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For social contacts between citizens of Cozyville
29th Dec, 2004 - 8:46pm / Post ID: #

Encounters Club - Page 3

Amazed at how much bravery everyone has to stand up and introduce themselves I feel comforted as though I have known them all for a long while. I still remain cautious or should I say watchful about the new lady standing on the chair though, she looks like someone I would not want to get angry and anyone that would go by the name of 'Nighthawk' must be involved in the mystic arts or have some strong tribal connections. Anyway, we are in a small town - anything can happen. Now, not willing to be intrusive I continue my meal with wifey.

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1st Jan, 2004 - 8:38pm / Post ID: #

Club Encounters

Roz finishes her chicken alfredo in record time, and sits back to relax for a few minutes. It was really delicious! Good to know that a small town has such a versatile venue. Sipping her lemonade as she gazes around the room, she is delighted to have become a member of this new community.

Realizing that JB never did introduce his wife, Roz stands and approaches their table. Extending her hand with a smile, she looks directly at Mrs. JB and says, "It's so good to meet you all. What was your name? I don't think I heard it with your good husband's intro? I'm Roz."

2nd Jan, 2004 - 2:23am / Post ID: #

Encounters Club Archive RPG Cozyville

I enter reluctantly and, glancing around, spot the table around which most people are centered.

I approach and say shyly "Hello, my name is..." Wanting to start a new beginning here in Cozyville I delete my previous name from my memory, and utter the first word that comes to mind- "...Smudge. I was considering moving to this place, and first wanted to talk with you locals, and maybe better understand how it is here. Is it costly? Is it nice?"

Just then I realize they were in a middle of a conversation and sit myself down, aware of my clumsiness.

2nd Jan, 2004 - 11:25pm / Post ID: #

Page 3 Club Encounters

Hi everyone. I just bought a land in this beautiful community. I have Farseer as a neighbor and also crossing the road I have Tenaheff. This is a lovely community! I cannot wait to buy a house and chat with you all. :)

2nd Jan, 2004 - 11:50pm / Post ID: #

Club Encounters

Just as Roz comes over to our table my cel phone rings:

*beep ping*


Meanwhile: My wife introduces herself to Roz and they seem to get along well for a first introduction.

"Ok, I am just finishing off my meal, but I will be there in a jif!"

As I turn off the phone I turn to my wife and excitedly say,

"We got to go, they have this new project called, 'Plugged' and I need to busy myself with it as the online RPG technology it uses is going to blow away the Cozyville people!"

Of course my wife gives me a big kiss that leaves some of her bubble gum flavored peach colored lipstick on my cheek.

We quickly eat the last morsels and bid all farewell as I make my way to work after dropping hunny bunchkins home.

JB out

3rd Jan, 2005 - 10:05pm / Post ID: #

Encounters Club

LDS_forever comes all excited and says 'Did you all see Cozyville magazine?, I am in the cover of it!, isn't that exciting'? :) she says with a big smile...

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4th Jan, 2005 - 2:56am / Post ID: #

Encounters Club - Page 3

relieved, I realized that not much attention is turned toward me since many of the people here are new to each other.

"Did you all see Cozyville magazine? I'm on the cover of it! Isn't that exciting?"

I look at the girl and don't realize why such an unattractive girl (no offense, your control panel) could be on the cover! But then again, I am as unattractive as her (of course, not the truth. again control panel lol .)

Seeing that much of the conversation has ceased because so called JB has left, I ask again "So how is this place? Nice? Expensive?"

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4th Jan, 2005 - 6:52am / Post ID: #

Encounters Club Cozyville RPG Archive - Page 3

Roz turns to the shy guy and extends her hand in greeting. "Hi there, Smudge. My name is Roz, and I just moved here." She shakes his hand firmly and continues. "It can be a little pricey, but it's definitely worth every penny! If you be sure to continue your education, you can earn more as you go along. You should definitely check it out! See you around, friend."

Hearing the new lady discussing her neighbors, Roz wonders who Farseer and Tenaheff are...? But she goes along and introduces herself to the new neighbor. "Hi, friend. What was your name? I'm Roz, and this is Enid, my neighbor across the street from me. Oh, and this is a prospective neighbor, named, oddly enough, Smudge." She smiles and shakes the new lady's hand politely. "Great to meet you. Did you say you were on the cover of our magazine? How cool! I'll have to check it out."

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