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Future Earth Jungle Biowarfare Rpg - Science Fiction PBP RPGs - Posted: 23rd Mar, 2013 - 3:10am

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Future Earth RPG - Arctic Rescue

SCENARIO - The actual story is updated here by the GM.
Post Date: 28th Feb, 2013 - 4:25pm / Post ID: #
Game Master
Senior Engineer: JB

Future Earth - Jungle Biowarfare RPG

The Game Master says...

Future Earth - Jungle Biowarfare RPG

Off the record you are told about a remote place in the tropics that was recently discovered as having a rich crystal resource capable of changing the way interplanetary travel takes place. The problem is the area is monitored by geo-conservation groups that have the ear of the media. In addition to this, the land is inhabited by a fierce tribe with some unique fighting tactics which include poison darts and acids containing a mixture capable of penetrating armor.

Your mission will be to slowly explore and find out the inner workings of the tribe while staying under the radar of any groups that might be out there working for the media or conducting studies.

You will be given a language translating device which enables you to interact with the tribe on a basic level. Try to find out the weaknesses of the tribe, their traditions, their fortifications, traps and most of all, where greater resources of the crystal might be.

You are told that you were chosen because of your background as well as the military would be reprimanded if any of their units were found in the area. Hence the reason to keep a ghost civilian team in this operation.

GM: This story will continue after the first Squad Order has started.

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Post Date: 12th Mar, 2013 - 3:05pm / Post ID: #
Game Master
Senior Engineer: JB

RPG Biowarfare Jungle Earth Future

The Game Master says...

You are told to meet in a briefing room at an appointed hour to learn about the objectives of your mission.

You meet at the time appointed...

While being seated you are introduced to other members of your newly formed team (Those who recently joined Future Earth). You are told that these new civilian recruits were also involved in smaller missions before and have valuable skills that can aide the overall mission.

You are then told that the commander will make a presentation in about 15 minutes.

At this time you begin to get to know each other on a basic level...


The base commander, a serious 50 year old with a look of concern, repeats why you are gathered and then refers you to a 4D image presentation showing a map of an amazonian area that is still not well explored. He explains that even after all these years they are still finding new species in the Amazon.

A Tribe - Akuntsu

The 4D hologram then switches to an image of a tribesman as the commander continues: A subterranean tribe called the "Akuntsu", has also been found near the center of Sector A (a location central to the Amazon). Though they use large caves as their dwellings they are familiar with the forests and animals around. They use foods, poisons and narcotics for all kinds of things since it is derived from the plant species that is so plentiful in the Amazon. It was discovered that they know a mixture that can literally melt through tech armor in a minute. Most importantly they have within their caves a mineral with amazing powers. Not much is know about wither the tribe, the mineral's location or how they make their mixture because all of this was only discovered a week ago and the ego-conservation groups are already camping with them periodically. The hologram ends and the commander looks at you seriously,

"This is where you come in."

He says with no emotion. He continues,

"You need to find a way to infiltrate the tribe and gather information about who they are and what makes them tick. You might have to secretly join one of those silly plant loving groups so you can tag along and see what they know so far".

You can already read into the commander's feelings towards this mission as he adds more,

"You will be given whatever equipment you need but we aren't going to load you up with anything that's going to make you look suspicious."

He then looks you all over as though you were soldiers on parade and continues,

"I hope you all are good actors."

By this time you feel you have questions...

GM: I will answer in the below format for simplicity's sake. The commander is replying to your questions in bold.

- We need to know the laws of this remote place, their technology and stuff
That's why we're hiring you.

- Who exactly is hiring us
No one, this is a secret mission. For all we care, you're part of those 'geo-sillies' and need to find out more about the tribe.

- What do we tell the conservation groups when we encounter them
What are we paying you for?

- Can we have communicators that others can't pick up
That can be arranged, just tell the guys over at inventory.

- Where and how do we find the poisons

Find out from the tribe.

- How will we be dressed
As regular as possible, you need to blend in not stick out.

- Where do we look for the crystals
See where they have it in the cave and how much of it they have.

- How do we make friends with the tribes. We need to know their culture, religious beliefs, deity they worship, basically everything there is to know about them

Do you want me to just give you all the answers and we hire someone else?

- Can we request equipment or will we be only using what we can afford
- Inventory has been told to give you what you need and not what you don't.

- Where their villages are located, general population
They are in Sector A. You will be dropped into a populated area of Sector C aboard a tourist vessel and walk to Sector A, this is about 30 miles, we don't want to give any signs of crafts dropping you in.

"I feel like I'm the one being interrogated, any more questions you can ask Sgt. Stales."

He points to an officer who was in the room during the briefing. Sgt. Stales steps forward as the commander leaves without even a farewell.

On the hologram is left an image of a great mountain in Sector A that can be used as a vantage point.

GM: Say what you wish to do now taking into consideration all that has been said above as this Scenario is not about shooting as much as being very creative.

Photo by Tim Pannel

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Game Master
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Future Earth - Jungle Biowarfare RPG RPGs PBP Fiction Science

The Game Master says...

As you start bombarding Sgt. Stales with questions he draws your attention to the hologram which becomes a 2D map. He shows you various points on the map and explains them briefly emphasizing the parts that are in bold:

B. This is the location for an international airport. You will be dropped off here, it is fairly populated so a modern small craft can do that without anyone becoming alarmed. You will then take a tourist transit ATV from here traveling to Sector C.

B1. You will be traveling a road that has been known to be attacked by the local guerrilla rebels in the past, be careful.

C. In Sector C is a small village with little to offer. The inhabitants survive on the visits of a few tourists, hunting, agriculture and nothing else. There are a lot of schemers here so be on your guard.

C2. The tourists that come to Sector C like to view the unique wild life of C2, but those critters can be aggressive so stand guard.

C3. You will then follow your heading until you meet the Tamuk tribe here. They are known to be friendly unless you do something to upset them. You will need to pass through their lands to get to C4.

C4. There you can camp, do not stop anywhere along Sector C until you arrive at C4. This is close to the wide Amazonian river. You will need to use your skills to make a raft to cross.

A. This is final destination. This is where the Akuntsu tribe has been spotted. The terrain has not been explored much so everything will be new to you just as it is for us but we will be using trackers on you to keep up to pace with the layout.

A5. From here you should be able to get a good idea of the area, it is mountainous. (See mountain photo above)

GM: Players, this is the first of a few entries to the Scenario I need to make. You can Discuss this in the Brainstorm Thread but you are NOT expected to post any Squad Order yet until I have compiled the information here.

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Game Master
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RPG Biowarfare Jungle Earth Future

The Game Master says...

Sgt. Stales focuses on the Tamuk tribe. An image of their sacred temple is shown on the display. He describes the Tamuk tribe:

* The Tamuk tribe number about 500-600
* They welcome gifts. Modern items are of interest to them
* They welcome all guests and usually you are treated well but they insist that you both eat and drink with them before moving on
* They usually require their guests to pay homage to their god within this temple (see photo below)
* They have archaic technology but one or two of them will be familiar with some higher tech items although they may not fully know how to use it.

Photo by Jim Zukerman

GM:Information continues below, no Squad Order needed yet.

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Post Date: 18th Mar, 2013 - 11:20pm / Post ID: #
Game Master
Senior Engineer: JB

RPG Biowarfare Jungle Earth Future

The Game Master says...

Sgt. Stales turns his attention to the Akuntsu tribe. In contrast from what little we know of them:

* The Akuntsu tribe number about 200-300
* They are apprehensive about strangers but do seem to tolerate the ego-conservationists
* There are rumors that they may be cannibals
* They mainly live in the caves and underground so little is known about them

Photo by Peter Corbis

GM:Information continues below, no Squad Order needed yet.

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Post Date: 19th Mar, 2013 - 12:03am / Post ID: #
Game Master
Senior Engineer: JB

Future Earth - Jungle Biowarfare RPG

The Game Master says...

Sgt Stales then attempts to address your questions:

GM: For simplictiy I will answer in this method with the questions in bold.

- Lars will also ask how hostile this conservation group is. Are they Radicals and Extremists? Terrorists? Or is their protest a peaceful one?

The conservations are peaceful but they are known to be hostile with the mouths and cameras. They have a direct feed with the media so encountering them means you might be seen worldwide so avoid them at all costs.

- Nathan wants to ask for a gun with Ammo (a small one that can easily be Concealed). Titanium spikes and Titanium hammer. A Disguise kit. Vision goggles and a Flashlight with a spare set of batteries.
That may seem reasonable but Inventory will better tell you.

- Thomas: Say to Sgt. Steals - "If our mission is successful, how much we will all get paid?"
Oh yes, money, we can't forget that can we? If you're successful you each will be paid 20,000 Credits but if you flop we won't know you nor help you, so stay out of trouble.

Major asks, "So when we get this information, what do we do with it?"
We will give you communicators, at certain times we will signal you for an upload of video/audio of what you have found out.


Shane checks his computer quickly to see what can be found out about the tribes. The only information about the Akuntsu tribe he can find is an article published a week ago about a new tribe being found in the Amazon wearing an unusual crystal around their necks. A ego-conservation group has become their 'protectors'.

The information on the Tamuk tribe is more plentiful but conflicting with visitors each having a differing experience - some enjoying it and others not. You read about some of their unusual customs such as the eating of exotic animals and strange dances.

From pictures they look like typical Amazonian tribesmen wearing almost nothing, feathers, beeds and body colors.

You see a picture of one of the ego-conservationists (See below).

Sgt. Stales then says,

"Well, shall I take you over to Inventory now?"

He starts walking away, you presume he is heading towards the base's Inventory for your supplies.

GM: Say what you wish to do now. You can Post Squad Order.

Photo by R. Tyler Gross

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Post Date: 20th Mar, 2013 - 12:51pm / Post ID: #
Game Master
Senior Engineer: JB

Future Earth Jungle Biowarfare RPG

The Game Master says...

Shane requests special T-shirts from Sgt. Stales to which he responds,

"You'll need to check with Inventory on that."

After a couple of minutes walking across the base's grounds you come to a large warehouse with high tech robots assisting in the collection, sorting and storing of equipment of all kinds.

Sgt. Stales introduces you to the senior Inventory supervisor and details the mission you will be going on. The supervisor, a slightly overweight middle aged man with friendly demeanor, stands to take you towards the area where you make and receive claims from Inventory. Along the way he says,

"Oh yes, I was informed by the commander about you. Let me say up front that I'm to provide you with only inconspicuous items related to your disguise which I will mention later. You are not to bring attention to yourself and you are to store all your current equipment here (He points to a store room). I will give you a locker key later."

At the front window for receiving the supervisor says there are four attires and personalities you may wish to portray: ego-conservationist, documentary producer, tourist or exporter. He advises that most of you should be one or the other but not more than two. Based on your choice they will give you the 'look' you need. He adds,

"You can't go like you're going to war, you'll compromise your mission's confidentiality. You don't want to be bogged down by a lot of weight either because you'll have lots of walking to do."

While you consider it he hands you the locker key to store your items.

GM: You have a couple of decisions to make. The 'look' you will go with and whether you will relinquish ALL your equipment to their storage. Say what you wish to do now.

Post Date: 23rd Mar, 2013 - 3:10am / Post ID: #
Game Master
Senior Engineer: JB

Future Earth Jungle Biowarfare RPG

The Game Master says...

As you begin to store your items the senior Inventory supervisor notices that some of you are trying to keep items on your person. He rushes in as though he were dealing with complete amateurs,

"No, no, you must store everything you own. Even your clothes will need to be changed, we will give everything to you that you will need."

He then proceeds to assure you that your equipment will be safe and here when you return. On the word "Return" he seems to have an apprehensive tone.

GM: I need to know if those who were planning to hold on to items will store them, then I will update the Scenario further.

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We rest Future Earth Jungle Biowarfare RPG to share wise words from the journals of some good thinker:
HistoricToday is: 20th October (GMT), in history on the 20th of October, 1959 AD the following event happened:
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