7:57 pm | #
WS "Blow, blow, thou winter wind! Thou art not so unkind as man's ingratitude". -- As You Like It Act II, Scene VII, William Shakespeare
JoePublic | 23rd Nov, 2008 - 5:01am | #
Name: Cloned

Comments: Great, we have a larger per capita base of people who know what a search engine is! Excuse me while I contribute to Google's statistics and figure out what everyone else has been finding.
Date: 24th Nov, 2008 - 2:53pm
Hermosa | Member | #166264 | [?] CPosts: 57 | Posts: 58
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In internet cafe I see this sometimes. The Trini men look at naked women all the time with hungry eyes.

Date: 24th Nov, 2008 - 6:02pm
Geenie | Member | #166306 | [?] CPosts: 1,113 | Posts: 1,217
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I am not the least bit surprised by this latest report. Anything that is bad, Trinis long to emulate. As for the porn, well if they see naked women once a year during Carnival time, I guess this would open their voracious appetite to see more. rolleyes

Date: 24th Nov, 2008 - 6:13pm
Korrect | Member | #166318 | [?] CPosts: 86 | Posts: 89
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And you feel women dont look too? I sure you is look at some men online at least once, tell me a lie.

Date: 24th Nov, 2008 - 6:27pm
Geenie | Member | #166331 | [?] CPosts: 1,113 | Posts: 1,217
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Yes Correct you are absolutely right! Women do look at porn but please bear in mind that men enjoy more "visual" than women..

To answer your question, NO I DONT LOOK AT PORN!

Date: 24th Nov, 2008 - 6:32pm
Korrect | Member | #166335 | [?] CPosts: 86 | Posts: 89
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How you know if men enjoy it more than women if you isnt a man? I must be the only one here around wicked and wild women.

Date: 28th Nov, 2008 - 3:57am
Ca1979 | Member | #166747 | [?] CPosts: 146 | Posts: 147
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I think if we were more frank about sex, then we wouldn't be top in the world for this thing.

I'd be interested to see if there were any demographics with this, such as age, marital status, etc. Are most of these people from Trinidad who visit porn sites, younger people? I think this is understandable, since younger people are developing and exploring their sexuality. Is it married persons? Well I guess some married persons do look at pornography, even though obviously their husband/wife would be their main sexual outlet.

Either persons who are married in Trinidad and still look at porn aren't being satisfied by their spouses enough, even enjoy it with their partners, or are addicted to sex. They seem the only reasonable conclusions to make, IMO.

History | Fri Jan 30 19:54:43 GMT 2015 | #
We break from T&T Number One On Online Porn to share learning from the good old days:
HistoricToday is: 30th January (GMT), in history on the 30th of January, 1939 AD the following event happened:
Heavy after shocks destroy some of Chile
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