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We have free will. Then we make choices. Some - Page 2 - Psychology, Philosophy, Special Needs - Posted: 28th Aug, 2007 - 12:06am

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Do We Have A Free Will?
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Do We Have A Free Will? - Page 2

I believe nothing is random, so we have no free choice.
Today you can see that you can calculate peoples choices better and better and you can catch serial killers because they mostly don't kill in a random pattern.
You can calculate trajectories and alot of other stuff and the raising of a kid is a big part of the personality of the kid.
So actually we have no free choice. The way we were raised shapes our mind and the way we are and how we behave. Beside that the brain works in a specific pattern where it analyses the situation and mostly it launches a sub conscious action that then is executed by the body.
So in my oppinion there is no randomness, that means no free will.

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Do We Have A Free Will?
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Will Free Have Do

QUOTE (Neo @ 30-May 06, 10:50 PM)

Do humans really have free will or is it merely an illusion?

"Merely an illusion", there is a whole other subject waiting to be discussed.
Still even if it were an illusion, it would not mean that it didn't exist, only that it would need a new understanding from us to answer the question. Illusion or not, we change our direction with decisions we make and action we take.
If we had a complete understanding of our existence, we might be sure of our free will. I say this because we live in an infinity. What that infinity includes would have a very real effect on if we have free will, or atleast what free will is in fact. If we are part of an infinity of like existences, then all choices exist and we fulfill only one and that one might be the determinent of which reality we are in at any given moment instead of just what we will eat for breakfast.

I hope I have made myself and my thoughts clear.

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Do We Have A Free Will?
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Do We Have A Free Will? Needs Special & Philosophy Psychology

Of course humans have free will, why else would I be called "retard" or better spoken by older people "mentally challenged". I'm a mentally challenged person with pwd status. I used to jump out the windows in school instead of using the door, the height is only about 8 feet, but I always hurt my knee.

I had special education all my life, I grew up in classes with what normal people would call "very special" people. If free will didn't exisited my friend wouldn't had been in troubled for destruction of properties and other problems with the law. If we didn't had free will, I would never choose to jump out the windows instead.

If the price of free will is merely just living a life of illusion, the price can never be so high I lost an adult tooth, and faced a very fearful tormentors of butchers aka dentists removing the root of it, I remember when I was child, every time I have a tooth removed all the staffs have to push my head downwards and the needle usually breaks and needs to be replaced. All of this.... is free will.

If there was no free will, I would never have so much fear. and the biggest price to pay of all prices for free will, is a intelligent. Never can a person do something "rash" and have intelligent at the same time.

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Do We Have A Free Will?
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Page 2 Will Free Have Do

QUOTE (Billy @ 23-Jan 07, 5:36 AM)
Of course humans have free will, why else would I be called "retard" or better spoken by older people "mentally challenged".

Bill, we're all mentally challenged, why else would you be called "retard".

There would seem to be no doubt of free will, should we then question when it comes into play. I have already asked that we consider the possibility that all things are and we have the free will to chose where we will be in those realities.

Once when I was at my puter, which is in our front window, I saw a small dog walking up and down our street. I figured it was lost since I had never seen it before and it was going through trash cans. As it passed one time, I went out on my porch to see if I could get it to come over and get some food. I called it and it looked at me and turn to walk down the street.
As it got close to the corner, three teens walking from the others direction saw it coming their way. Two of them started running toward it in a playful way to run it off. The little dog, frightened by them, turned and ran the other way for a few feet then turned and ran out into the street in front of a truck. As the kids yelled at it to stop, it ran under the wheels and was killed. On of the Boys stood back while one ran to the dog and begged it not die.
There are many lessons here when thought over, certainly one is that humor some times hurts someone.
Another lesson shows that there were three children involved in a play on the stage we call life. One child learned a hard lesson of life and might go on to care for others deeply in the future. One seemed to learn nothing and will be facing other lessons until they learn. One child chose to die to teach the lessons for the others to carry on in life with.
Not all free will need be used on this level, some choices might be made before we enter this realm of the physical life. Fate might be nothing more than the expression of the choices we made concerning our coming lives.

We are all perfect for what we are to do, if that were not so, we would be changed, I can guaranty that.

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Just Me
Do We Have A Free Will?
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Will Free Have Do

We can not have free will. As people said before me, if we had free will then things would be random, and nothing is random. The way our mind works is chemicals in our brain that react to certain things, just like any other chemical. We really aren't all that special, we just think we are.

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Do We Have A Free Will?
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Do We Have A Free Will?

I think you have brought up one of the on going arguements of Psychology. Does the chemical bring on the thought and action, or does the thought and action bring on the chemical

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Do We Have A Free Will?
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Page 2 Do Have Free Will

Nice topic. I had to do a dissertation on this for a philosophy night class I took. One of the biggest issues in Philosophy is called "compatibility" (compatibility with determinism).

Briefly, determinism is the view that everything that happens is necessitated by what has already gone before, in such a way that nothing can happen otherwise than it does. According to compatibilists, freedom is compatible with determinism because freedom is essentially just a matter of not being constrained or hindered in certain ways when one acts or chooses.

Incompatibilists hold that freedom is not compatible with determinism. They point out that if determinism is true, then every one of one's actions was determined to happen as it did before one was born.

Good luck grappling with that.

Post Date: 28th Aug, 2007 - 12:06am / Post ID: #

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Do Have Free Will - Page 2

We have free will. Then we make choices.

Some choices lead to more freedom, others lead to less.

I get an education, I have more opportunities.
I never read a book, never search for more knowledge, I stop progressing.

I choose not to drive after drinking (if I was a drinker) and take a cab home, I may live another day.
I drink 10 beers and get in the car, I may live or I might kill.

I go to work in the morning, I get paid.
I stop going to work in the morning I get fired.

Truth is that free will is based entirely on choices. Some roads lead to more freedom, some will lead to less, its all up to us which road we will choose.

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