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Medieval Market

This section gives you an idea of what you can buy in the Village (usually the first scenario of an adventure).

There are many items that you will find, or acquire (not listed here) during you adventures, but these are the ones you can readily purchase. The cost column represents the number of gold pieces you have to pay.

For example, in the Weapons table you will see, 'Sword, short', this costs 10 gold pieces. If you want it you will make a note of it and subtract the amount from the number of gold pieces you have. The GM keeps a current balance on your gold so make sure you check it properly.


Sword, Short Works well in corridors   1-6 10
Sword, Long Suitable for long strikes   1-8 15
Sword, 2Handed Slow but lots of damage Cannot Carry Shield, cannot use in corridors 1-20 30
Dagger Thieves use this weapon a lot because it can be concealed   1-4 6
Club Simple and effective   1-4 2
Pick Used by soldiers   1-6 3
Fork Effective against swords Used as shield against sword 1-4 2
Bow, Short   up to 160'   6
Bow, Long   up to 320'   10
Heavy Hammer Larger head and heavier than a carpenter's hammer   1-4 8
Staff Magicians favorite Wooden 1-2 2
Axe, Hand     1-6 6
Mace     1-6 7
Spear     1-6 6
Arrow   12 Arrows 1-4 1
Sling Easy to carry and use Any stones found can be used 1-2 1
Silver Arrow   They say it works good against the wer- kind 1-6 1
Silver Spike Close range They say it works good against the wer- kind 1-6 1



AC Value: (+)
Clothes     1 1
Cloak To keep hidden   1 2
Leather Boots     1 5
Leather Armor     4 22
Chain Armor   No Stealth Possible 6 80
Helmet Head protection   1 20
Shield. Small     1 30
Shield. Storm  A very large shield capable of shielding the entire body when stooped behind it.   3 130
Plate Armor Covering the whole body this may take up to a month to prepare. Heavy, No Stealth Possible 15 700
Horse Chain For horse   11 180

* Grey background only available by request

Probable Adventure Items

Torch Used for light 2 hours each 1
Lantern Strong light Oil is Fuel 8
Flint Start fire   1
Sack, Small 5   1
Sack, Large 2 Carried in Hand 1
Chest, Small     10
Leather Back Pack     13
Bird Cage     1
Blanket     5
Tent, 2 Man     15
Rod, 10'     1
Rope, 50'     8
Grappling Hook Climb Need rope 2
Hammer Used with soike   1
Spike 5 Wedge or stay item 1
Shovel Dig   2
Flask, Small 2 Carry liquid 1
Knife, Fork, Cup, Plate & Spoon     1
Dry Rations, 1 Day     1
Skin, Water, 1 Day 2   1
Small Flask of Oil     1
Arrow holder with strap Holds up to 24 arrows   2
Scroll, ink, feather, case Writing or drawing   2
Mirror, small     5
Pouch, belt Leather Hands free 1
Skin dye Darken skin or cause fear in enemy by using certain natural colors from plants on face Many applications from one purchase 1
Thieves tools Picks, keys, special tools   45
* Grey background only available by request


Healer's Pouch Pouch to sort and keep herbs and flasks Leather 2
Herbs for Healing Used by in the correct manner these herbs can help someone that is injured to feel less pain, cure the inflicted area and rejuvenate until rest and adequate medical attention (such as a village physician) is available 1 dose 1
Herbs for Disease Used by in the prevention of further illness in disease 1 dose 1
Ointment for insects Used over the skin it drives mosquitoes, bugs and other insects away 15 doses 1
Poison Cure Potion Used on the affected person it does not purify the blood but merely slows the poison's effects to a level that will allow survival for several days until better treatment can be found. 1 dose 8
Snake Venom Flask If you drink over a period of time it is said to make you immune to most known snake bites 1 dose 5

Familiar's Items

Canary Used to Detect Gas Cage is needed 1
Chicken     1
Stray Dog   Not Trained 1
Piglet     1
Horse, Riding   Light Riding/Not War 52
Horse, Heavy These horses are trained for war; charging, jousting and special calls can be made to the horse. They are intelligent, sturdy and able to take great weight on their backs (usually armor) War 200
Cart, Small Driver and 2 passengers Requires Horse 30
Wagon Driver and 8 passengers Requires Horse 100
Saddle     12
Saddle Bag     4
Saddle Blanket     5
Oats Bag Placed around the horse's neck and head. Horse can eat while moving slowly Leather 4
Oats Sold in large sack  2 days 1
Donkey     33

Buy Better Symbol

Change or add normal symbol
Armor has always been a show of rich authority. Usually only nobles and knights could afford such material made only by the best blacksmiths.
Lightfordgehelm symbol shows a determined soul who will stop at nothing to gain some kind of glory. Legend has it that such persons that wear the mark of the skull have dark secrets that not even Angels will dare to tell.
Dragonsbreach is used to distinguish fighters of precision. They are focused in their targets and often slay the prey in first battle.
Stormshield is a symbol of nobility
Stormshield2 is a symbol of grandeur but not necessarily nobility
Splitskullshield are used by rough barbaric beings
Splitskullshield2 are used by chaotic knights
Doombringer the symbol of the sword denotes a warrior
Doombringer2 the symbol of the sword denotes a warrior
Doombringer3 the symbol of the sword denotes a warrior

Village Healer Visit

Cure per HP
Calculate based on each HP the character needs to have restored. One HP cured usually needs about 5 to 7 days of rest. NOTE: If your character has more than 2FP then you do not need the aide of a doctor (not counting disease or unusual circumstances).
Cure Disease
This does not include HP that may have to be restored
Surgery or other unusual
This does not include HP that may have to be restored

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Latest RPG Post

Advisor Description

Nezuko met her step-sister in the town tavern, for days she felt like she was being followed, but everytime she looked back she had seen nothing, until one day at the market, Nezuko found out who was stalking her, a woman, apparently older, more or less 25 years old, dressed in a more tight fitting white robe, she had very long dark hair and deep brown eyes, her skin was pale-ish just like nezuko.

It was a fearful meeting for Nezuko, that woman, even while dressed in that kind of manner and with far from common features was just standing in a market filled with people and still she did not called anyone's attention, people were still avoiding her while walking so she clearly was there, but no one payed her any attention.

Nezuko was freaking out a little, taking aside the woman lack of humility with her tight clothes, Nezuko felt like this woman was clearly a threat, she needed to find who she was, so against the most common sense of running away she marched forward to the confront the woman.

I have no idea, Nezuko still trying to figure how she to achieve her dreams and aspirations, but her sister do not want her to be a Ruler of Kings, she wants her to have a humble life, outside all the fights and dangers of the battlefield, mostly because of their father.

Nezuko step-sister wants her to go back to the forest she lived, to have a humble life and protect the Shrine of the Forest Guardian, not be a Ruler of Kings and waste her life in search of a hopeless dream.

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