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Why Am I Melodie?

Life is much simpler than a lot of the learned men make it out to be. The gods watch us, but have no interest in our choices. They are content to simply watch as our insignificant lives unfold, perhaps granting us the occasional visions in the form of dreams. It is up to a person what path they take in life. They will succeed by their own skill or luck, and live or die based on their decisions. I blame no man for my failures in life. I take credit for my successes and mistakes, and although I am not sure how, I think this little girl could see that. There are indeed strange things in this world that I have yet to learn about.

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Level: 10
Action: Living

Message to Advisor

I've finally done it Ros, it finally happened.

I have an estate. I have respect. I have an army. If you had asked me three years ago whether I thought I'd live to see it, I probably would have laughed off the thought. Now that it's just within my grasp though, becoming Ruler of Kings doesn't seem like it'll be so much of a hurdle. Mind you, I've blacked out at least twice since our last correspondence, but at this point that is to be expected. Some bands of folks called Chaotic Warriors have been tracking me for a while, and a dare say they are some skilled fighters. Nearly killed me at least a dozen times. I've been in the darkest depths of the dark forest and its dungeons, and those men are still the most terrifying force I've yet to encounter. If I don't make the proper preparations, I fear they may pose a real obstacle to my success.

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Level: 10
Action: Living

Enticing of Wolfe

I know you've noticed me spying at you from across the fire- I could tell by the way you flashed that bawdy grin my way. My name, good sir, is Melodie. As you've probably guessed, I'm attracted to your rugged charm. Then again, many women are. What I offer you though, is so much greater than a quick tryst or summer romance.

I am not experienced in intricate dealings of love. In this regard, I have very little to offer you in comparison with the many other women that try to woo you. Unlike these ladies, I will not be content merely to coo out compliments as you pass. I want you- your smile, your strength, your entire being.

My dreams are large, so much larger than any ordinary townsperson's. I refuse to settle for a quiet life, settling down to rear children and live on "just enough." I believe you may feel the same way. You, like I, will not be satisfied to remain stagnant in your position. You desire to advance your position in society, and I can help you achieve this. Take your place by my side and I will ensure you want for nothing. No prize will prove too magnificent for you, my Wolfe. I swear by all the gods, be they real or imagined, you will be the most powerful man in all of the land if you only stay with me.

If my proposal proves interesting, I entreat you to meet me in town between your patrols. I understand it may seem uncouth for a maiden to ask a man for an outing, but where I come from it is also uncouth for women to fight her way into a position of power. Meet me by the markets, and I will give you a taste of what a life with me can grant you. We will stroll through the crowded streets, taking in the sights. Although we've both probably walked these blocks at least a hundred times before, the thrill of doing so in one another's company will make the experience new again. We'll chat about a great many subjects: our interests, our desires, our futures. I can not promise that I will be skilled in my attempts to woo you with words, but I assure you that my actions will be enough. Women are crafty beings, you see. If you prefer I wear an elaborate dress rather than my ragged hunting garb, simply say the word. Ask me to adorn myself in jewels and I will buy the town's entire stock. I will do anything to prove to you that my intentions are not frivolous. Once we finish in the markets, I propose we stop by the forest just outside of town. I have spent much time there in my travels, and I know of a babbling brook nestled in its heart. Very few visit there, so assure you that we will be very much alone. Away from the prying eyes of the town, we may feel compelled to share a moment of peace to ourselves.

I will eagerly await your reply, Wolfe.

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