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For social contacts between citizens of Cozyville
23rd Dec, 2004 - 10:26pm / Post ID: #

Encounters Club - Page 2

Well, I just heard it was going to be a really cool place to live. The city of the future so I wanted to get in at the very beginning. How about you? Do you own a house here?

*turning to the waiter* "I would like a porterhouse steak, rare, baked potato with lots of butter and a root beer, please"

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24th Dec, 2004 - 7:51pm / Post ID: #

Club Encounters

"A fan of root beer I see", I say while licking my lips for the ice cold quencher. "We are part of the investment team, I work for these guys that want to expand into areas unchartered. So you can say I am here for the long haul as it were, but I am enjoying it."

Seeing the gent sitting by himself I gesture a "hello" and say, "Are you new too?" It is not something that I would normally do, but seeing as the restaurant is empty and it is a small town...

25th Dec, 2004 - 7:17am / Post ID: #

Encounters Club Archive RPG Cozyville

Stopping in for a cool drink and a nice meal after working so hard on her new house, Roz scans the room for an empty seat. The place is pretty full, for a small town, but the people look really friendly. She finds a small empty table and scooches in where she can see most of the people. A friendly waiter approaches and Roz orders.

"Hi! I'll have the special -- was it chicken alfredo I saw on the board? Great. That's it, except for a tall glass of lemonade." Roz smiles and hands the waiter the menu from the table. "Thanks," she says, and settles in to "people watch" while she waits.

25th Dec, 2004 - 2:30pm / Post ID: #

Page 2 Club Encounters

Enid looks around and decides this is the perfect time to find out who lives where in the village. *Enid stands on her chair* Hey everybody, since Cozyville is such a new community, why don't we all go around the room, tell a bit about ourselves and say where we live. It will be fun to get to know our neighbors. I'll start. My name is Enid. I live in the small house on the corner of the same street the park is on, but not on the same section of street as the park. I don't own the house with the pool, mine is the small house on the other side of the traffic light, but same side of the street. Does anyone know if we are going to get street names soon? *laughs* well any way, I work at the bank. I am in charge of all of their computer systems. OK. Now, whose next?"

25th Dec, 2004 - 3:23pm / Post ID: #

Club Encounters

JB raises a brow at the oddity of the woman whom he just met standing on her chair. After looking at his wife with a look of puzzlement he decides to oblige by explaining that he is in fact the owner of the pool and that he works for the Cozyville Property Company. He then adds...

"You know that street name thing is a good idea, in fact, had I thought of that before I would have done it."

JB then pulls out a little black book from his back pants pocket making a note of the suggestion.

26th Dec, 2004 - 7:43pm / Post ID: #

Encounters Club

Roz is surprised and amused at the lady standing on her chair. She giggles along with her -- Enid, her name is -- and applauds when Enid steps down. From Enid's description, Roz guesses that she lives directly across the street.

After the man from the Property company introduces himself... JB, was it? (wonder what his lovely wife's name is?)... Roz stands up and gives her brief intro.

"Hi, I'm Rozalynn and I've just moved in, I think directly across the street from you, Enid!" Roz smiles warmly at her and continues. "I'm currently continuing to put the final touches on my new house, and going to school after working hours. I really love the internet classes! They go so quickly. And I certainly don't want to be flipping burgers the rest of my life! Gosh, no!"

Roz realizes that she's blushing... "Oh dear... I've been rambling, haven't I? Well. Ahem. Nice to meet you all, and I'm glad to be part of the community." She sits and looks down at the table, giggling at herself. They must think I'm such a goof!

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27th Dec, 2004 - 1:38am / Post ID: #

Encounters Club - Page 2

After ordering a Greek Salad with grilled chicken, I stand up and introduce myself.

"Hi, my name is NightHawk. Actually, that is my pen name, as I am a writer. I was looking for a quiet community in which to live, and some friends recommended this place.

I own the house on the south side, across the street from the little park."

27th Dec, 2004 - 1:52am / Post ID: #

Encounters Club Cozyville RPG Archive - Page 2

I'm so glad to have stopped in for a bite to eat... how else would I have met everyone? Great thinking on Enid's part to suggest introducing ourselves.. Roz nods and waves hello to everyone as they introduce themselves.

When her entree' arrives, she dives in with gusto. Working on her new house has really made her hungry!

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