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Rush Limbaugh Activist or Opportunist? Political commentator, radio host, college drop-out, alleged closet homosexual, and, as recently revealed, synthetic heroin drug addict, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is probably the best known neocon personality in American radio.
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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Political commentator, radio host, college drop-out, alleged closet homosexual, and, as recently revealed, synthetic heroin drug addict, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is probably the best known neocon personality in American radio.

Born in Cape Girardeau, MO, in 1951, Limbaugh spent many of his formative years pursuing a career in radio. After using his pilonidal cyst - a congenital birth defect - to avoid military service in the Vietnam War, Limbaugh briefly worked for radio stations in Pittsburgh, PA and Kansas City, MO. Fired from both jobs, he worked as a wiener salesman for the KC Royals baseball franchise, eventually slithering back into
the radio business.


A legal dispute over whether prosecutors violated conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh's medical privacy during an investigation into possible misuse of prescription painkillers was sent to the Florida Supreme Court Wednesday for review.

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18th Nov, 2004 - 1:47pm / Post ID: #

Limbaugh Rush

What a biased report! Look at the words used in it.
"alleged closet homosexual", "synthetic heroin drug addict", "After using his pilonidal cyst - a congenital birth defect - to avoid military service in the Vietnam War", "eventually slithering back". All of these phrases are purposely used to enflame the opinions of the reader.

Consider them:
Who alleges that he is a closet homosexual? Answer: people who want to destroy his credibility. He almost never says ANYTHING about homosexuality, other than to decry the political agenda that appears to be so strong coming out of the homosexual "community".

"Synthetic heroin drug addict" - He became addicted to prescription pain killers, after damaging his back. He didn't use them to get high, he used them to ease some intense pain. His body paid him back by demanding ever more of them to ease that pain.

Avoiding military service - Good grief! He had a birth defect that disqualified him! There is no indication, whatsoever, that he "used" it, but rather that he was NEVER QUALIFIED!

"Eventually slithered back". Well, how much more biased could you be? An obvious reference to the opinion of the Left that he is a snake.

I occasionally listen to him. I don't always like him, or agree with him. But he is obviously a great entertainer, as well as a great political philosopher. He appears to have a real genius for understanding, describing, and explaining various political philosophies. He also has a real talent for creating subtle (and not-so-subtle) parodies of those political philosophies. He has done some excellent parodies and comic bits. Of course, as a conservative spokesman, he mostly targets the liberal philosophies, but he has also done some excellent pieces on problems he sees on the conservative side.

Overall, I enjoy listening to him. His short-running TV show was also a lot of fun to watch.

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6th Jan, 2005 - 7:37am / Post ID: #

Rush Limbaugh History & Civil Business Politics

The funny thing is that people forget that he has made a living as a commentator during Democrat as well as Republican presidencies. I listen occassionally to his show and believe that regardless of your political orientation his insight into situations is unique. I think he spent a LOT of time before the election talking about what the Democratic party should do to beat Bush. Interestingly enough, had they listened to what he had said (his ideas are now being described by Democrats as the reason Kerry lost - he definitely doesnt get credit for this), Mr Kerry might be Pres. Kerry in a week. He actually spent a lot of time in the last year and a half bashing Bush himself. With all the said, the thing I like most about him is that he doesnt ask you to like him...just listen to what he has to say - then make your own decisions - BUT BE INFORMED!

Ignorance can be cured - stupidity last forever.

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Post Date: 29th Apr, 2006 - 12:32am / Post ID: #

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Limbaugh Rush

Breaking News

Rush Limbaugh arrested on prescription drug charges and released on bail, law enforcement officials in Florida, tell AP.

Post Date: 1st May, 2006 - 12:56pm / Post ID: #

Rush Limbaugh
A Friend

Limbaugh Rush

As much as everyone supporter of Rush loves to make him into a saint, lets not be ridiculous. The man obviously is not a saint and still ranks down with us regular people. He has a drug problem, he needs to admit it and get help instead of acting like perhaps he is above that. I hope for his sake that he gets help with his addiction, and yes, it is an addiction, for his long term health sake.

As for the comments previously about his using something to stay out of the war, lets not be naive. Every major political person and personality that speaks out in this country gets a negative point if they didn't server in the war no matter how noble or incurable the cause. Clinton didn't agree with the war and protested in another country and he was rightfully lambasted for it. My wife has pilonidal cysts and it seems a little iffy to me that he should get out of war for that reason. However, that doesn't mean I will judge him anymore or less than others in the media, as they have not done. He isn't being scrutinized any more than any other person. Just like every democrat says the case against Clinton was a witch hunt, all republicans say this is a witch hunt against Rush. You are both wrong and right. It is blown out of proportion, but they are in the wrong. Clinton did lie under oath, and rush is addicted to drugs by his own statement.

I can respect when you like someone, despite their severely lope sided right wing views, but I can't respect people putting him on a pedestal like he can do no wrong. He is human so lets not pretend that these charges are not valid or that the media is making it up or making it bigger for him than anyone else. Every celebrity from Jennifer Anniston to the President gets all their dirt smeared on the front page, Rush is no different. Its celebrity voyeurism, not a witch hunt against him.

2nd May, 2006 - 12:59am / Post ID: #

Rush Limbaugh

There is much more to the story about his drug addiction than what is in the headlines.

In October 2003, on a Friday afternoon, Rush Limbaugh admitted on his radio show that he was addicted to pain medications. He had an operation on an injury in his back that did not work, and the pain got worse. He went into rehab for a month.

According to all sources, he has been clean since that time.

Since 2003, the DA in his county in Florida has been hounding him. There is a state law against "doctor shopping" that the DA has been trying to use to destroy him. However, there has only been ONE other case in the now 17 years that the law has been on the books where someone was charged with this crime. By the way, the DA is not only a liberal Democrat, but has publicly declared that he was going to put Rush away.

In the last year and a half, the DA and his office have leaked all sorts of information about the investigation, including a claim that Rush was part of a money-laundering scheme, a drug ring, and that he had acquired over 2000 pain pills illegally.

Last week, Rush voluntarily gave himself up to the police department. His lawyer had "cut a deal" with the DA to stop this insanity.

Rush did NOT admit to anything. However, he did accept 18 months probation, a $30,000 fine (hardly even pocket change, since he earns over $50 million a year), and the judge put an order on him that he cannot own a gun. However, that last part is a little strange, because he was NOT convicted of a felony. Perhaps that is only part of the 18 month part.

The charge that the DA finally got the deal on was that Rush had 40 pills that he shouldn't have had. Oh, yes, the DA successfully got access to Rush's medical records, something that is not allowed in Florida. Then the DA leaked information from the medical records to the press.

Rush isn't a saint. But he is absolutely no more a sinner than anyone else. However, he is terribly hated by the liberals, because they cannot refute his arguments.

I have listened to Rush a lot over the years. Many liberals claim that this is just rewards for him because he "bad mouths" drug addicts. Actually, I cannot ever remember him saying much at all about drug addicts. He pillories the pet programs of liberals, such as "midnight basketball" proposed by President Clinton as a way to fight drug crimes, or the "free needles" programs. But he never attacks the drug addicts for their addictions, only for their choices and actions (such as crimes committed). He rails against activist judges that pervert the legal system, giving harsh sentences for minor offences, and light sentences for horrible crimes.

What really bothers the liberals is that he gave a voice to the common conservatives for the first time in many years. The mainstream media is so terribly liberal, that they were immediately and overwhelmingly antagonistic towards him. But he started a movement that continues to grow every day.

I have seen many articles and columns making fun of him for his often repeated phrase "With Talent on Loan from God." However, I have always understood this to mean that he recognizes not only the existence of God, but that his unimpeachable talents for punditry and entertaining come from God.

Liberals have frequently blamed him for all their woes. When the Oklahoma City bombing occurred, President Clinton indirectly blamed Rush and the other conservative talk show hosts, claiming that their demagoguery spurred the white supremacists to action. Of course, the white supremacists absolutely hate him, because he is good friends with Jews, African Americans, and all other ethnicities.

President Clinton, at a Press Club dinner, claimed that Rush was a racist - basically southern white trash, because he (Rush) highlighted the horrible comments of an African American Congressman against Janet Reno. Clinton claimed that Rush only stood up for Ms. Reno "because she is a white woman." I have NEVER heard him make a single racist statement. Again, he takes people like Jessy Jackson and Al Sharpton to task for their political stands, their over-the-top statements, and their rank racism. But he never makes racist statements aimed at specific ethnic groups.

A little more about him. He now has 4 (I think) failed marriages. He has no children of his own. His father and brother are both very successful attorneys. His brother, David, is a successful columnist as well. Rush does not have a very successful personal life. However, he has had an incredible 18 year professional life. Perhaps that is the biggest insult to liberals. He is successful, but liberals cannot field a single successful talk show host. They think it is his crudeness or his humor. The problem is, it is his political viewpoint that draws listeners. It is his ability to explain the conservative message so well that makes people think he is just like them. While he is elite (remember that $50 million?) he is not elitist. He uses words and phrases that resonate with the vast majority of the US. Words like "feminazi" to describe the feminists who use intimidation to try to force the feminist agenda on others, or "environmentalist wackoes" to describe the environmentalists who do things like put spikes into trees so that lumbermen will get injured or killed. Many of these words and phrases have made their way into somewhat common usage.

Again. He isn't a saint. Not very many people would claim he is. He is an entertainer, a hugely successful one, that embarrasses the liberals, the socialists, and the Democrats. That is why the press take such glee in reporting his drug addiction. That is why a Democrat DA has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars pursuing a single addict who has publicly acknowledged his addiction, has gotten treatment, and has apparently kicked the addiction. He is a danger, because he promotes discussion. As with other conservative speech, this cannot be allowed to continue.

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10th May, 2006 - 5:31am / Post ID: #

Rush Limbaugh

I can remember the place and time I first heard a man on the radio that agreed with most of what I thought. That was 1989 and I still listen most of the time to Rush Limbaugh. He is my news paper and has been an inspiration to me more than once.

He is only human and he has paid dearly for some of his mistakes. He made the statement just the other day that the re-hab he went to was a great help.

I used to wish every day when Jimmy was president that I would live long enough to see the liberal 60s hippies lose their hold on government and the United States return to sanity. It hasn't returned yet, but at least the worm is turning and I don't believe it would have happened if it hadn't been for Rush and all the wanna-bees he created with his success.

I hope he lives to see the day that everyone agrees with him.

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Post Date: 10th May, 2006 - 10:41pm / Post ID: #

Rush Limbaugh
A Friend

Rush Limbaugh Politics Business Civil & History

Lets be clear before I start this, I don't like any of them. Bill Mahr, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, all of them think way to highly of themselves. When I hear them talk, I hear pompous fools spouting party line dogma with a better than you attitude. I listen to all of them frequently so I can argue about how much I dislike the biased spew that comes out of their mouths. Not one of them can say anything close to independent minded or non-biased opinion.

That being said, this type of thing continues to bother me. That is to say, the news puts something out that is negative about one of them, and their supporters immediately jump to their aid and justify their actions. People who support them refuse to look at this in an open minded fashion. The fact is that plenty of people have gone to jail for their additions to prescriptions, as well as paid fines and treated like common criminals.

Rush hasn't spent a day in jail despite the fact that he has admitted to being addicted to them. Just because he is addicted doesn't make him a street junkie, it makes him human, like you and me, not above the law or is recourses. As for the cyst that kept him out of the war, well, I have seen nearly every president in my life time not serve in a war. Clinton left the country to protest else where, Bush used his families money to keep him out of the fighting, while being in the national guard. Rush and other celebrities like him have ALL found ways to not fight in wars, singling him out is unfair and unjust. If he is to be called accountable, then lets call them all accountable for not serving in the fighting. My parents fought for this country and lost dear friends due to combat. I'm all for calling these political party line parrots out on the floor for their past, but lets be fair about it and hold them all accountable.

The closet homosexual comment was out of line, but not for the reasons you see. I think that it is his business if he is gay or not. Why make it an issue? If he is speaking out against homosexuality and he is really gay, then he is only hurting himself, let it go.

But above all, stop defending your celebrity spokesmen for your parties! Why do you do something like that any way? Do you think they will stick up for you if it was your reputation on the line? Of course they wouldn't. Rush wouldn't stick up for you unless it benefitted himself, the same goes for ever other party line parrot on the radio and TV today. Its ludicrous to act like he is some icon of your beliefs. Rush Limbaugh, like all of them, looks out for himself, he is saying what he know will bring publicity and listeners, thus money to his bank account. I don't believe for one second that he is any more dedicated to the "cause" than any other of them. You want a hero for what you believe? Then look to the local person who writes letters and protests on behalf of what you believe, not someone paid to speak, someone who makes money off getting you riled up.

As far as I'm concerned, Rush isn't a hero, isn't a saint, and surely is not being biasedly discriminated against. How many Republics are on the Radio and TV compared to Democrats? I can count powerful republic personalities such as Rush, Bill O'Reilly, and Shawn Hannity. Democrats count Bill Mahr as the only one that comes close to the listeners and supports these three have. Ad people like Don Imus and Michael Savage and you have a vast array of dynamic, hard wing republican personalities to chose from in the media. Don't forget to add all of Fox, and don't even start with it being fair and balanced, that argument doesn't fly with any one that is truly independent. With this amount of republican media, a republican house and senate, and a republican president, an argument that the democrats are conspiring against Rush looks weak. You would have to believe that amongst everyone else yelling against democrats, all the republican legislation and Bush's recent antics, Rush is the main threat they need to eliminate?

Rush is a victim of being a celebrity and nothing else. He is having every single part of his life scrutinized because he is famous, not because he is republican. Its the same reason that everyone loves to hear about every actors recent girl friend or if they are having a baby. If Rush was not famous, then treatment of his private life would be the same as you or me, no one would care. Even if you made allot of stink about whats going on, made REAL impact, no one would really care. In this country, the rich and famous are always on trial. Rush and his supporters should realize this and stop creating a left wing conspiracy because the press reports on him and on "juicy" gossip. Just blame it on his celebrity status that he worked so hard to build.

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