Overpopulation In Trinidad And Tobago

Overpopulation Trinidad Tobago - Trinidad, Tobago / Caribbean - Posted: 13th Feb, 2017 - 10:05am

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Overpopulation In Trinidad And Tobago

I just read a letter in the Express by Robin Montano. I was not surprised about his thoughts on the reason the crime is out of control is because poor people are having too many kids. He believes Trinidad does not have a population of 1.3 million but much more and he thinks it is a huge problem that need some sort of "control". What are your thoughts? Do you think Trinidad is overpopulated? Do you think the average Trinidadian is having too many children?


Everyone knows the old joke about there being an elephant in the room but everybody pretends that it is not there. The same thing is happening here in our little twin island republic with a population that is growing out of control, especially in the poorer sections of the society, with disastrous consequences for everyone. And let's tell the truth: we do not have 1.3 million people in this country.

The very fact that the EBC in the 2007 elections had a list of approximately 950,000 electors ought to prove this (and for those who have forgotten, remember that the Commission of Enquiry into the EBC found that its lists were 97% accurate). So, even leaving aside how many adults are unregistered to vote (which would take the number of adults even higher) just what do you think is the ratio of children to adults in this country: 1 to 1? 2 to 1? 3 to 1? What? No matter which way you cut it you are going to come up with a figure that will be over two million

But back to the point: Overpopulation, especially in the poorer sections of the society, creates problems that impact on everybody. Why are people so surprised that we have such a terrible crime wave? And why are they so surprised when they see just who the majority of the criminals are and where they are coming from? But our attention has been riveted on the failings of the police, and we have paid absolutely no attention to the fact that we have allowed the ghettos that breed these young criminals not only to exist, but to mushroom into areas where it is literally life-threatening to enter if you are not approved by the relevant dominant gang and even then inter-gang rivalries could make such entry dangerous.

The question of birth control has now become desperate, and yet there is no discussion in the society about this. Instead, the old tired hackneyed objections come out about the abuses that have been committed in other countries when you try to start talking about population control. Yes, there have been abuses; terrible ones. But nobody is talking about those old and largely discredited methods. There are new methods of controlling overpopulation which are generally regarded as being respectful and do promote human rights. They include educating girls and women in order to empower them to control their lives.

Fundamentally, we need to be focusing on what is the greater threat to our society. We need to be asking what are we going to do to reduce the number of unwanted children who are invariably turning more and more to crime. And what should we do? Kill them all? Lock them up and throw away the key? Why bother to wait until they grow up and start killing people? Why not 'take in front' and kill them all at birth?

Obviously that is ridiculous. And no sane person could ever accept such terrible and immoral reasoning. But the truth is that that stupid way of reasoning is not an illogical consequence of the way that we have been dealing with the problem that we have created and are continuing to make worse by continuing to ignore it. Don't you think that it is time that we acknowledged that there is a huge elephant in our room and deal with it? Can we now start to discuss the solutions, the real ones, the good ones, the moral ones that do exist?

Robin Montano

via e-mail

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Tobago Trinidad Overpopulation

I don't see many Trinis with plenty children but then again I don't [hang] around a lot of mothers to know. Most of my UWI girl friends talk about children like something very far down the road and that they'll probably just have like one or two for the most.

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Overpopulation In Trinidad And Tobago Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Since 2003 the population of Trinidad & Tobago is relatively stagnant. This is according to the Finance Minister Larry Howai. He puts it as a concern economically for a dwindling workforce and a brain drain.

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Tobago Trinidad Overpopulation

What I think is the problem is that the middle class needs to be larger and to take up more space than it currently does. The violent crimes are more blatant and frequent in the poor areas which take up large swaths of land. Trinidad and Tobago isn't the most densely populated place in the world and some parts of the East and the South could still do with a few more people.

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Tobago Trinidad Overpopulation

There are two many people in this country and with so many immigrants coming through the backdoor we can hardly hold them all. Everywhere you go people walking on the pavement like a crowd. In a car you have traffic for miles its like just stepping out of your home and a pile of people all around you.

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Overpopulation In Trinidad And Tobago

Name: George

Title: Over populated Trinidad

Comments: Yes man. Every Tom, Dick and Harry especially those with criminal tendencies want to come her from the surrounding nations.Why? .It is because they have heard on the grapevine that this little island is as haven for criminals where crime pays.
The impression given to outsiders is that certain politicians here, and some senior police officers are tarnished with the brush of corruption. So if the price is right a blind eye will easily be turned to any criminal offence committed here.Good eh.
Post Date: 2nd Dec, 2016 - 10:13pm / Post ID: #

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Overpopulation Trinidad Tobago

I don't T&T is that over populated, it's more on the issue of controlling the amount of people that lives in those islands. The islands' economy is currently not doing very well along with the increasing crime rate which will do us no good.

Post Date: 13th Feb, 2017 - 10:05am / Post ID: #

Overpopulation Trinidad Tobago

Name: George

Title: Population,crime, and illegal immgrants

Comments: I see that our population has increased to 1,400.000.Well the government better start thinking of a plan to remove the excessive amount of illegal immigrants here who are obviously the caused of this increase,bearing in mind the records of births and deaths of our citizens, and the amount of our citizens going to live abroad. Most of these individuals are from all walks of life and come from as far as other corrupt nations in Africa… They are well established and professional criminals and indulge in all forms of crimes, and deal in crimes such as corruption to crimes of a petty nature. They come here in droves because they have heard on the grape vine that citizens and officials of this island indulge in corruption, and turn a blind eye to many crimes being committed here,together with the chance that they are unlikely to be caught by the police and that this island is now a haven for criminals. They bring with them new techniques in committing crimes which they past on to our local born and bred criminals who readily accept them with open arms. This has over the past decades help in the ever increasing spiral of crimes and lawlessness by many of our own citizens who are being influence by the attitudes and criminal intentions of the influx of illegal criminals living here now.
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